Focus and the Now-Point

Hermes' Blog: June 23, 2011

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Hello all!

I find that it is very important to be focused on what you are doing now. I think many people have very little focus on the “now point,” and because of that absent focus, their reality creating suffers greatly. Also by not maintaining proper focus in the current moment you rob yourself of the special experiences that the moment is giving you. For example, when I walk my dog, I am acutely aware of everything around me. I feel the wind on my face, I listen to the sounds of the neighborhood, I look at the trees and plants and even the road. I try to feel my feet as they walk on the pavement. In short, I work on bringing that entire moment into “living color” (to use an old phrase). I have used this method for years now to help me stay focused in the now. And because of that effort, I find every moment alive and vibrant.

I work hard to squeeze everything I can from each minute that passes. I have come to realize the very special nature of physical reality. Though, some of you may disagree, physical reality is a precious gift of sensory experience. It combines elements together in a a very unique way for you to experience. Nonphysical reality is a very different experience from the physical one, and because time is limited in the physical experience, why not make the best of it while you are immersed in it.

My dog walking exercise is a good example of how you can play with the moment to make it more real and in the process gain some experience on what it feels like to be fully focused into the now-point.. Oh, you don't need to go out and get a dog. You can do the same thing with some task in your life that you do daily. Make this task one where you anchor yourself deeply into the moment. If you do this enough times, this practice will start to spill over into the rest of your life and then you will bring each of these moments to life, into “living color!”

The gift of focus is truly a remarkable gift and one that certainly needs to be part of everyone's personal alchemy. Please spend some time learning to be centered in the moment. It will unlock reality creating power you did not know you had and will provide very vivid sensory experiences you will never forget and cherish.

Light, Peace

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