Healing Cancer; Getting your Magical Name.

March 21, 2008 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes,
I've thought of myself as spiritual healer for some time now. I've never told my family or friends because I'd rather them not think I'm crazy or delusional. But recently my grandma had a heart attack. She had a 98% blockage in one of her main arteries. So she's in the hospital and the doctors are prepping for open-heart surgery. My family is very scared at this point. So I prayed to God that she not have to have the surgery. Sure enough, the next day the doctors do another test and they decide to use stints to keep her arteries open instead. Nurses who had worked at the hospital for 20 years were coming up to her and saying they'd never seen that happen before. Everybody calls it luck, but I don't feel like changing their minds. So then, the next time I see her, I quietly channel healing energy into her from across the room. I'm pretty quiet anyway, so nobody noticed me. She is doing very well now. Anyway, my friend who has a friend is dying of cancer. This makes me a little sad. So, when my friend is on an extended weekend or leave, I was hoping to heave some drinks with him and the guy dying of cancer. Is there anything I should know about this? Such as, is it smart to try and heal him? Can I? I would think it would take a powerful healer to cure cancer. I healed my Mom of her stomach pains, which she'd had for years. Anyway, I just wanted to know if you ever saved a life with your healing, and what it would take to do that. Thanks.

Hi S!
People who still retain the will to live respond very well to healing energies. I have seen cancer reverse itself with healing work and at times I have seen it only make the person's transition to the next world easier. Either way the healing energy will not hurt. One of the most frustrating things for a healer to accept is that some people will not heal from their work, not because they themsevles lack healing power, but because the person they are tyring to heal has given up the will to live. For the person in so much pain at some point it is just easier to let go of life than fight for it. There is a time and place for everything, even death, and at times you have to respect a person's decision to leave this world, even if that decision was not made on a conscious level. But healing others is a commendable task and regardless of the outcome the energy and love you send them never goes to waste. It is always used, if only on the Soul level of the personality.

Light, Peace

Dear Hermes,
How can I create an Initiate Name? In Hermetic Orders such as Masons, etc, there is an Initiate Name given during initiation ritual to the candidate. How it is established or created for the candidate? G.

Hi G!
If you are doing the self initiation work than that name will be given to you by your spiritual guides and teachers. It may come in dream, travel meditation, OBE, or you just may hear it spoken. It depends on how you interface with the spiritual realm as to how this information will come. I feel the name you get with self initiation work is far more meaningful than any name someone physical may dream up during a ceremony. When you do receive this name it may change again as you evolve and grow spiritually. You may get a new name at some point to use. Also try not to disclose this name to those you do not trust as it is a very personal name and it is connected to your energy field. Ask your spiritual guides to send you your magical name. I am sure it will come swiftly.

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