Tree of Life meditation with experiences: Malkuth -- Changing Levels
October 6, 2011 (workshop log file)

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<iris> Welcome to the workshop!
<Endreus> thank you very much!
<iris> Glad to have you here
<Endreus> im very glad to be here
<Endreus> this is my second workshop
<Endreus> how are you?
<iris> Ah, were you here with Electra last week?
<iris> I'm fine thanks, and you?
<Endreus> yes!:) very good, im fine to. Lives good;)
<Endreus> hehe
<iris> do you meditate?
<Endreus> absolutely
<iris> great!
<Endreus> I spend a lot time each day meditating
<Endreus> especially the last moths
<Endreus> months*
<iris> do you meditate with crystals?
<Endreus> yes. My journey with wisdomsdoor and hermes started in about three og four months ago. Before that I have had 1-1.5 year with mainly meditation and quite basic energy work. Since I read about crystal meditiation in the rc books I have done quite much crystal meditation.
<iris> I find that the crystals help to channel the energy better
<Endreus> the last couple of weeks I have walked in the beatch trying to find stones, gemstones to be good in meditation. Experiencing. Its very good to meditate with them. the crystals have evolved me a lot i think
<Endreus> i agree
* thanks ( has joined
<iris> hi thanks, welcome
<Endreus> hello thanks
<thanks> hello, thanks for having the chat :))
<iris> if you are looking for them, the right stones will find you
<iris> thank you for joining us!
<thanks> yes, just found your site today. how wonderful
<Endreus> yes, and i have experience that
<Endreus> its a very beautiful thing
<Endreus> yes, wonderful site!
<iris> the things we need, like the stones, endreus, or the workshop, thanks, find us if we are open to receiving them
<thanks> i am trying to find out who i really am :))
<iris> we all spend our lives trying to figure that out
<thanks> yes :))
<iris> and we change and evolve throughout life
<thanks> yes, thank you good point
<Endreus> and when you find out, its important to not be afraid of who you are and what you think;)
<Endreus> its the right for you*
<iris> that is so true
<thanks> another wonderful point
<iris> and what I think we miss sometimes is enjoying the journey of discovery
<Endreus> yes, if one is open to knowlegde, you will be guided.
<iris> every experience helps us learn mmore about ourselves
<Endreus> yes yes!
<iris> yes and that is the key - to be open - because help is there
<Endreus> very important point. You have to admire each moment of the path. The now point and point of power
<thanks> this is already wonderful, 'you will be guided', 'we learn more about ourselves'
<Endreus> im very surprised by how much guidance it really is
<thanks> what do you mean by 'the now point'?
<Endreus> its about staying in the now. To be completely in the now
<Endreus> you will read it on this site
<thanks> yes! know what you mean 'now'
<Endreus> its a state when you are not thinking
<thanks> oh, now that is rare but wonderful
<iris> try to pay attention to what goes through your mmind during the day - how much of it concerns things that happened already? How much of it concerns things that have not happened?
<thanks> thank you, another good point (to not be in loops)
<Endreus> very good!
<iris> we should be full of experiencing the moment we are it - taking it all in without concern for past or future
<thanks> thank you, beautiful
<Endreus> yes
<iris> but this reality doesn't encourage that
<Endreus> then you experience a state joy, excitment and amazement for the world. Parted from the thought analyses and worries
<iris> and we lose the experience of the moment because we are preoccupied with what has been or what might be
<thanks> yes, wonderful :))
<iris> Endreus, well said!
<iris> love every moment!
<Endreus> yes! :)
<Endreus> then you experience freedom
<thanks> the room just got brighter here!
<iris> Yes!
<thanks> yes, feels lighter too (not thinking of the past of future) thank you
<Endreus> this is great, so positive chat. i like it very much. is there any special topic for the workshop?
<iris> because we shake off the baggage - we are lighter
<Endreus> mhm
<iris> we are scheduled to do an online meditation together if you want to
<Endreus> that would be wonderful
<iris> ok
<Endreus> three of life?
