Tree of Life meditation with experiences: Malkuth -- Friendship & Freedom
November 3, 2011 (workshop log file)

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<fairyQueenMoab> here she is!
<electra> hello everyone
<Shauna> well i would say a dream but it was the most real dream ever
<electra> so sorry I am late
<Shauna> hi electra
<fairyQueenMoab> cool
<fairyQueenMoab> hi electra
<fairyQueenMoab> i'm blue from previous conversations
<electra> with all the clocks changing time I thought I should be here an hour later than the clock counter says
<Shauna> so were talking about my experiences, lol
<electra> so how is everyone
<fairyQueenMoab> oh no! ya we tried to address the topic too ourselves!
<electra> aha!
<fairyQueenMoab> I'm doing good, just reality creating and stuff, i got a hermes cd the other day
<electra> well what I suggest is that we all go away for 10 or 15 minutes and read the blog
<fairyQueenMoab> what blog?
<electra> I love those cds
<fairyQueenMoab> hehe me too
<electra> they are a lot of fun
<electra> you should also try the talks in the library
<fairyQueenMoab> is there a blog about what type of wizards are there?
<electra> there are a lot of them there on magick and also gong through the reality creator chapters
<fairyQueenMoab> oh, my computer won't open those files
<electra> yes - here it is
<electra> try that and see if it works for you
<fairyQueenMoab> i believe i have read this before, but i will look again
<electra> yes you may well have done
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<electra> take 10 minutes to read this and make some notes
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<electra> take 10 minutes to read this and make some notes
<electra> then we can come back and discuss it
<Shauna> ok
<electra> its a nice easy relaxed article
<electra> lots of fun
<fairyQueenMoab> notes! ok
<fairyQueenMoab> i feel quite pressed for time, and all is hectic! notes notes..
<fairyQueenMoab> i'm back
<fairyQueenMoab> lol
<electra> don't feel presed for time - take longer if you want to
<electra> its all very friendly and relaxed here, no pressure
<electra> take your time,
<electra> thnk of it as therapy
<electra> when you read the article you can see how light hearted and fun it is
<fairyQueenMoab> yes, though this site has made me feel this way A LOT in the past,.... it is so in the moment, that i find it hard to take my time, etc
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<fairyQueenMoab> hi
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<fairyQueenMoab> i have chosen what type of Wizard I would be!
<fairyQueenMoab> but I don't know if everyone is ready
<fairyQueenMoab> i'll wait
<Shauna> im sorry i could not find the article
<Shauna> and im trying to multitask at work at the same time
<fairyQueenMoab> did you push the link button?
<fairyQueenMoab> there's 3 wizard types on the page to choose from
<fairyQueenMoab> I think I'm an Arcane Wizard
<Shauna> can you put up the link one more time
<electra> sure
<electra> are you jhaving problems?
<Shauna> ok got it ill hurry
<electra> no it's ok you don't have to hurry
<electra> take your time
<fairyQueenMoab> i didn't read the whole thing
<fairyQueenMoab> scanned it
<Shauna> ok im definetly a mind wizard, but the category highest form doesnt seem to fit
<electra> explain how that works
<Shauna> what do you mean
<electra> why do you think the mind wizard is not the highest form
<electra> of wizard
<Shauna> i mean im learning so i would categorize myself as the highest form type wizard
<Shauna> or would not i mean
<fairyQueenMoab> is it because of chaos, as one can rearange variables to his likeing?
<Shauna> just technicalities
<electra> hang on, let me get this straight
<electra> you see yourself as a mind wizard but you disagree that this is the highest form of wizard
<electra> is that what you mean
<fairyQueenMoab> every vein is straight, yet may wind, and wind which ways
<Shauna> no no
<fairyQueenMoab> is it because you are right now, learning with the qualities of the mind, as opposed to other ways?
<electra> well you said that the category of highest form for mind wizard does not fit
<fairyQueenMoab> it could be what your teachers have ordered?
