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July 29, 2011 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes:
I had a dream within which I saw a bird lying dead covered in oil and guiding me to collect eggs, each was covered with the bird but the bird would only allow me to collect a select number of eggs. The path then leads me to golden keys of which there are 3 (these are not conventional keys) almost like a link that fit into one another and an iron gate. I was set upon a stairwell and sent upwards and on each step was gold and silver rings. Then finally the sky... so blue and glorious and the sun so bright.

I do not understand the meaning of this dream and am still always looking for the guidance that I know is driving me ever forward. This dream is linked, I think, to the phoenix (which I only read about today feeds on oils) the gateway to something. Please could you help direct my thoughts and study to the right path, as I have always known that I need go to a cave where a man with mysteries surrounding his hands dwells (I hope you don't think I sound insane). D

Hi D!

This is a dream about reincarnation, rebirth, and renewal. You most likely have strong Egyptian past lives, as the symbolism seems to indicate that.

Here is how the story goes. When the Phoenix is at the end of its life it sets itself afire in a nest. From the ashes the Phoenix is reborn into a new body. The Phoenix then takes the remaining ashes and packs them into eggs. It then takes the eggs to the Egyptian city of Heliopolis (at the top of a mountain where it is bright and sunny) and gives them to the temple priest there as a pilgrimage and a thanks for the chance to live again.

At various times in a person's life, you could say you have been reborn. You come to a new understanding of something. Something old dies and something new is reborn. You can have several of these life changing opportunities in a single life and here is the where the hidden meaning of the Phoenix lies. The Phoenix does not so much symbolize rebirth into a new physical body, as can happen with reincarnation, but rather it points to these mini-rebirths that everyone has along the way in their life. I would say the dream marks some such change in your life. Some part of you has died but some new part of you has been reborn and you can start anew with new goals, projects, and hope.

As far as the man in the cave. You can find him in Malkuth.

Sandalphon is the caretaker to meet while there. In the north is his castle and the caves. You can meet Sandalphon in either place, however when you meet him in the cave he is not a king but instead a hermit teaching spiritual truths. You use out of body travel, dreams, or travel meditation to reach Malkuth and engage with Sandalphon.

Light, Peace

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