Genetic Memory. Winning & Losing. Violence in video games

June 17, 2008 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes,
I have been told that apart from our subconscious, there's a part in the mind that holds all humanity's memories, which comprises all their pains and joys. it occurred to me that I may be carrying around my own ancestor's baggage- their fears etc. I would like to discover what they are and relieve myself of them. Z.

Hi Z!
The body holds a genetic memory of the past lives, but it is in the form of a more physical blueprint of the past and not really built up on past events. You do have past lives and of course it is possible to experience those realities. Genetic memories are more like, patterned baldness, weakness to certain illnesses, over eating, etc. Consciousness can override genetic memory if you feel you are a victim to it. You have to stay focused on the positive and work every day toward whatever physical thing you are trying to overcome that is part of your genetic heritage. Daily meditation helps here as well and goes a long way. I think crystal meditation is even better suited to helping consciousness override genetic memory, as the pure energy of the crystals draws away the thinking patterns that would activate these genetic blips. But as far as experiencing past relatives pain and suffering I would have to say I have not heard of this. I think it is more likely you are experiencing your own past life pain and suffering and perhaps seeing it as the past of your relatives. It is also possible that a past relative's spirit is hanging around and because you are sensitive to it, you are picking up on that lifetime. If you make a ball of light and love and send this ball off to that past event, when you have these memories or feelings, that will go a long way to help heal them. Eventually you will fill that energy void and it will go away. The same is the case for a deceased relative that may be hanging around. Send off some love and light when you feel the need to help this person heal and move on.

Light, Peace

Dear Hermes,
I spend most of my free time meditating, watching a limited amount of TV or funny videos, or playing games like chess or checkers or some online games. My question is about playing games. I've always felt that if I win, I'm taking the victory away from my opponent. With that attitude, I've never had the drive to excel at any game I've ever played. And I realize that what we are doing is playing a game, the game of life, where there are no winners or losers. But as far as victory and defeat are concerned, is victory high on the harmonic scale? Or are the two terms not very important? Or should I spend my time better? And do you think that video games with graphic blood and violence increase aggressive tendencies in people, and, therefore partly the cause of the school shootings that have been happening in the past few years? Thank you for your time. Peace.

Hi S!
Victory over yourself is very important. You need to conquer your inner challenges and achieve success. There nothing wrong with winning and succeeding. It is natural to want to achieve, grow, and win. It fosters the inner feeling that you can do and you can achieve, which is necessary belief in the reality creating system. In physical reality competition seems like it is one opponent against another. In actuality you are fighting the forces of the inner self that do not believe you can win. If someone loses, it does not mean you stole their win! It means they did not apply themselves enough to overcome their inner belief to achieving at this particular thing. You will agree a win handed to you on a silver plate does not teach conscious much about how that win was achieved. Of course in competition you will always have winners and losers; however physical reality is much more complex, and just because you lose at one thing, does not mean you cannot win at something else. Winning is important and so is losing. Both have strong lessons that consciousness needs to learn to grow and evolve.

I do not think that violent movies or games create the violence that you see in the world. Nor do I believe that a person is driven to violence just because they play or watch violence on video. I do believe that these things are core parts of the individual that all people carry. Some people are able to control these impulses and put them to good productive use. However a small portion of people are unable to handle them and this erupts to violence. I guess what I am saying is it is not video games but the individual and what is in the inside that creates these things.

Light, Peace

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