The Spiritual Chakra, whre are they?

April 20, 2007 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes,

I am a reiki master and have been working with various energy systems over the past 40 years. I have recently been working with Quantum Touch, in one of the execises the instructor says spin the 8th chakra which is under the balls of your feet then split it into two balls, bring the two balls up your legs rejoin it into one ball at the solar plexus,bring it up the central channel to the crown chakra the flatten it out like the rim of a bowler hat. Then bring down chakras 9 10 11 and 12.The problem I have is I always thought the 8th chakra was 8inches above the 7th crown chakra. I hope you can help in this matter. , DF.

Hi DF!
Some teachers place the spiritual chakra inside the body. I find this is incorrect as the human spirit when expanded stands over 20 feet tall. In physical reality this does not show and I feel this is where the confusion comes. Some teachers try to fold over the upper half of the spiritual body on to the lower so they can access it. I do not like this method of accessing the spiritual chakra. That is my opinion. I feel associating these chakra with the lower chakra is just looking for trouble, as you wind up activating the lower chakra instead of the upper one. It is up to you as to how you want to access these chakra. You can try it both ways and see which one works well for you.

Light, Peace

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