What's in a Name?

September 28, 2009 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes:
I would like know how important is a person's NAME in creating his destiny and reality. I believe it's very important as a name has vibrations to it that would conjure a person personalities hence the reality. I would like to hear more from you. L.

Hi L!
A name is very important. It is the embodiment of who you are. In the nonphysical plane, names are guarded to a certain degree. There is an outer name and an inner name. The outer name is given to people who have not entered into that inside world of the individual. It is not as personal or as keyed to the person. The inner name however is a key that can unlock who you are as an individual. Such inner names are only given to those that are trusted to the individual. The vibration of the inner name is very closely aligned and can be used to quickly locate or contact a person. I guess you could say a person's inner name is like a personal cell phone number.

In physical reality you are assigned a name by your parents. I do not think this assigning is random but part of an effort of several people (you, your guides, your parents), to help define you within time and space and this current life. However this given name is just a starting point. It is who you are at the moment of birth and then can change as you change. Often this happens with the development of nicknames along the way. As you evolve and grow so does the name you identify with change as well.

In Hermetic tradition it is common to adopt a new name. You chose something you feel is you and that represents your higher calling and self. These names are not unlike the inner names I talked about above. It is something to only give out and share with those you are closest too or involved with on a spiritual level. Still it's not the inner name that you possess throughout many lifetimes, but it is a symbol that you are learning and growing and, as you do, your name changes as well.

You can come to know your inner name with much spiritual work. It is usually hidden from you as it is a powerful and personal thing. But when the time is right, your spirit guides or nonphysical teachers may reveal it to you. Then you can use it in the physical or nonphysical planes with people you totally trust or to invoke your inner spirituality and power.

Identifying with this inner name can help to give your reality creating a boost. Since this inner name is key to unlock your spiritual power, it can be used by you to unlock and use this spiritual power in creating your reality. However you asked about your physical name and it too has connections to who you are and what you are about but it may not reach as deeply inside you as the inner name.

As with any name you use, you need to be comfortable with it. Just because you were given a name at birth does not mean you are stuck with it if you do not like it. Change it, or use a nickname. Find what you like and what feels like you and this will help you to unlock who you are and your inner strengths.

Light, Peace

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