Reality Connectors part 2, "You are Magic!"

Hermes' Blog: May 17, 2014

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Speech and thought are very important to a reality creator like yourself. It is your primary way that you interface with the creation process. You say something or think of something and that energy goes out in a child process that results in changes in your reality. Speech is particular powerful because the physical universe responds to vibrations. It is the primary means that change occurs physically.

It is said that the physical universe was birth by a single word. What that word is no one will ever know but to be sure it was one powerful word. Of course this story is just some way to convey to you the power of creation that you carry with your thoughts and more importantly your speaking.

Let's talk about magic for a moment. Every knows magic of some kind, you see it on TV or in the movies. The magician waves his hand or makes some words and “puff” something happens -- a change in what was and what is. You are a mage and you do not even realize it. The power of your speech, actions, and thoughts births the reality you see around you all the time.

In part one of this blog I talked about speech connectors and how you should try to limit those if you can. Why? Well let's look at the magician. He wants to cast some magic and what does he do? He says some words. Those words are often brief and to the point. Like the magic word “abracadabra.” That single word conveys the power of magic being unleashed, at least to the stage magician.

Your words and the ones you choose should be equally weighed, especially those words that you use everyday. Here I am not talking as much about the connectors like in the last article. Here I am talking about the bigger more potent things you say, like: “I love...”, or “I hate...”, or “I feel well,” “I feel sick,” or “I am tired.” These words or phrases all convey meaning and have magic to them. If you can learn to respect the words you use and be aware of them, you can streamline your reality and your reality creating process.

So for the next week, I want you to make a list of all the words you use frequently. If you are not sure what those are then you can just record yourself as you are having a casual conversation with someone and pick out those things you say repeatedly. Then look at your reality and how those words or phrases have shaped the reality you see around. Once you got that list and are aware of a few of these little bombs, pick one that you may want to change. Change it, and work on putting the new changed phrase into your daily routine. Then see how your reality changes over the next few weeks.

You will be amazed!

Light, Peace

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