Kether (Tree of Life / Sephira)

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The sphere of Kether lies on the other side of the Abyss and thus is free from many of the adverse human manifestations. It can be looked at as being the ideal human society or form. Many writings portray this sphere as a divine, holy place that is indescribable, filled with angels and energy beings of light and love. This description is somewhat true, but Kether is a human place too filled with human forms. The angels and beings that are present here are from the realms beyond Kether. They interpenetrate the sphere to raise and teach the human spirit. They work directly with the souls that reside there, as those souls strive to shed the last of their human frailties.

As a source of information and knowledge, Kether is the place to go when you want to expand your awareness of the Universe and of things not yet known. It is the place to seek the ideal in an idea or in yourself. It is a place to visit when you want to experience an existence free of the lower human qualities like hatred, fear, desire, pain, and loneliness. It is a place to feel complete, and a place to complete one's self.

The energy in Kether is very pure, as this is the first place that divine energy gets filtered through before passing through the Abyss, where it then takes on a polarity, and then flows into the other Sephira. Now understand that the energy in Kether is without polarity, which is why it is so pure. It has no alignment in either a positive or a negative direction, male or female, good or bad. It is raw energy that can be used for any purpose whatsoever.

Now, you may be wondering how Kether can remain pure and free of adverse human qualities when the energy here can be used either way. Well, you see! In Kether a natural energy flow takes place that does not take place anywhere else. In Kether energy can flow either upward or downward. There is no lateral movement of energy here as in the other spheres. If an entity were to use this energy for a non-correct or a lower purpose, they would find themselves being pushed out of Kether and across the Abyss. The natural energy flow from upper to lower flushes out any incorrect energies and pulls them downward. However, when an entity uses the energy in a correct manner, they are pulled upward, closer to the divine source. So, while Kether can seem to be a place of duality, it really is not dual in nature due to the restricted energy flow.

Kether can often be perceive as a formless place, filled with energy and light. However it is also still a human realm, and you can perceive cities and structures here too. Many times people will see buildings made of gold and white and speak of hearing music. The most lowest regions of Kether are the most human-like and it is here where many of your society's upper classmen, so to speak, reside. In the topmost regions of Kether there are far less structures, and great rainbows of energy can be seen as you approach the divine energy portal that supplies the energy for physical reality and serves as the doorway out of the physical developmental system.

Kether corresponds, or overlaps, with the Enochian realms above the Abyss; however the Sephira system does not go into the subdivisions of this realm, so if you need a breakdown of the individual parts of Kether, then you might want to consult our guide on the Aethyrs. However, keep in mind that while these two systems overlap (the Sephira and the Aethyrs), they are not the same, especially when dealing with Kether. Kether is a general place filled with people, ideas, and things. Information and knowledge can be obtained here but for the most part, Kether is the introduction to the land. It's like a person getting a pamphlet of a foreign land. The pamphlet goes into the generalities but not the specifics. It's only when you go to visit the land, do you see the variances and different levels of the region. Kether is much like this foreign land analogy, much more than any of the other Sephira. There is a great deal of diverse things to do and see and learn in Kether.

Now, the Archangel here is Metatron. He stands for divine truth and justice and splendor. His job is to help you to feel what it is like to be divine. He does that by freeing you of the lower forms of your human nature and makes you aware of the higher. It is here that you get to feel how good good can be. There is no adversity here and only peace and harmony exists. There is no right or wrong either, only truth. This lack of duality is an important thing to clear up. Many people are under the impression that to be divine is to always be right, good, or positive. However, these terms refer to a duality and in Kether no such duality exists. Right and wrong become truth. Good and bad become the correct way to act. Male and female become natures that can be expressed either way.

For this reason Metatron will often appear in Kether (in the lower regions anyway), as a child, but of neither sex. He will look young but be old and wise. He is trying to free you of the human bonds of convention and of duality by altering his appearance of what you normally would expect. In the higher regions of Kether, Metatron has no form at all and will appear as light or as a shimmering rainbow-being. Here too he is preparing you for an existence without form and without convention.

To utilize Kether to its maximum, you should visit here often, as the energy present will pull you upward, assisting in your evolution. You will not be able to reach Kether on your own, until you learn how to cross, safely, the Abyss. Till that time, your spirit guide will take you there when needed or when you request it.

What you gain from this sphere is the ability to unlock that divine spark within, and to tap into the raw creative energies that first manifested the physical universe. It can also be a place of rest, but moreover it is a place of great creativity and inspiration. Many of the great painters of the Middle Ages were inspired from unconscious visits to this realm. It was hoped that their paintings would unlock the human psyche, of those who looked upon the works, and to serve as an impetus, if only unconsciously, to aspire upward in evolution.

Visit Kether during those times when you want to uplift your spirit and when you want to reach beyond your normal limits. Kether is a great place to birth inventions, to do or experience something bizarre, to understand the divine spirit, and to become what you always were, divine.