The Now Point and your Point of Power

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There are two days in the week we should never worry about... Tommorow and Yesterday

The Now Point and your point-of-power is the point at which your consciousness intersects with the Universe. This point does not necessarily have to reside within physical reality; however, this intersection point is the point with which you are most familiar. In a more mundane sense, the Now Point is your consciousness focusing on some aspect of reality, to the exclusion of all else. When you focus your consciousness in this manner, you immerse yourself within your Now Point. Then, when you invoke your inner power and direct that power into that moment, that Now Point ... that moment, becomes your point-of-power!

For example, when you drive your car you are focusing your attention on the road you are traveling. This focus enables you to operate the vehicle and get to where you are going. At this point, your Now Point is your consciousness focusing within your vehicle and within physical existence. Now, as you direct your willpower to make the car move or change its direction, you are applying your inner power to make it do so. At these instances, your Now Point becomes your point-of-power; for you are affecting a change in that moment while using your power.

The Creation Mechanism and the Creation Technique are similar to the car analogy above. When you construct a mental-wave and endow it with energy you are using your Now Point's point-of-power to effect changes in the physical environment. However, the Creation Technique is much more sensitive than driving the car. Any small drift in your Now Point focus and your mental-wave's creation efficiency will reduce -- possibly even be cut in half! Obviously the cure for this focusing problem is to learn how to properly orient yourself within your physical Now Point. (Note: It is possible to create your world by shifting your Now Point to other states and positions and then apply your point of power, but that is not the discussion here. We will cover the shifting of your Now Point to other states of being in Book 2. For now, though, you will need to learn how to place firmly your consciousness into the Now Point you are most familiar with: physical reality.)

The Now Point focusing technique contained in this chapter will teach you how to bring your consciousness into proper focus within physical reality. This is a great technique and we hope that you use it, not only with the Creation Technique, but anytime you feel your grip on physical reality slipping away. Mental-waves do not only emit when you do the Creation Technique. Your consciousness continuously sends out mental-waves -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Maintaining your focus within physical reality's Now Point, as you go about that reality, will make it that much easier for you to control your reality on a moment to moment basis.

Now, we are not implying that you need to restrict your focus, entirely, to the physical moment. No! What we are implying is that when you do allow your mind to wander, it should do so at the appropriate times and with appropriate intent. In other words, your physical Now Point should either be facing completely outward, toward physical reality, or completely inward, toward your inner reality. Any in between kind of fixation, for either state of being, is a waste of your creative power and the loss of your point-of-power.

You should already be familiar with what it means to focus outwardly. However, focused inwardly is another story. Focusing inwardly engages your consciousness in an activity known as thought-time. During thought-time you pull your consciousness away from the physical moment and into your necessary mental reverie. Because you live in a serial reality, serial thought is necessary. This serial thinking means you need to divert some of your physical moments to reflect on your past actions, future actions, and present actions. Thought-time is very important in the creation process. It is from this thought-time that much of the physical reality, that you are presently experiencing, came.

Thought-time is not a task that you should accomplish while the six o'clock news is on and you are in front of the tube. That is mindless-time, which in today's society has become all too convenient. When you engage in thought-time, there should be a minimum of distractions going on around you. Thought-time should, also, be a regular thing, like eating and sleeping is. Therefore, when you engage in thought-time, you should engage in that act, to the best of your ability, by making sure that your Now Point and your point-of-power shift completely.

Please note that thought-time does not need to be regimented. For example, you can seize a quiet moment in the office and indulge in your inner thoughts. However, you shouldn't be doing something else at the same time, like a crossword puzzle.

Kick your shoes off! Relax! Close your eyes! Immerse yourself in the moment! And Remember! DO it well or DON"T do it at all!

When your Now Point properly shifts from physical reality inward, your point-of-power will shift also. Now you can indulge in your silent contemplation and be ready and have the power behind you to effect changes if you so desire.

An inward shift of your Now Point is relatively easy, once your resolve yourself into that moment. So, we're not going to go into any technique to help you with this inner shift. For the most part, your physical brain fatigues, easily, of physical reality, and your consciousness finds little resistance, when the opportunity presents itself, to shift inward. As long as you make sure that you immerse yourself completely in your thoughts, you will be fine. However, focusing yourself firmly and properly within physical reality's Now Point is something of a chore because it is all to easy to become distracted!

Physical reality is full of all sorts of neat distractions, distractions like television, radio, movies, the telephone. These distractions make it very easy for you to slip into a quasi-like state and float on a cloud of mindless nothing. There is nothing wrong with these distractions, except when these distractions keep you from using your power in the creation of your world. These distractions do this power-robbing by making you forget what it is like to be perfectly focused within the physical moment. They lead you away so gradually, so hypotonically, and so often that you are unaware that the physical moment is vanishing and being replaced with the current program, or stimulus. There are times when this slipping, from the physical moment, can be very therapeutic. However, in more instances than not, this continual conditioning leads to your consciousness too easily slipping away when it shouldn't be. Relearning what it is like to focus properly within the physical moment is the next step in gaining more control over your creations and your reality. The Now Point Technique will help you to do just that.

