Spiritual Chakra and Tree of Life/Aethry Locations & Out of Body experiences from a dream state

March 23, 2013 (letter of the month)

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1: Spiritual Chakra and Tree of Life/Aethry Locations
Dear Hermes:
How are the Spiritual Chakras (8 to 12) referred to or aligned with the "Tree of life"? Is the 12th Chakra congruent with Kether and or the 8th Chakra with Malkuth? Is there a relationship?

Hi F!

The spiritual chakra reside in the spiritual plane. Unlike the lower chakra most of them reside below the plane of spirit with the Crown sitting just inside the plane of spirit and the others in various places along the way. Malkuth can be said to encompass the root and foot chakra. Since Kether is the only Sephira above the abyss you could say all the spiritual chakra are contained in Kether.

Now there is a tree of life contained within each Sephira, so you could match them up with one of Kether's tree of life sephira. However usually when it comes to the plane of spirit, i often refer to the Spiritual levels contained in the Aethyrs. This region is already broken up in to sub levels and your spiritual chakra will sit in this region.

  • LIL = 12th
  • ARN & ZOM = 11th
  • PAZ & LIT = 10th
  • MAZ & DE0 = 9th
  • ZID = 8th
  • ZIP = Crown chakra

Light, Peace

2: Out of Body experiences from a Dream State
Dear Hermes:
I have read everything on the site and there was a period where I studiously put aside a day each week to attempt to astral travel consciously. I also did all the energy raising exercises. I'm afraid to say I didn't achieve an OBE that way but I have had limited luck with lucid dreams. I didn't realize I had even done it until I read an article from your workshop logs. In my dream I became conscious. I was dreaming I recalled that you had said that at this point I could float upwards out of the dream. I did that but everything went black then I woke up. On another occasion I didn't wake up but instead of a dream I saw images of people, some were old style portrait paintings, some were photos old and new. All were of only people and they were all posing. It was presented like a slideshow. A different one again was when I found myself in a house. I did not recognize the house or the people who lived there. I could see them but they couldn't see me. It was like someone had pushed fast forward because as I watched; the people aged and passed away. New people came and the house also changed as the people and time moved on.

Hi J!

Those dream-out of body are very good for a beginning. The nonphysical world does not work the same way as a the physical world. People who first start to OBE doubt they have had any valid experience because they expect those experiences to be similar to physical ones. The nonphysical reality is a whole new world and behaves very differently.

Time for example is not constant, so you can quickly move forward or backward in time in a few moments. Sometimes events happen so fast that it seems like you are viewing a slide show. what has happened here is that your physical mind could not contain the experience so it took snap shots. In time and with more practice you will find your OBEs to be more vivid and to bring back more information. And with continued experience you will come to learn the new ways of the nonphysical reality.

Light, Peace

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