OBE and Kundalini Rising

November 28, 2006 (letter of the month)

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Hi Hermes,

I carry around a quartz crystal with me and when I go to sleep i also put it under my pillow, I have also created the talisman asking Sandalphon for an out of body guide. I have been carrying and sleeping with both for 3 weeks now and lately my dreams have become more and more life-like. Just this morning I had a dream where there was 2 people in the room with me one of them I knew ,but the second presence I never saw physically I just sensed him/her. During that dream I was told not to move and during that time period 3 jolts of energy was shot down from my head to my feet...I did not in any way feel that this was threatening at all. Are they clearing out my chakras? What is happening exactly? What, if any, is the significance of having 3 jolts rather than 2?
Thanks. J.

Hi J.

It sounds like you are getting very close to an OBE. Keep it up.

When a person is ready for acquiring the OBE skill, it also means that their Kundalini energy is also ready to rise. The Kundalini energy is stored at the base of the spine. When a person is sufficiently advanced spiritually, this energy rises upward and, as it does so, it energizes all the chakra. When it gets to the top of the spine it shoots out the top of the head and then activates the spiritual chakra. Advanced out of body skills are contained in the spiritual chakra. So the successful rising of the Kundalini energy is helpful, but not necessary, in your acquiring the OBE skill.

Now, if there are energy blocks along the way, the Kundalini energy rising will meet with resistance and a burning sensation from mild to painful can be felt in these spot. This process of rising and burning through the blockages along the way can take months. When all the blocks are gone the Kundalini energy shoots through the top of you head, and is done.

Your spirit guides were sending energy into this channel to help pre-burn these blockages away, so that you will have a more pleasant experience as your Kundalini rises. Why they used three instead of two jolts? My guess is three worked better for you than two. You may have this experience again, or you may not. It depends if the y got the big blockages removed.

Light, Peace

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