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Hermes' Blog: September 23, 2007

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In the last blog (September 14) I introduced you to the various types of wands. Today I want to talk about the most useful wand, the healing wand, and give you some idea how to use it. The segment below was originally intended just for this blog but an entire RC3 chapter has sprung up on using wands as a result of writing the one bit. Wands could be said to be an advanced topic but I believe anyone is capable of using a wand to assist them in wielding their innate power.

Using the Healing Wand:
Anytime you need to do some healing on yourself or others a healing wand can be a great tool to have. In a previous chapter I talked about the Atlantean Healing Technique which used only your hand and willpower to channel healing energy. You still want to retain and use this skill as you will find that some things just heal better without any tools. However there will be many times when you want an extra boost in healing strength or you may want to be more precise with how you direct the energy flow. A healing wand is the tool to grab here.

Healing wands are great for narrow focused beams of energy. They can be used to dispel infection or heal cuts, bruises, or sprains, or broken bones. The fine focused beam can be aimed at small areas instead of large.

Hold the wand in your hand and aim it at the part of the body that is giving you trouble. It is easier if you first do this on yourself rather than others until you get an idea of what is happening. Let's say you have a sprained wrist. Hold the wand in your good hand and point the tip of the crystal at the sprain. Hold the tip of the crystal close to the skin without touching it or you can lightly touch the area with tip of the wand. Gently work the crystal back and forth over the area like you are weaving a fine energy grid over the area. You may feel a light spray of energy coming out of the tip and into your skin as you move the wand. At some point you may move the wand over some area of the wrist and notice that the pain level increases or that you feel slight pain somewhere else in the body, like maybe the finger. You have found a focal point.

Focal points are important. They are the points where energy is blocked up in that part of the body. You need to break up the energy that is here so that you can restore proper energy flow to that area. Work the wand back and forth gently over this spot. Each time you pass the spot you will feel the pain level increase there or someplace else or both. Keep working the wand back and forth until you no longer feel the pain. If you are moving the wand over one spot and feeling a pain somewhere else that indicates a feeder, feeding energy to that area. You may have to go to the feeder spot (the spot with the alternate pain) and break up the energy there, before you can get the pain to reduce in the focal point. Keeping using the wand in the focal point and the feeder spot until the pain is gone in both areas, when moving the wand over it.

Once you have the energy broken up in the focal point and the feeder point, search for any more of these points by continuing to weave the energy around the injured area. When you can find no more of these spots take a break. You have done all you can for now. You may have to repeat this process over the next few days or several times a day, depending on how serious the injury is. Be persistent and constant and you will soon have your healing.

Light, Peace

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