Coping with Spiritual Changes

September 23, 2007 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes,
Yes i appreciate the information you provided for others to learn from. I am a practicing healer,medium and reader of tarot and angel cards. After the "September 11th energy shift" I am now directly connected to source I would say I can feel the heavy 'plug' like feeling in my head and actually have a new spirit guide as well. From what I am understanding from her is now I can extend beyond my normal power to the new levels, like explained here in your chart. My Question is how do you get to the meditative state in order to do these works? I can see without closing my eyes and sometimes do it without even meditating. Now i feel a little like I'm over flowing with all this new energy and the foods I used to eat I can no longer stomach at all. I ground myself constantly all the time but still feel the vibrating around my head. I am asking you for your input, as many people are not at the level I find myself, and to explain it is tough to relate without having the experience to handle the question. Is there any lifestyle change besides never drinking again which I was told not to by my guide, and eating different foods that you can recommend? On the other hand I am a great healer and now i feel like i can do ten times what I used to. This new energy has a totally different feel to it, like learning to ride the bicycle over again. I thank you for your time and look forward to your response. Thanks D.

Hi D!
As your energy goes upward in vibration it demands that the physical body also reflect this state of being. As such you slowly have to change your diet to increasingly more pure foods and habits. I have had to give up meat, fish, chicken and drinking as well. Instead I eat soy products, drink lots of water, and exercise. Large amounts of sugar will also cause problems in the new spiritual energy and you may have to cut back or eliminate that. Caffeine is a big no no! Your body will tell you what it does not like, just listen to it. It will also change as time goes on. So what you may be able to get away with now you may not at the next energy level.

You can experience a disruption or be off balance for several weeks after reaching a new energy level. This is normal. If you carry a grounding stone like hematite or amber with you it will help during these transition periods. Epson salt baths can also help.

Meditation is a quieting of the mind and relaxation. Not every meditation you do will be filled with doing energy work. Some meditations are just quiet. If you meditate everyday you are more likely to reach this state of being where you will find yourself in Malkuth or some other nonphysical place doing the great work. If you do not meditate enough, like once a week, than it will be harder to reach this kind of meditation because your unconscious mind will be working overtime to put away the events of the past week.

Wearing or carrying hematite should help with your vibrating. It may also be good to wear or carry a quartz crystal pendant. Make sure you clear the pendant once a week in sea salt over night.

Light, Peace

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