Integrating Reality Creating Into Daily Life, pt 2

Hermes' Blog: August 29, 2007

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I hope you found my words of power useful in my last blog. Here are some more.

Protect it! Everything needs a bit of protection now and then. It could be yourself, the dog, a neighbor, or even the car or home. When you feel the need to wrap some extra protection around something you could grab the Rose Cross Ritual, which I often do. Or you can use my short version of it, which works just as well. Draw the rose cross symbol (see it here) in the air toward whatever you want to protect. As you do so say the word of power AMVLA (pronounced am-vee-la). This will protect this item or person for 24 to 48 hours.

If you would rather do a quick banishing of negative energy instead use my Banish it! This one is very similar to the one above except you draw a banishing earth pentagram (see it here) around you in one or four directions and say the word of power AMVLA (pronounced am-vee-la). The word AMVLA invokes divine light and creates a holy space. These two techniques are based on a chapter (Words of Power) in my upcoming RC3 book.

Light, Peace