Reality Connectors part 1, "You know!"

Hermes' Blog: January 1, 2013

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For 2013 I am going to start off the blogs with an experiment, which I hope will show you how your reality creating can hinge on something that may seem insignificant that you do everyday without knowing. I call these parts of your reality “connectors,” as they help you connect one bit to another bit.

Some History: When I started making the Reality Creator Radio shows, I quickly noticed some annoying things in my speech patterns. These things became evident only after having to edit the same show over and over again to take the ripples out of it. My early shows did not have this editing, but the later shows do and it makes a big improvement on the presentation.

When I started to get a bit deeper into this speech dissassembly process, I noticed one phrase that kept popping up like a bad penny. It was the short phrase “I know.” My speech would go something like this example.”

I went to the store to buy some milk and, you know, I was in the baking isle. And then I came to a box of “you know” cookies that I like to eat. I picked up the box of cookies and “you know” found they contained much sugar...

Now what made this “you know” thing even more bizarre was that now that I was aware of it and hunting it down in my sound bites, I also heard the same phrase used by many people in their daily speaking. Many people, not just I, used that phrase to assemble their speech. Everywhere I went this phrase just kept haunting me.

Long story short, I decided to remove this “connector” from my speech pattern. So that “a” I would not sound like a ridiculous fool and “b”so that I did not have to keep editing this phrase out of the RC radio shows, which was very time consuming. What happened next was just more bizarre.

I found out that without that “connector” in my speech, I was unable to make intelligent conversation anymore. I found that my verbal flow was broken. I often stutter and have to think about what to say next, I was often unable to express a simple concept verbally. I had broke my speech. My mind was unable to assemble spoken word without the “you know” in there.

The Point: Your reality creating flows along the same lines. As you begin to change how you approach your reality with reality creating, you wind up breaking your reality. Your old system does not work anymore and the new system has not yet rooted itself into the process. It is normal for your reality creating to break for a bit once you start changing how the small things affect your reality.

The other point of this article is to show you how something so small in your world can have such a big impact. Becoming a Master Reality Creator means finding these small gems that block the creation process and remove them. They hide in plain sight, like the “you know” phrase and often something that seems to not be important is the game changer in your life and reality creations.

Some examples of reality creating connectors could be (these are just examples):

  • Needing to think about the most negative consequence before you can see the positive ones.
  • Having a really bad day so that you can have a good day afterward.
  • Using fear as a tool to uncreate something from your life.
  • Creating strife in your life so that you can feel alive.
  • Using sadness and sorrow to hold on to the past.

The Experiment: This incident shows how we come to depend on things to get us from point “a” to point “b.” I want you to hunt down and find one such speaking connector that you use (could be my infamous “you know”) and remove it and see what happens. I do not want you hunting around in your reality creating just yet for these things. You need to see the power in small things to connect to other things. So do this simple experiment first and in so doing, you will not only clean up your own speaking voice but also will show you how you can often be one small tweak away from creating the reality you desire.

Final note: Over time I did manage to remove the phrase and restore my speech to a working state. Gosh how horrible that be for a teacher not being able to speak intelligently to students? But now, after the work is done, I like to think I have a much smoother speaking voice and my reality creating flows a bit more smoothly as well, as I hunt down and find more reality creating connectors.

Next part: I think a part 2 may be needed here to help you with utilizing this concept in your daily reality creating. So next time we will pick it up where I left off. In the mean time...

Have fun and “you know” have a great 2013!

Light, Peace

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