The first several times you try this procedure, you will be doing this procedure to establish exactly what proper physical focus will feel like. You will need to go to a special setting or place to accomplish this task. Afterwards, you can use the Now Point Technique any place you want. However, for the first few tries, go someplace that is vivid and alive for you. For some people, that place could be a park, a mountain, a waterfall, the beach, on a boat, or even an art gallery, as long as that particular place heightens your physical awareness and senses. Places and things that are close to the earth work the best. The earth is the most physical object you have in your reality; that's why places similar to the beach and the park are very popular hideaways' for people. They go there and unconsciously reconnect with physical reality.

When you get to where you are going, find a comfortable spot and sit down. Look around you and notice the physical objects which surround you. Look at the colors and the shapes, as if you were looking at them for the first time. Then, while you are still looking, you should listen, as intently as you can, to all the sounds that are going on. Try not to fixate on any one particular sound. Instead, try to listen to all the sounds combined. Begin to take deep slow breaths. While you take these breaths, feel the air as it passes in and out of you. Maintain this breathing for at least two minutes, while you concentrate on the surrounding stimuli. At this point, everything should feel vivid. Your surroundings should feel and appear electric! There should be a quivering kind of pulsation, to all the objects around you, even the air itself.

Now, you should be, firmly, within your physical Now Point. Take notice to how this sensation feels. You may have to turn your attention from the physical surroundings, but that turning, at this point, is okay. What you want to do is to get used to what a properly-centered physical Now Point feels like. Later -- when you find yourself in a less ideal situation -- you will be better able to bring yourself to this point, after having some idea of what it feels like.

Now sit quietly and let the moment slip. Don't focus your attention on anything. After a couple of minutes, take a look at the objects that are surrounding you again. Do they possess the same quivering life that they did before? Probably not! This second state of being is how most people normally live their life -- in physical reality but not fully focused within it.

Practice this technique as much as you like, bouncing between the focused state and the unfocused state. With practice and time, you will get a feel for when you are firmly within the physical Now Point and when you are not. Then, whenever you feel the physical moment slipping from you, it will only be a matter of pulling your consciousness back, by remembering the focused feeling from the exercise.

For example, you are at a meeting and many people are around. You must control this meeting, if you are going to be successful in whatever you wish to accomplish. Before the meeting begins, you should use the Now Point Technique from above -- except use the room, the voices, and the odors in the room, instead. Because you are familiar with the way proper physical focus feels, it will be easy for you to know when you are there. As soon as you reach this heightened state of awareness, you can stop! Now, begin your meeting. If this meeting is a long one, you may feel your focus slipping later on. Try to regain proper physical focus by using the Now Point Technique again. If, however, you are unsuccessful, then it may be a good time to call for a break or excuse yourself for a moment; fatigue has set into your physical brain! Continuing from this point on will, probably, have you losing the control over the meeting you intended to keep. Here it would be better to take a few moments to give your physical brain what it needs, a rest, so that you can continue with your meeting and maintain proper physical focus.

Giving your mind the rest it needs requires that you perform the Now Point Technique in reverse. You want to withdraw your Now Point inwardly for a few moments, away from physical reality. Screen out all exterior goings-on and move your consciousness to the quiet place within. Except, this time, you are not going to be engaging in thought-time. No! This time you just want to withdraw part of your consciousness from your physical brain, so that your physical brain can rest. When you shift your Now Point inward, make sure you clear your mind completely. Do not think about anything. Just drift on an inner cloud of nothing. Stay here for at least two minutes but no more than five. Any shorter length of time will not be effective and any longer will make it difficult for you to return to physical reality's Now Point, quickly. Now you can restart that meeting with the confidence and focus necessary to control your environment.

In the example above, we used both aspects of your Now Point focus, the physical now and the inner now, to control a physical situation. This inner to outer flip-flopping is the kind of reality control you want to practice. It will do you no good to engage in a physical situation without the proper strength and focus to do so. You can and should use both inner and outer aspects of your Now Point in your reality creation. However, remember! Whichever aspect of the Now Point you immerse yourself in. Make sure you:

Do it well or don't do it at all!

Now, to enhance the effectiveness of the Creation Mechanism's Creation Technique you should invoke the Now Point Technique right before you consciously construct and endow a mental-wave. This action will ensure that you are firmly within the physical Now Point, so that your mental-wave can enter into a Creation Mechanism accelerator more effectively. Don't worry about having to change the intensity of those energy balloons; that will not be necessary. Proper physical focus in the Now Point will not effect the intensity of those mental-waves; it will, however, effect the mental-wave's appeal to an energy vortex. In other words, a properly focused energy balloon has more of a chance of entering an energy vortex, than by an improperly focused energy balloon. Improperly focused energy balloons will enter an energy vortex, but may not do so for some time. The longer it takes an energy balloon to enter into a vortex, the more of a chance that the essence of your request, contained within the energy balloon, could deteriorate. If your energy balloon deteriorates, you are less likely to get exactly what you asked for.

Well, that finishes the Now Point. In the next chapter we will discuss another important topic involving your reality creating: momentum. People, objects, and things are not the only items that carry momentum -- thoughts and your creations do as well!