<electra> ah ok , I get you
<Shauna> ok gooo
<Shauna> d
<Shauna> i told you im multitasking, im so sorry i just had to be here
<fairyQueenMoab> I am at the temporary rest stop stage of Arcane Wizard, yet I am versed in them all a bit
<electra> don't worry - just do a bit of extra hand magick LOL!
<fairyQueenMoab> this is because physical society loves the practicality of this
<fairyQueenMoab> and it is easier to relay messages from here
<electra> I think the main point of the article is that each level is a progressive refinement of the last level
<electra> He is just trying to show you where you start from and where you end up
<fairyQueenMoab> but isn't dancing naked like earth's heaven or something?
<Shauna> yes
<fairyQueenMoab> hehe
<electra> I think that is all about raising energy, its only a bit of fun
<fairyQueenMoab> so what would you consider yourself as, electra?
<electra> the point is that the more refined your technique the less you rely on the physical tools and props
<electra> well i consider myself as a bit of all three
<fairyQueenMoab> but i can't tell a therapist that
<fairyQueenMoab> cool
<electra> I like to think I can organize my life well and select the best tools for the job so that is being an arcane wizard.
<fairyQueenMoab> do you favor one?
<electra> Then I like the aspect of using spells, gestures, words and body language to attract the righ energies
<electra> so that is being a hand wizard
<fairyQueenMoab> and the mind wizard?
<electra> and I also like to use the technique of changing my thoughts to change the colour or flavour of an envirnoment or a situation
<electra> and that is being a mind wizard
<fairyQueenMoab> :o) yay
<electra> so I think everyone is a mixture of all three
<fairyQueenMoab> cool
<Shauna> i agree a mixture
<electra> yea - bieing a hadn wizard is anything to do with gstures and attracting the energies that you want to achieve certain aims or goals
<electra> like if you go for a job interview what you wear and how you present yourself is going to alter the outcome
<fairyQueenMoab> hehe
<electra> that is being a hand wizard because you are using gestures to influence the outcome
<fairyQueenMoab> ok
<electra> if you cam dressed as a hippy you would be raising flower power energy
<electra> your prospective boss may not like that
<electra> see what I mean and how this works
<fairyQueenMoab> yes. i would like to work at hot topic or something!
<electra> well you need to align yourself with that energy
<fairyQueenMoab>  i never knew too much about dressing specifically to influence a reaction
<electra> well it is the same thing as body language really
<fairyQueenMoab> yes, I am trying
<electra> or facial expression
<fairyQueenMoab> the thing is, is that truth get's in the way. lol that's why i like it here!
<electra> simply smiling or scowling at someone will alter the energy between yo and that other person
<electra> truth gets in the way of what?
<fairyQueenMoab> like, say you've experienced a truth, you know, and then people lie, and it just isn't right
<fairyQueenMoab> like truth in life is like water in a desert
<electra> well that is then chaotic energy
<electra> the whole point about magick is to make order out of chaos
<Shauna> i experienced that yesterday and when you hear the lie it just feels awful
<electra> that is exactly the wizard's job
<Shauna> the energy is so terrible
<electra> to direct the correct flow of energy so that only good things happen
<electra> I know exactly what you mean
<electra> mind wizards are very good at converting that energy
<fairyQueenMoab> ok, i gotta go to my therapist meeting, i hope you all have  a great day, and namaste dear ones!
<electra> and turning bad situations around
<electra> ok - see you next time
<electra> don't forget to come again
<fairyQueenMoab> see ya
<electra> bye
<fairyQueenMoab> i will want to
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<electra> good!
