Spiritual Tornado. Resistance to the Spiritual Journey

Hermes' Blog: June 9, 2021

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RC Radio: Spiritual Tornado. Resistance to the Spiritual Journey

This RC Radio show also available on YouTube.


So you want to change your life. You have tried everything and now you are going to pull out the spiritual card. What can you expect? Well I do know that grabbing the spiritual reigns is not going to change your life around 180 degrees. In fact, the spiritual energy will probably make things a bit worse before they get better.

In my RC Radio show I explain why!

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The Magecube, a powerful symbol of reality creating, sits on top of a spiritual tornado. It challenges you to let in spirit and to let it clear out the stale lifeless air out of your lifeā€¦ You may want to hold on tight!

Light, Peace

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