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November 10, 2011 (workshop log file)

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<electra> hi everyone
<Blue-Raja> hello
<electra> Iris is going to be a bit late this evening so I'm just here to chat for a while until she arrives
<electra> so shauna you were here last week so great to see you again
<electra> and Blue, we know each other as well
<Blue-Raja> :o) yep
<electra> from a couple of weeks back
<Blue-Raja> actually i was moab fairy too
<electra> you both did the wizard session I think
<Blue-Raja> yes
<electra> ah great, I thought I recognized you
<electra> what we have decided to do is for the next 3 sessions with me we are going to go into that in more depth
<Blue-Raja> i wonder when more people will show up
<Shauna> im sorry working again now
<electra> and we'll spend a week on each of the three types of wizard
<electra> oh ok Shauna
<Blue-Raja> ok
<Blue-Raja> sounds interesting
<electra> I thought we could each think a bit of the different ways those 3 types of wizard manifest in our lives and our practice
<electra> like with the arcane wizard, well think of a tv remote control
<electra> that is like a wand
<electra> it has a store of energy which it releases to make something happen
<Blue-Raja> i like those, they make me feel in control of things
<electra> so during the coming week perhaps you could think about that
<Blue-Raja> about remote control/ wand shapes?
<electra> ok  folks Iris is on her way
<Blue-Raja> and their inherent power
<electra> well shape does not matter
<Blue-Raja> oh
<electra> its the function that is all important
<electra> if you didn't know what a tv remote control did you would think it was magick
<Blue-Raja> oh the function of all tools spiritually potentially
<electra> which in a way it is
<electra> yes exactly
<Blue-Raja> cool
<electra> you can learn a lot from looking at things and seeing the magickal correspondence there
<Blue-Raja> i learn a lot from faces
<electra> well everything is a teacher
<Blue-Raja> so jason was talking to me in meditation... lol
<electra> and faces have energy
<Blue-Raja> i don't even know him!
<Blue-Raja> yes
<electra> who is Jason?
<Blue-Raja> sorry that wasn't on subject.... from the website... i'm just a little i don't know.. ya know
<Blue-Raja> an operator of the channel
<electra> aha no matter
<electra> yea I have spoken with him a few times
<electra> very nice chap
<Blue-Raja> :o)
<electra> he is very good with computers and has been on the channel with hermes a long time
<Blue-Raja> it had something to do with "accross seas" it's jason from accross the seas, or america, ?
<electra> much longer than me
<Blue-Raja> then he goes, remember? lol
<electra> he's from Finland I think
<electra> not sure
<Blue-Raja> cool
<Blue-Raja> i'm finnish
<electra> really!
<Blue-Raja> norweigian and swedish
<electra> are you in Finland now?
<Blue-Raja> no in USA
<electra> so what languages do you speak?
<Blue-Raja> my boyfriend is a computer guy
<Blue-Raja> english
<Blue-Raja> took french , can't speak it
<Blue-Raja> do you speak any languages? (should we be learning?i'm insane about that?)
<electra> not really
<Blue-Raja> ok
<electra> I need to learn Spanish at some point
<electra> and I would like to
<electra> also I speak some French
<electra> and also for the higher levels of magick you need to be familar with Hebrew
<Blue-Raja> are you across seas? i think i remember from a log that holland? or uk or something
<electra> especially the Hebrew letters and their meaning
<Blue-Raja> cool
<Blue-Raja> do you know them?
<electra> I am in UK
<Blue-Raja> ok
<electra> I have been through them many times
<electra> It takes a while because each letter has so many correspondences
<Blue-Raja> hmm
<electra> you will find if you look them up on the internet loads of sites will show you what the letters look like and what their correspondences are
<Blue-Raja> i think the shapes like speak to me or something... shapes... are their own entity
<Shauna> can you mention a website
<electra> they each correspond to a number and a tarot card
<electra> um let me think
<Shauna> for that
<Blue-Raja> daleph
<Blue-Raja> door
<Blue-Raja> ?
<electra> yes that is correct
<Blue-Raja> :o)
<Shauna> the website is daleph door
<electra> I know the website but just need to see how you spell it - one second
<Blue-Raja> their is hebrew on the website... i don't know what it says, do you?
<electra> folder is not here
<electra> a really good one though is BOTA
<Blue-Raja> boat-a
<electra> Builders of the Adytum
<electra> I really need to look for you to see how they have changed that
<Blue-Raja> a sect or something that's pretty regal for one letter
<electra> they used to have a section on every letter
<electra> there are 22 letters
<Blue-Raja> you also said you had to keep your house clean because your crystals liked it that way.,, i remmber that (nm)
<Blue-Raja> i think daleph is my favorite simply because i remember it
<electra> looks like that page is not there
<Blue-Raja> ah!! changes!!!
<electra> if you hang on one second I will get the folder
<Blue-Raja> i wonder if it's a physical folder?
