What happens with a suicide? About the Vengeful God of the Bible.

February 1, 2008 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes,
Heya, thanks for answering my previous questions. Kind of a dark topic, but I was wondering what you thought of suicides. Obviously not the most constructive way to deal with problems, but what happens after death? Some people believe that they become lost souls. If that's true, what exactly does that mean? Do you float through space, without any hope of reincarnation or ascension? Or do you go to hell or heaven, or some special rehabilitation clinic where the powers that be help you get yourself together, so to speak. I like to think that outside of this material plane we are in, there are powerful, yet compassionate and understanding forces that will lend a helping hand to these people. So what do you think? Also, on a completely separate note, what do you think of God? The Christian God I mean. A lot of people walk around touting phrases like eternal damnation, Goddamn it, and the wrath of God. And also He is a jealous God. So, is there anybody in this universe that will spend the rest of their existence burning in Hell? Does God damn?

Hi S!

People who take their own life are often in a awful emotional state. Let's face it, if you feel things are so bad that you can take your own life, there are major personal issues going on within. So with that said, after a successful suicide the person may not be aware that they died, they may be thrust into the power of their inner mind and be in a kind of living dream that they have to be woken up from. Without the physical plane to anchor their creative consciousness they can wind up living these dreams or nightmares for a very long time. Yes there are guides and teachers there trying to reach the individual. And they do their best to reach everyone in such a state. But the sad truth is many of these cases get lost in their own mind and it takes years to wake them up. Teachers will take turns going into the waking dream and try to bring the individual to the point of understanding. This is a slow process and there is much danger there for the teachers engaged in this work. They too can get lost in this dream, as it is often very powerful, driven by emotional forces that have gone wild. A second teacher is almost surely there watching and will pull the first teacher out of the dream if they too get lost in it.

As you can imagine this is not a quick process. Everyone does get helped but it takes time. Physical beings that can OBE can be very helpful in these cases and are often put to work in this manner. Because they still have a physical body they are anchored to the physical plane and they can't get lost in the waking dream of the deceased. Their body will pull them back into physical reality and out of the waking dream.

This getting lost is not the case in all suicides but I have to say it is the case in most of them. I sometimes get emails from students on the brink of such things and I encourage them to stick with physical reality because I know the dangers that such an act can put the individual in after suicide. Suicide does not help but makes it much worse. Of course here I am talking about normal healthy individuals, not the sick or infirm. That is another matter of course and every suicide is an individual case. I am just presenting what is normal.

The angry and vengeful God of the bible is born from the view of humanity at the time the bible was written. We see God in our own image and you have to remember that these writings of thousands of years ago come from a much more violent time than we live in today. Things were very black and white then and the God reflected in the Bible displays these traits.

God (the Creator of all things) is no such individual. To see what kind of individual God is you must look at the very small bits and the big bits of the universe. God is love, it is the force that binds and shapes atoms and worlds. It is cooperation on a sublime and a grand level. God loves and soothes but allows free will and choice. Your body holds together because the universe is constructive and loves each other. The cells and organs come together in joyful harmony to express themselves and to mirror the energy that is God.

People will always try to put a personal face on God. My explanation as well is a personal view too, so you will have to find your own that works. But in all my travels in the physical and nonphysical world I have come to know one thing, God never causes pain and suffering, that is created by lower beings, like man, who do not apply the creative force properly. I have never seen a vengeful God and I never will.

Hell does not exist either. Like that Vengeful God of the Bible it is a human construction to ease the minds of people that feel they are righteous. No one wants to enter a world with someone you dislike after death, so let's just throw them into a hell. Well no OBE I have been on has ever revealed a hell. When people die they go to the reality plane that most mirrors their energy. Those reality planes above the Abyss (See Aethyrs) are free of polarity and light and dark energies. It is a different kind of existence. Is it heaven? No not the heaven of the Bible. The Heaven of the Bible is found in Malkuth, which was the highest realm individuals were able to reach at that time the Bible was written. Malkuth is a wonderful idyllic place and this is where the idea of Heaven came from.

Light, Peace

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