Rainbow Souls, Rainbow Spirits

December 19, 2009 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes:
I wanted to ask you about something somebody said to me. The person that said it is one of the most fascinating I have met, in terms of spiritual knowledge (much like you, Hermes, but only 21 or so years old). He said I am a rainbow spirit (as opposed to an indigo or, crystal or etc) and that it meant I was a very new soul or, that I hadn't experienced many incarnations before this one. Regretfully, my own experience is as yet so limited that I'm unsure what the implications of being a rainbow spirit might be or even how to know if that is what I am. In what ways can it be a helpful thing to know? My searches using the key words, 'rainbow spirit', have yet to generate much of use. Is there anything you have the time to tell me about my questions? Love and thanks to you, Hermes. P

Hi P!
I have met very few rainbow souls (rainbow spirits). They are rare. Most incarnating beings are ascending and that means shedding their human self to become a divine being. But it was not always like that. In the beginning divine beings where shedding their divine nature to become human. Either progression is not easy. Rainbow souls are new to physical reality, they incarnate at a time that is almost against the normal flow. They are late comers to physical reality. They are shedding their divine nature to become more human.

Rainbow souls bring a spark of divinity into physical reality that is perhaps almost nonexistent today. Rainbow souls still possess their divine spark and have not fully shed it. It's not easy for a rainbow soul as they are living in a world where they don't fit in and they are seeking a different kind of experience from the usual spiritual person, so they don't quite fit in there either. The normal spiritual person is seeking to release the human within them and the rainbow soul is looking to embrace it.

Try not to think of either experience being more spiritual over another. In the beginning when most souls were descending into matter it was considered quite the spiritual thing to do. Now it’s the other way around. But the entire human experience of shedding divinity, becoming human, and then taking back your divinity is all very spiritual and designed to create a more advanced being.

Light, Peace

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