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June 14, 2010 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes:
What if I want the World to go bankrupt so that people find out on their own that the monetary system does not work because it creates scarcity and does not treat everyone equally. What if this reality is a part of me? I feel that the many people in the world are walking with their blindfolds on their eyes living in luxury caring only about themselves. (Not everyone of course but the majority) Is it just me Mr. Hermes.. I don't let this stuff really affect how I live my life.. but I am astonished when I think about the future.

Can one Christed/Enlightened person change the world? How can he fashion and mold it to his own will? Does only his reality change? I don't quite understand this yet. Nostradamus spoke of hope for the world in form of a King, the greatest in the world. Bible talks about a 2nd Messiah and 1000 years of his reign. Hindu texts talks about the 10th incarnation of Vishnu as Lord Kalki coming in to usher in a new Age of Peace. What powers would this person need to have in order to alter the world? Can one person do it.. or is a peaceful world dependant on each single humans effort and actions. R

Hi R!
You can change your world. You are a powerful being. You can influence the lives of others through your actions and your thoughts. You can help them grow and evolve, but they themselves have to want these changes too.

If you desire the world to go through some catastrophic fall, it will not just because you wish it too. The group consciousness has to agree to such changes. You can however create something similar in your own world, if you so desire to experience this thing, in the form of the collapse of your own personal reality, like your job or friends.

Your vote of what will happen in the world arena is cast like everyone else's. If there is a consensus on something then that event can be manifested in the group arena. Even if the world decided on some huge largely negative reality creation, your personal world can remain unaffected. Your personal reality has sovereignty over the group reality. In such a hypothetical case, you be in some bubbled place where these world events do not impact you as greatly as they do others. It's very important to know the contents of your mind and what you want to create because this can be a blessing or shield you from some world events you may not wish to be part of on a personal level. For example, desiring to see others fall from wealth to poverty can backfire on you, if the group mind decides to manifest it. Having those feelings within yourself all the time could allow such a global event to creep into your personal reality. I am not saying wear blinders to what is going on around you, but keep in check your powerful emotions and feelings as they can serve to allow some global event into your life you do not desire.

The personal reality will always mirror your inner world. That is your thoughts and feelings will be reflected in what you see in the world. If you change that inner world than what you see will change too. It's not that you unmake anything in the global world. It's rather what you draw to your attention. There are lots of things going on in the world all the time. It is a matter of what you wish to focus on to bring into your attention. As humans we cannot focus on everything that is happening in the world. We do not have that expansive consciousness. So we have to pick and choose what we allow into our lives in the form of external data. Pick and choose wisely, I say.

No single person can remake the world. Even Christ did not remake the world. The group consciousness desired change and used Christ as the focal point around that change. If you look throughout history the world is always looking for a personal savior: someone to come in and change the world and make it better. Sometimes history or events fall into line to make that seem to happen, as in the Christ movement 2000 years ago. But keep in mind that at the time, no one thought they were changing the world. Christ came and went and little changed in the world -- crucifixions continued, poverty reigned, peace/love/brotherhood were a scarcity. It was several hundred years later that the group mind, desiring these changes, decided to use those events from the past as the focus for change. Then the world started to reform.

So the point is change comes from the inside out. The need to find some savior to save one's self comes from the inner desire to change. Every one is the savior and everyone has the power within them to be the savior of their OWN life. You don’t ever need to look to another individual to herald change. Instead look inside yourself and change what you see there. That is the only change that is important. If everyone did that, the world would change very quickly, all without a single savior. Just billions of people saving themselves.

Light, Peace

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