Solar and Lunar current and the Seven Rays

Mar 8, 2015 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes:
Please could you explain the significance of the solar and lunar currents in the structure of the universe and how it affects meditation practice. Amey.

Hi Amey!

Solar current is controlled by the first, third, fifth Ray. Lunar current is controlled by the second, fourth, sixth ray. When the physical universe was created the white light broke off into seven rays. Each ray is charged with maintaining a certain aspect of reality.

  1. Red - will.
  2. Blue - love.
  3. Yellow - intelligence.
  4. Green - harmony.
  5. Orange - knowledge.
  6. Indigo - order.
  7. Violet - transformation.

The lunar and solar currents embody the physical universe on two important levels the subjective and the subtle. Without both energies supporting each other the universe would be out of balance.

Typical mediation is mostly lunar consciousness in its nature due to the passive nature of the mind at that time. However travel meditation can be said to be more solar in nature as the mind is quite active during that. In actuality both lunar and solar currents are present in meditation just one is more pushed to the background over the other, depending on the type of meditation you are doing.

Just FYI, the seventh ray is a special ray that controls ascension and spiritualization process. It is neither solar or lunar. You could say its the combination of the two in perfect balance.

Light, Peace

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