Can you physically change the past?

February 28, 2011 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes:
Can you physically change the past? This is very hard for me to understand but can you actually do this? HOW? M.

Hi M!
Your question is not easily answered because of your ideas of how the past, present, and future work. You see it as a time-line of events when in fact it is not this way at all. The brain interprets events in a moment to moment sequence so some things come before other things. It is how the brain works. In reality, the past, present, and future exist in an ever-present moment. Moving from one place to another is as easy as going from one room to another. Visit the past open this door and go in. Visit a different moment in your life, you go into that door. All the moments in your life are accessible and changeable in that sense. As you make decisions in the present this also changes the future and the past. You can see in your mind how changing your actions in the present can change the future coming to you but it also works the same way with the past. The decisions you make now change how your past unfolds.

I am not saying that your life is not lived serially. For the most part the physical experience is a serial experience with one event following the other. However your consciousness is not limited to a serial event layout, and you can jump to the past and future and probable timelines as well using that consciousness. Take a typical daydream for example. For a moment the present reality slips away and you effortlessly go off in another direction. It could be reliving a past event or envisioning something you want to happen. You may even take some past event and change it in this daydream so it happens differently than you actually experienced it. For that moment you are no longer focused in physical reality. Your consciousness has checked out of physical reality and jumped into some alternate world. You think nothing of this jumping because, when you come back to the body and what you were doing last, the brain just reconnects you with where you left off. If you let more than a few minutes go by you will completely forget that you had that daydream. Yet in reality you went from the physical moment to some other moment in time and space, then returned.

Physical reality is anything but serial in its true nature but mind and memory makes you think this is so. The serial nature in your life is important to a certain degree so that you can learn from cause and effect and the brain tries its best to keep it that way. However you do not have to live your life that way. You can purposefully jump to the future and past and work with what is there as well. It is an advanced concept but you are becoming an advanced being. Time and experience are not linked together in a serial way. So why not alter events if you can. You do this changing all the time in those unplanned daydreams, but you are unaware of doing it consciously. All I am saying is to make the unconscious conscious and take advantage of your full potential to alter events (past, present, and future). When you do this changing, via consciously or in a daydream, the past mends itself. The brain does the best it can to rewrite the event in the new way you just experienced it.

Of course some events in your life are very important and can't be completely re-mended. These events are milestone events. They mark some meaningful aspect in your current life-path and need to remain so. These milestone events can be reformed but not so much changed. Other lesser events can be changed and when you do change them your memory of how the event went down will change over time to reflect the new choice you made. As far as milestone events what changes is the energy around that event so that it does not affect your future or present in the same way as it did before. The event will still remain in your mind as a memory and may shift a bit over time but the future probabilities that you are presented with will change to reflect the new way you have structured the past.

So yea, you do change the past all the time and can. Is it like in the movies, where the hero saves the day by changing some event and rewrites history? Well no. It's a bit more surreal, subtle. There is an exercise on the website to help you with changing events of the past as well as a more in depth discussion with today's topic. (See below for link)

Light, Peace

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