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Take control of your life! Be the master of your fate and the helmsman of your destiny! Manifest what you want when you want it. Remove the chains that bind you to an unchangeable future and a seemingly unchangeable past! The power to take your life to new heights is with you all the time, everyday. The Reality Creator series reveals the secrets of conscious reality creation. It frees you from old worn out belief systems and replaces those belief systems with a broader more balanced approach to how you meet your world! From Reality Creating to Ascension and beyond this series unlocks all the mystery around a topic that is as old as man and as new as tomorrow.

The Reality Creator Books takes you on an extraordinary spiritual journey. You are a creator! With the awesome power of your consciousness comes a need to understand how it works. The RC books takes you on the journey of the ages, from the very beginning of understanding of who you are to the masters’ level of reality creation, where your spirit soars to new heights. Along the way to becoming a master reality creator, you also grow in spirit and the understanding of the realms beyond the physical plane. You will learn to interact with the great nonphysical masters of the ages. You will learn to travel the nonphysical planes of existence to exotic and exciting places. You will have at your fingertips the tools to conquer any problem that comes into your life.

I have spent over 30 years perfecting the Reality Creator Material, shaping it into a finely hone tool of personal and spiritual growth. The person you are now at the beginning of the journey will be nothing like the person that finishes this course. You will transform yourself over and over again until a being of pure harmony and light emerges.

The course starts at the beginning with your personal reality control. Then moves into shifting your focus off the earth plane and on to the nonphysical realties where the angels and masters dwell. Then with guided instruction coming to you straight from the masters, knowledge and wisdom comes direct from the source. That is the gift of the RC Books, it connects you directly with knowledge and wisdom from the “Creator!”

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My eBooks can be purchased on Amazon! Quick easy and ready to read instantly! Visit my Amazon Author's Page. Note: Kindle Vella stories are located on their own page and do not appear on my Author page. HAS - The story, on Kindle Vella.

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