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Hermes' Blog: September 28, 2008

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In my last blog (September 9, 2008) I talked about an advanced out of body exercise where you look into a mirror while you are out of the body and then tell me what you see. I only got one response back and it is posted below with my own experiences and comments of this exercise.

Experience from N:
It happened a couple years ago that I was asked by my guide, while I was in the astral plane, to look into the Nonphysical Mirror. Well, I noticed three things: - My face was older but somehow cleaner and more spiritual. I looked somehow different - like a wizard. - I was dressed in a simple blue workers' uniform. The same uniform as my guide. - The strangest thing was that at one moment while I was watching straight into the mirror, I saw my profile (which is naturally impossible in our physical reality).

Commentary on looking into the Reality Creator Exercise:
I (Hermes) do this exercise often and sometimes I will see myself as a different person. Other times I will see myself older or younger. And sometimes I will see myself as some kind of nonhuman being. What I have figured out over the years is that when you do this exercise you are looking at yourself through time and space. You can see yourself as you were or as you will be in the current lifetime. Or you can see yourself in past lives or even future lives. In the case of seeing something more alien looking back at you, well not all of your lifetimes may be from the earth system. There are many other physical worlds that you could have had a lifetime. N saw himself as a Wizard, this vision could indicate himself as a medieval wizard in a past life, or perhaps it is a symbol of the person he wants to become or may become in the future. The bottom line, with this exercise, you rarely see yourself in the current moment. You see yourself in other times and places. Who you see back at you is a message to you about the person you are, or the people that make up who you are now. These are the personalities that are forming the basis for your beliefs and how you structure your life. It could be a glimpse of yourself in the future as these energies grow within you, or show you where you have been to make the person you are now. Also note that it is normal to see from side with nonphysical sight, as did happen in N's encounter. Nonphyscial vision has no such limitation as just seeing what the eye can physically see. It has no physical boundaries or limits. It an see around corners, down the block, even across the globe.

Light, Peace

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