Hermes' Blog: May 11, 2011

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Hello all!

Let's talk about change.

I think, as humans, one of the hardest things to deal with is change. Humans love stability. We like knowing how things are and how things are gonna be. We don't like surprises or unexpected events. What makes the idea of reality creating appealing is it provides the individual with some ability to control change. Change is a necessary part of evolution. I have a saying! "If you are undynamic then you are dead!" Well not dead in a physical sense, but dead in an evolutionary sense. The human spirit thrives best when it is presented with changing situations. I know it is a bit of a contradiction. Humans prefer stability but do best when presented with change. Nonetheless there is much truth to the two.

So what can you do? Well you need to balance change and stability. You need to have some parts of your life stable so that you can get some measure of serenity and continuity in your life, and you need parts of your life to challenge that tremendous human spirit, bring about change, and keep you moving forward in an evolutionary sense. I think that balance is an important part of the human equation. I think it also is one of the hardest things to accomplish.

Why does change help you grow? Consciousness thrives on new experiences and learning. It loves to play with things it does not yet fully know or understand. When it engages in this creative play it connects you with the higher parts of the universe and spiritual current. When you are in the throws of these powerful moments, you soar, grow, and evolve.

"To the brave go the spoils!" That saying is another good one. It means, to those that embrace change will go the extra rewards. Sitting on the sidelines or playing it safe rarely gets you any spoils! It's when you push yourself forward into uncharted territory that the universe sends you rewards. Perhaps I am making life sound like an Indiana Jones movie. Well perhaps it is in a small way. I certainly would not want to be swinging from a 50 foot cliff-face. But sure I will try something daring, like learning physics or quantum mechanics. Each person has their own idea of something daring. Find out what your's is and then go for it! I will tell you there will be much reward along the way.

Light, Peace

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