Telepathy and Nonphysical Communication

November 8, 2010 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes:
Would spiritual energies learn to communicate with human languages, or would you have to be thinking of an entirely different communication based on the metamorphosis of life?

Hi N!
The physical universe came into being when the Creator spoke a word. What that word (or sound) was is anyone's guess. This of course is a very simplistic view of creation , however it does hint at something unique. When thought is slowed down below the speed of light and then even slower it becomes the spoken word, a sound.

Language is unique to the physical universe. It is thought in serial form. Language does not exist in the nonphysical planes. In the nonphysical plane you can hear what seems like spoken words, but there is no such device. In the nonphysical planes where there is no limit to the speed of thought or light, communication is telepathic in nature. Oh you may perceive it as words because of the physical training you have had, but it's telepathic. It occurs in zero-time and has no limit to how far it can travel. One person can be on one side of the universe and communicate with another on the other side and the communication is instantaneous. There are no languages in telepathic communication. The core component of telepathy is shared experience. If you were not able to understand another person, it's not because of language, it's instead because that person's experiences are alien to your own and you have no common telepathic frame of reference. If i say (or think) I am hungry and transmit this telepathically to you, it invokes within you the condition/memory/experience of being hungry. You would have to know what being hungry is to understand what I am communicating with you. It is communication on the level of the soul.

There is an old myth called the Tower of Babel. It is said that when the Tower of Babel was destroyed people could no longer understand each other. Language was scrambled and then man developed separate discrete tongues to communicate with each other. This mythos refers to the loss of telepathy in the human species. At first humans communicated almost exclusively with telepathy, as that was the way communication was done in the nonphysical realm. However as man began to fall further from his spiritual connections and identify more with the earth than spirit, he started to develop language or words as a form of communication. Over time, language replaced telepathic communication, which fell out of fashion and eventually the skill of telepathy was forgotten.

Telepathic communication is the language of the soul. You can unmask telepathy in dreams and out of body events by being aware that language does not exist while there. Then you can receive communication through pure telepathy (or thought), instead of converting the received telepathy to what seems like language. There is nothing wrong with using language to understand nonphysical speak. But realize you are using a slower medium of communication when you do.

Light, Peace

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