Tiphareth (Tree of Life / Sephira)

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GOD FORCE YHVH EL-OH-AH V'DAH-AHT (God of Knowledge and wisdom)
ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL (Divine Physician)
SOUL RUACH (Intellect)

The Tree of Life sphere Tiphareth contains beauty and harmony. It is the realm of the Christ energy and of universal love. It is also the center of the Tree of Life and thus the energy from this sphere feeds all the other spheres, not unlike the how the heart charka is the center of the human system and feeds all the other charka.

Tiphareth is a beautiful place. This beauty helps to awaken the inner quality that everything contains beauty in some way, as long as you look for it. It is another lesson that is handy to take back with you in the physical realm: find the good and the beautiful in everyone and everything you meet. When you can do this, you unlock all that is good within that person or thing and you too get to experience this goodness.

In Tiphareth you will find vast teaching facilities and many of the highest masters will be in this realm as well. You may find yourself sitting in a classroom or in a field listening to a teacher. These kinds of activities are often associated with Tiphareth. Don't dispel an old school-dream too quickly. It is possible you were visiting this sphere in a dream state and sitting in on a lecture. Often your mind will try to make sense of these experiences in familiar ways, and pulling your old schooling day's energy patterns is often the way these experiences show themselves in your memory.

The energy in Tiphareth is one of devotion and dedication to service. Without either of these qualities you would not be able to learn anything. To learn you must be devoted to the learning. Then to cement that learning takes dedication in the form of service to others. So a big lesson here in Tiphareth is one of learning and then of being of service to others. Knowledge becomes wisdom once you apply it, and this is the message that is transmitted here.

The feelings that you come away with from interacting with this sphere are one of achievement and obtainment. Almost always you will come away from this realm with some kind of new skill or energy or learning. It is important not to let these new skills or achievements lead to pride or false power over others. As your skill grows so should your ability to be humble. The learning here in Tiphareth is meant to make you feel good about yourself but not to the point that you look down on others. If you do find yourself becoming prideful because of being exposed to the energy in Tiphareth, it would be a good idea to embark on a visit to the sphere of Binah, where that pride can be tempered and replaced with a more suitable energy.

The nonphysical healing centers are also located here in this realm, so a great deal of information about healing can be acquired from Tiphareth. These healing centers are very large pyramid shaped structures that touch the sky. If you happen to remember standing by a very large pyramid and your intention was to go to Tiphareth, rest assured you made it. The Egyptian pyramids pale in comparison to these nonphysical structures.

Tiphareth is also the level of miracles as the Angelic Kings (or Virtues) operate here and their main duty is to bestow grace onto mankind and sometimes that grace creates miracles. Not that you should seek Tiphareth for a miracle but rather your visit to Tiphareth will not go unnoticed by these Angelic Kings and, well, that makes anything possible.