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Nov 9, 2015 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes:
I do not understand what the Ego is. My son always blames his ego for his bad decisions. I do not agree with him. H.


Ego is a lens through which spirit interprets physical reality. For example, ego would see a "house". Spirit would see a "home." The beast would see "security."

The ego is mainly responsible for surviving in physical reality. Ego is part of the entire Self. Anyone who is physical has three parts that make up the whole: spirit, ego, beast (or instincutal self).

The beast is the instinctive part of the Self. It is responsible for physical drive and longevity, health, procreation, security. The beast part of the self is mainly connected to the physical body and what it needs to survive. The beast will communicate with the ego to locate the things it needs. The ego part of the self scans physical reality for these things. When it finds it, the whole self can act or not act on the lower impulse.

What keeps the physical ego from becoming an animal is spirit. Spirit also talks to the ego and it also wants things. Spirit wants to create harmony and peace. Spirit wants to bring the creator into physical form. Spirit wants to create and experience that reality it creates. While you are physical that reality is the physical one.

The problem comes when the Self identifies itself more with the ego or the beast than with spirit. When that happens, ego or the beast makes the decisions on action taken. Ego that is not linked with spirit will make very bad decisions, usually decisions based on the needs of the beast, which may or may not be in harmony with the overall goal of the Creator.

Many people today operate solely on the level of ego or the beast. An enlightened person and people who are learning how to spiritualize themselves are bringing their awareness to their spiritual self and leaving the ego to what it does best, see reality. They are moving control of their self to the spirit and letting spirit make the decisions, not the ego.

The ego is only a lens that views physical reality. It should never make decisions without spirit saying what to do.

I know it sounds like I am talking about three different people sewed up into one. But really you are always one person making these decisions. If someone blames their ego for making a bad decision... well they are also blaming themselves. If they try to say it was not their fault but their ego's. Then they have not understood the lesson on what the ego is. The ego is part of the person. It is not a separate entity that can be blamed for making mistakes. If mistakes are made, it is the individual that has made them NOT the ego. The ego is just the lens that sends the information along to the entire self. Where that self sits is up the individual. Does the Self sit in the part that is the beast, the ego, or the spirit.

The best place for consciousness to sit is with spirit, having spirit make the decisions based on the input it gets from the other two parts of the physical self. Any other configuration is a recipe for disaster as far as reality creating and creating harmony and peace.

Dear Hermes:
I am still wondering if EGO is attaching to the Self? Can we believe what EGO says? What is the value of EGO informations? How to control EGO? H.


The ego is more like a device. It's like a diver going into the ocean. He has to put on the diving suit so he can interact with the water and stay safe. The ego is like a diving suit. It is the protection around the Self that it needs to operate in physical reality.

Often the diver becomes so engrossed in what he is doing he forgets that he is wearing the suit. Nothing else exists but the world he sees around him. He forgets he has an existence outside the water. When this happens he can make decisions based solely on what he sees around him and not see the larger picture. That larger picture being he is just in a limited reality. The greater reality sits out of the water, where he will no longer needs the suit to wear. Outside the water he may have friends that wait for him in the boat, an existence outside of diving in the water, a job, love life etc. This other larger framework is from where the larger decisions must be made, even when he is diving into the water.

When the Self forgets about the greater spirit it is attached too, it only sees the Ego and physical reality becomes all too important. The larger picture is lost and many of the decisions you may make, may not be in harmony with the greater spiritual being that you are. Becoming aware of the spiritual self and bringing that self down into your physical world will put the whole self back in the driver's set. For example, if the diver remembers that he has a life outside of the water that waits for him, it will alter some of the decisions he is making so that it reflects this larger reality. So, with your physical self, if you keep your awareness that what you see around you is not the whole reality of what you are part of, those decisions you make on a day to day basis will reflect this larger reality.

Dear Hermes:
Does residual karma stay in EGO? For a new reincarnation is there a new EGO? When you go to Sephira you leave your EGO? So how is possible to have memory when you go to there? H.


Continuing to use the diving example, any karma that may be incurred while diving does not attach itself to the suit. It is just a suit. That karma will stay with the Self because that is the one that is ultimately responsible for the actions of the diver, regardless of whether or not as the diver he remembers his greater Self or not.

When the Self reincarnates it gets a brand new diving suit. It is still the same Self but wrapped in a new body.

Your larger mind sits with the whole Self. When you shift from a nonphysical reality to a physical one, you must hand off some of the information from the larger mind to the smaller mind inside the physical body. It is kind of like our diving suit having a limited memory built into it. You must often choose what memories you will take with you back into the diving suit. The more you practice at shifting memories from your larger nonphysical self to the smaller physical self, you will get better at bringing back more information to the physical self. The diving suits ability to retain more information will grow. And more of your awareness of the larger Self will become part of your daily experience.

Light, Peace

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