Karmic Relationships

August 19, 2008 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes,
I was wondering if you could help me gain an understanding of karmic agreements between two people. OR

Hi OR!
Karma between two people can spring up in various ways. The type of karma that it is depends on how it is built. There is good karma and bad karma. Wronging someone else creates bad karma between two people. Doing nice things for other people creates positive karma that goes a long way to advancing yourself spiritually. Bad karma has to be paid back through kindness, or in like action if the kindness route is not taken (eye for eye, tooth for tooth). It is not necessary for karma to be paid back by the same people that originally created it, but often that is the case, especially in the case of a karmic relationship where there is a pull toward each other's universes. Positive karma is dissipated by advancing yourself spiritually. It is something that happens naturally so no one ever really talks about karma and its positive aspect. Usually when you hear the word karma it is in the negative flavor.

I think the kind of karma you are talking about in your question here is in the kind that binds two people into a relationship with each other. Karmic relationships are usually not good ones. They usually are built up on negative karma and that makes them difficult. It happens when two people have had lifetimes together, usually intimate, and there is injustice between the two of them. Not major injustice, but just the repeated small hurts that build up over the years between two people engaged in a close relationship. This can add together and act as a magnet pulling both people together over many lifetimes until that energy is removed. It usually goes on this way lifetime after lifetime, until one or both of the individuals involved grows enough spiritually that the karma must be removed. What happens next is a very strong pull or attraction to each other. Then the spiritual currents act like a match to the karma. This results in very fast burning physical relationship. It burns hot at first and then ends without any notice or reason. Once this kind of karma is gone both people are usually flung out of each other's orbits in an action like repulsion. This is because there is no energy holding one to the other any longer, and the spiritual energy wants to make sure that for now no new karma is created between the two. Later on in some years gone, this relationship may be able to be relight between the two, where the karma produced is positive in nature. However this is rarely the case and it would require that both be spiritually advanced to create a new relationship without interdependency existing on each other.

Light, Peace

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