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August 30, 2007 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes,

If I send the little angel out to find something etc, can the energy be manipulated by other energies and entities as such that when I absorb it again those energies become part of my field as well, like catching an energy cold? And if so, how do I stop that from happening? Also, it may be me thinking too much in a physical way, but every time I create an energy ball or little angel, I feel the need to open the window or door to let it out. Is this necessary, or can they just go through the walls no problem? I look forward to hearing from you. R

Hi R!

The Little Angel is keyed to your own energy makeup. It can't be manipulated. You may be picking up on some of the emotions and feelings that the Little Angel is receiving as it gathers information for you. This information can come into you in the form of not only images but feelings as well. It may take time to separate the information from your Little Angel and you own inner workings at the start.

There is no need to open a window or door to let the Little Angel out. But feel free to do it if it helps you validate the experience. You could be using that as a mechanism to seal the experience. That is fine.

Light, Peace

Hermes Note, About the Little Angel: The Little Angel is an information gathering device that is discussed in Reality Creator II. A common use is to send it to check on a friend or relative you may be concerned about. It is simple and easy to use. You create the Little Angel, endow it with purpose, send it along the way, then retrieve the information from it. Below are some excerpts on how to use the Little Angel taken from RC2.

Imagine a stream of energy coming from your solar plexus. Next reform this energy, which is sitting above your shoulder, into the figure of a small angel or fairy. Give this figure wings. The wings (an archetype symbol) give the Little Angel the ability to travel through space and time. Then imagine a small burst of energy leaving your brow and impregnating your Little Angel. You have now given your Little Angel intelligence. Finally, turn to your Little Angel and breathe into it. You have now given it the breath of life. Your Little Angel is now a living, conscious entity. To finish up, instruct your Little Angel with what you wish it to do. You can tell it aloud or mentally. Finally, nod to your Little Angel that it is free to go and carry out your request. Watch the angel in your mind as it leaves your shoulder and speeds away. Feel it go!

To reabsorb the Little Angel, imagine it entering into your essence through your forehead. Sit quietly and allow the information it gathered to enter your conscious mind. You should begin to see flashes in your mind or feel things through your emotions. These flashes and/or bursts of emotions are the information you requested. Try to grab hold of one of the images or emotions and follow it through, as if you were watching a video or living some kind of adventure. Then after the information stops coming into your awareness, put the images and feelings together. The images and feelings themselves contain your requested information.

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