Wearing Tattoo Magical Symbols & Changing the Past

December 01, 2012 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes:
Is it possible to use magical symbols on your body and what is the long term effect, like a protection symbol.

Hi G!

Magical symbols are wonderful helpful reality creating tools. I use them quite a bit myself, especially when my usual reality creating channels do not work so well. Mostly when there is a problem creating something in your life with the typical reality creating tools, it is because you have some conflicting beliefs or issues that are working against each other.

When you break out some magical symbols from your reality creating tool box and use them in some way, you are like pushing a large cart through a small hole. It will get the job done, not pretty but it cuts through the blockages.

The way I use magical symbols is to help me get through the reality creations that are sometimes difficult. I use magick as a short term solution. There are many ways you can create talismans out of symbols. For example, I made a cup coaster to put my tea cup on top of with some magical symbols. As the cup sits on the coaster it gets charged with the energy I am looking to manifest. As I drink the liquid it is like ingesting a symbol into the body.

So, I am all for using magical symbols to help bring about change. But, I do try not to make exclusive 24 hour a day use of these symbols. They are good for curing some problems but you may not want to live with a symbol forever. I am referring to body paint or tattoos. I am not sure what kind of on the body you are thinking of but something long term like a tattoo I would steer away from. If you ever want to remove the symbol you can't easily.

However I see no problem with wearing a hand made charm with the symbol on you that you can take off when you want. These will work just as effectively as body tattoo. Or even some of those temporary tattoo that you can wash off will do to.

Light, Peace

Dear Hermes:
Hello, I have a question regarding simultaneous time ( My goal is to try and communicate with my past self. Now, my question is 'If I contact my past self and then my past self makes a decision different than what I made, doesn't that in effect change my present situation?' For example, let's say that on July 4th of this year I wore a green shirt and somebody made fun of me. Now I do not like that person because they made fun of me. So, I contact my past self and tell myself to wear a red shirt. My past self wears a red shirt instead of a green one, I never get made fun of, and now I do not dislike that person who previously made fun of me. Does that make sense? I am trying to wrap my head around this, so sorry if I sound stupid. Thank you so much for your time and attention to my question.

Hi R!

I suppose that is the Hollywood version of simultaneous time. Things happen in sequence, then you change it and the sequence after changes.

Simultaneous time is a bit different. With simultaneous time all things happen at the same time. So if you jump back into the past from your present to tell yourself to wear a red shirt, you do not actually jump into your timeline. You jump into the time that is running next to your current one. Think of it as moving sideways instead of forward or back. From your point of view you have entered your past. But in reality you have side stepped into a version running along side of yours.

Now these versions have an effect on each other. So by changing the one next to your time stream, it begins to resonate onto your time stream. What can happen next depends on just what you are changing. If what you change is minor and does not change your experienced reality to a great degree, than a merge happens and before long you won't remember the old version. This is most like the Hollywood kind. Guy jumps in past changes it, then comes back to a new one.

However in most cases what you are changing is a part of your learning path. If this is the case, then the newly changed timeline will not replace your timeline but instead alter the future of it so that it seems like it never happened. In your shirt example, you may wake up one day and say, "well that was not so bad. I think i will call my friend and see how he is doing." In this version, your past has remained the same but you have healed your present and future. This second one is the one you will most likely be dealing with in everyday reality creating.

That minor stuff changes all the time and your memory of events alters and you are dimly aware of it. Perhaps you say, "I don't remember that sign being there." then put it out of your head as some confusion and move forward.

It is really the larger stuff that changing the past exercise deals with. It gives you a way to heal the present and future without disturbing what you experienced.

Light, Peace

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