Looking into the Nonphysical Mirror: A RC exercise!

Hermes' Blog: September 9, 2008

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Looking into the nonphysical mirror:
Here is a fun but advanced Reality Creator exercise that you will not find in any of my books or materials. It is something I have done myself for years and was reminded of it last evening. To do this exercise you will need to use some form nonphysical travel and be able to consciously manipulate yourself. You can use Out of Body travel, travel meditation, or lucid dream for this. Out of body travel is by far the best way to do this exercise but the other methods work as well. Here is what you do. It is very simple.

When you are in your nonphysical body, find a mirror and look into it. What do you see peering back at you?

You will get some surprising results with this exercise. I will not tell you the things I see yet. First I want those of you readers out there capable of doing this exercise to try it and then send me a email on your experience of what you saw. I will then post these experiences (anonymously) in this blog later in the week along with the things that I often experience when I do this exercise.

This exercise is about as esoteric as you can get. It is a great exercise to do for those of you that have the ability and for new comers that will develop the abilities later on. Don't worry, later, after I get some experiences to write down here, I will fully explain this exercise and just what is going on with it.

Light, Peace

Reader Mirror Experiences: see Blog September 28, 2008

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