<Shauna> yes i am learning how to turn that energy around with some things i read on this website
<electra> well it is all good stuff
<Shauna> i came across the tree of life articles and it really helped me figure out alot
<electra> it increases your knowledge - that is being a hand wizard - increasing your knowledge of techniques and how to apply them
<electra> tree of life is a great teaching
<electra> you will find lots of magick there and lots of different colours and energies
<electra> to work with
<Shauna> well i was searching to figure out my experiences and there it was
<electra> it often happens that way
<Shauna> when you see the tree in your minds eye, how do you charge yourself to go to the next level
<electra> there is a remarkable energy in each of those sephira
<electra> you simply imagine that you are there and the rest will follow
<Shauna> yes so far i am just able to change the colors
<electra> it helps to know some of the correspondences so that you can either say them to yourself or vizualize them particualrly the archangels
<Shauna> ok thats what im reading i need to get the book to go further
<electra> you can find out the correspondences either on the w/s site or on any of the sites on the internet of which there are many
<electra> the exposure to that energy will boost your evolution incredibly
<Shauna> So Sandolphon came to me as a middle eastern person and i first felt all the emotions of my heart run thru me real quickly and then my heart began to beat superfast, I was pure light and he got up real close and started like pulling and stretching out my chakras, what do you make of that
<electra> the other thing about those energies is that help you to influence your life now and also in the future
<Shauna> if its okay to ask
<electra> It wouldnot surprise me at all
<electra> Sandalphon is oneof the most accessible archangels
<electra> he is the guardian of the tree of life
<electra> so it is not at all surprising that you had your first experience of him
<electra> he is your guide on the tree of life
<Shauna> right thats when i got excited what i read on this website yesterday
<electra> sandalphon takes many forms as well
<Shauna> i miss him, i wish he would come back to me
<electra> so do not be surprised by anything
<electra> well you will need to visualize yourself in malkuth and then just keep calling him to you by saying his name
<Shauna> ok thank you i will try that
<electra> you could also draw his sigil and that will further invoke his energy
<Shauna> oooo ok ill do that too
<electra> also if you have any of the items that are assoicated with malkuth like quatz crystal
<Shauna> i have one
<electra> also try and invoke the atmosphere by bringing to mind the associations
<electra> like the willow tree, ivy, quartz crystal, there are quite a few of them
<Shauna> where do i find the sigil
<electra> you may find yourself in a garden or by a river, these associations will bring to mind a place where you can meet Sandalphon
<electra> look it up on the website
<Shauna> ok
<electra> let me look for you
<electra> this is what you want
<electra> this technique makes it easy for you to understand and for you to draw your own
<Shauna> thank you got it
<electra> you see there is a sigil for malkuth
<electra> so you can use that
<electra> and then you can make your own sigil for sandalphon
<Shauna> ok
<electra> malkuth is composed of earth colours so you can bring those to mind
<Shauna> olive green right
<electra> colours like olive, citrine russet
<electra> and a blue black colour
<electra> these colour associations are very strong
<electra> when you bring them into your sphere of sensation as it is called then you
<electra> can better bring to mind malkuth and sandalphon
<electra> and that whole spiritual envirnment
<Shauna> well i can actually see it than it being a sensation
<electra> you can also use secented candles or incense
<Shauna> like i see the tree and then i can change the background color to whatever i am thinking
<electra> just now I cannot recall what the perfume is for malkuth
<electra> there is one for each sephira and path
<Shauna> any certain type of incense
<electra> let me see if i can look it up
<Shauna> oh thank you so much this is so helpful
<electra> if I remember it is a bit obscure
<electra> yes - dittany of crete
<electra> very obscure
<electra> there might be another one
<electra> if you come back for my next workshop, probably in a forthnight
<Shauna> ill look it up
<electra> I will get you a list
<electra> well come back to me if you get stuck
<Shauna> oh i will definetely be back, who else can i talk to
<electra> well there is always hermes
<electra> just email him
<Shauna> ok
<electra> he will always help and answer any questions
<electra> and help you interpret your meditation experiences
<electra> the w/d library is also a mine of information as you know
<Shauna> oh that is so great
<electra> right well I think we have covered everything for now unless you have anything else you would like me to help you with
<Shauna> no thank you so much im not all here like i want to be
<electra> yes well we all know that feeling
<electra> it is not always easy but just keep persevering and you will gradually get to feel more and more like who you want to be
<Shauna> thank you for all the info
<electra> glad to help
<electra> so see you at the next workshop
<Shauna> i mean im working so i cant really talk like i want
<Shauna> yep see you then, thank you
<electra> probably in a fortnight but keep looking on the workshop page for updates
<electra> I understand
<electra> you have done very well
<electra> til next time then!
<Shauna> :) thanks
<electra> ok!  bye for now
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