<Blue-Raja> but that's not really interesting
<electra> ahem - I took some photocopies from that site and I have re-arranged them
<electra> so will not find that in a few seconds - I can tell you that next week
<Blue-Raja> botas are archetechs in some way... inner ones
<electra> but you can look these up - there are loads of source materials on the web many of them very good
<Shauna> ok appreciate it thank you
<electra> yes builders of the adytum are built around Masonic ideas
<Blue-Raja> i was thinking that reality creating creates the structures oft he world... archatect.. sort of
<electra> exactly so
<electra> God is seen as the Grand Architect in Masonic thinking
<Blue-Raja> hmm
<electra> and from that idea comes the study of sacred geometry
<electra> another reference for you to look up
<Blue-Raja> ok. i like masonic building.. i have recognized when there is not enough "gold" energy in a building
<electra> you may have heard of 'sick buildings'
<Blue-Raja> like the energy changed in my parents house and it was bad or something
<electra> buidlings where the energy is so bad that it makes ppl feel ill
<Blue-Raja> no, not really
<Blue-Raja> yes.. i have experienced that
<Blue-Raja> that is why the house spirit is so important.. the way it feels
<Blue-Raja> it can talk to you... energy interaction etc
<Blue-Raja> i also think humans have the responsibility and ability to help how it feels
<electra> ppl don't quite understand how important architecture is in our lives
<electra> and the influence it has on our wellbeing
<Blue-Raja> my sister wants to be an archatect
<electra> its a nice occupation
<Blue-Raja> i'm in a weird house. i like it. now i can think about healing...
<electra> let me just go and see if I can get this info for you
<electra> I have an idea where it is
<electra> one sec
<Blue-Raja>      this is the BOTA letter electra was talking about...
<Shauna> got it thanks
<Blue-Raja> but it's not a hebrew letter hmm
<electra> another reference for you is the Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences
<electra> there is a website called polaris
<electra> now that has some interesting info on the tree of life
<Shauna> ok thank you
<electra> which will be useful for these meditations with Iris
<Blue-Raja> hey there's a polaris website associated wtih my city too
<electra> the other website is
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<Blue-Raja> byzant looks cool
<electra> yes that's why I was so keen to find it for you
<electra> those two sites I like a lotbut there are many otheres
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<Blue-Raja> but polaris is about motorcycles and 4 wheelers! indeed the treck shall be great!
<electra> different polaris lol!
<Blue-Raja> well i can't find it, do you hvae the address?
<electra> just so shauna has not missed it the website I was looking for was
<Blue-Raja> i typed in and it turned into 4 wheelers. spirit really wants me to be safe and happy travelin
<Shauna> what was that sevent seal webiste, weird im reading today synchronicity and the seventh seal
<Blue-Raja> but Jon is like that
<Blue-Raja> he's real fun
<Blue-Raja> my spirit guide
<electra> you can go right into this website and find out a lot
<Blue-Raja> do you have the polaris address so i can travel the tree better?
<electra> yea let me try and get that for you
<Shauna> my computer froze had to log back in, you had put something up called seventh seal could you tell me that one more time
<electra> there is a starting point for you
<Blue-Raja> ok cool
<Blue-Raja> ok, for some reason qlippoths fascinate me
<Blue-Raja> like writing wise
<Blue-Raja> edgar allen poe or something
<electra> this is where it starts
<electra> they have changed this a bit and it looks better
<Blue-Raja> does this make sense: the lightning flash:
<electra> all the interesting info here in a very nice form
<electra> yes , that is all good
<Blue-Raja> Jon like put electricuting energy into me... does that
<Blue-Raja> make sense?
<Blue-Raja> i'm reading now
<electra> it is just how the initial creative energy dischages itself into the creation
<Blue-Raja> oh ok
<Blue-Raja> so he created something in me
<Blue-Raja> but that's personal nm
<electra> the best way to think of it in the microcosm is to think of it as a flash of inspiration
<Blue-Raja> "To have this experience is to have one’s mundane consciousness overthrown"
<electra> its a discharge of creative energy
<Blue-Raja> that happened to me
<electra> how did that happen?
<Blue-Raja> Jon goes, get on top of me. ok,. then like boom.. yellow light
<Blue-Raja> i was the light he was the light and i was looking at the light
<Blue-Raja> but we never spoke of it
<Blue-Raja> once .. i mentioned it to him... but denial
<Blue-Raja> i know he is powerful though etc... magick
<electra> well looks like Iris is not going to show tonight
<electra> I think she has internet problems
<electra> so with those websites I hope I have given us all somethign to think about
<Blue-Raja> yes, thank you!
<electra> there is some great stuff there, and great tree of life info as background for the tree of life meditations
<Shauna> electra could you put up the one again that said seventh seal, or was I imagining that, lol
<electra> so next week we will go into the arcane wizard inmore depth so think about that during the week
<electra> now where was that
<Blue-Raja> this also occurs in the vehicles of the individual spiritual practitioner.
<Blue-Raja> quote.... sorry just had to write that
<Blue-Raja> zip lips
<electra> you can get the page back if you look at the log files of this talk
<Blue-Raja> ok i'll think about wands
<electra> aha!
<Shauna> that right ok thank you
<electra> so I will see you both next week
<Blue-Raja> ok cool
<Shauna> yes see you then
<Blue-Raja> bye
<electra> and we'll have a good session on that
<electra> ok
<electra> bye for now til next week!
<Blue-Raja> tilll it
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