Netzach (Tree of Life / Sephira)

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Netzach is the sphere of divine beauty, the inner glow of perfection that results from the merging of human and divine. It is a sphere of emotions and feelings and of those emotional connections from one person to another. As such it is a good place to visit when you want help with a relationship or a friendship.

Netzach is also the realm of the fairy kingdom. These gentle beings are responsible for life on earth on a very basic and fundamental level. Contact with these beings can be beneficial if you need to reawaken the inner child within you. However gone to extreme this energy can also release emotional energy within you that you are not ready to deal with. Because of this fact, tread on the side of caution with the fairy community.

Creativity and art come from this realm as well. It is those very childlike qualities within ourselves that free our intellect to aspire and create works of art and beauty.

The power of attraction is very strong in Netzach. If you are not too careful you could mistake attraction for lust, as this energy has a habit of activating the sexual charka.

Selflessness and unconditional love are two energies that are awakened by visiting this realm. The lesson here is the most positive use of emotions. Lust can be transformed to love that then can be transformed to unconditional love. Selfishness transforms to giving and this transforms to unselfishness. Selflessness is the act of giving without expecting anything in return.

The Eloheem can be found here. These beings work with humanity on a larger level through religion and leaders and nations. So the energy of Netzach can be said to be an energy that interfaces directly with large organizations and guiding those organizations toward a divine and harmonious purpose. This fact can make Netzach a good place to visit if you want to understand where a company or a nation is heading and what lessons they are learning.

However still the best reason to visit Netzach is to feel unconditional love and to learn how to share this unconditional love with others.