<Endreus> that is wuite new to me
<Endreus> quite*
<iris> yes, we meditate with the focus of going to the tree of life
<Endreus> i have met sandaphalon one time i think
<thanks> this will be very good to experience
<iris> thanks do you meditate?
<iris> ah, Endreus, then you have been there
<thanks> yes, before was 'in my head' mediation, now moving towards whole body
<thanks> have not traveled yet (that I remember)
<iris> exactly, we all travel - it's training our minds to bring it back so we can recall it
<iris> not so easy at times
<Endreus> mhm
<Endreus> how shall we proceed?
<iris> I'll explain how it's done but first are you both familiar with the tree of life?
<Endreus> a bit experience, but not much, but i think i will be ready for it.
<thanks> sorry to ask, how do you protect yourself. just finding out about the tree of life
<Endreus> i can to wle now
<iris> we ask for protection at the beginning
<thanks> ok, thank you
<Endreus> done
<Endreus> wle expercise done*
<thanks> what is wle
<Endreus> its an exercise to increasy uor energy
<Endreus> increase your*
<thanks> thank you, feeling a shift now so good to know
<Endreus> its good for out of body travel
<iris> ok so the tree of life consists of spiritual places where we learn and grow
<Endreus> mhm
<Endreus> ok
<iris> each one has a "guardian" who we can meet when we visit
<Endreus> yes
<iris> these places are called sephira
<thanks> mhm
<iris> and they are connecteed by "tunnels" or pathways
<Endreus> ok
<iris> the one closest to the earth plane is Malkuth
<thanks> this will be very interesting, thank you
<iris> it is guarded by Sandelphon
<Endreus> yes, i think its there i went first time
<Endreus> i met a gnom or a little guy who asked in what direction i wanted to take
<iris> it is the place we usually go to first so I think you are right
<iris> yes, they are there too
<iris> it is very much like earth - green grass, rolling hills, a beach...
<Endreus> when i read it on this site after the experience i become glad. verified the experience
<Endreus> yes yes. For me it was in a wood with beautiful trees and life
<iris> well, that's what impressed me so much. When I first meditated and went there I didn't know anything about sephira and everythiing I experienced is what I later read about and other people experienced too
<Endreus> and the beach. Saw that in a another exp
<iris> yes!
<Endreus> yes, its very good
<thanks> i'll catch up :)
<Endreus> my awareneww is reaching up now
<iris> you will!
<thanks> what a relief
<iris> so, what we do when we meditate is to ask to be taken there.
<Endreus> mhm
<Endreus> open the door
<iris> I'll explain how we do the meditation but first do you have any questions on the tree of life at this point?
<Endreus> not any
<thanks> i will read the explanation later, thank you for asking
<iris> ok
<iris> you should have your meditation "place" set to go. Usually it is a quiet place where you can sit or lie down without interruption
<iris> once everyone is ready we just tell one another we are going to meditiate
<thanks> will move to another room
<iris> when you get to you place try to empty your mind of other things
<Endreus> ok
<iris> visualize a stream of energy coming into you - either from above into your head or into your solar plexas
<iris> plexus
<thanks> k
<Endreus> k
<iris> ask your guides to seal the circle around you and let only good positive things enter
<iris> then take that energy that is streaming in and let it fill you
<iris> feel it flow through you and move it around your circle so you are in a bubble of energy
<iris> then ask your spirit guides to take you to Malkuth
<iris> sit back, relax, and experience
<Endreus> shall we do it now?
<iris> you may not get anything - it's ok - enjoy it anyway
<thanks> ok
<iris> try to remember your experience - or something from it
<iris> we do that for about 15 minutes
<iris> then, when you are ready, gather the energy into your hands and ask your spirit guides to send it off to do some good
<iris> come back to the computer and tell us you have returned
<iris> when we are all back we will talk about it for a little bit if you want
<iris> do you have any questions?
<Endreus> very good iris. im ready
<iris> thanks?
<iris> stay online while we are gone - it's just easier
<Endreus> k
<iris> I'm ready also - just waiting to see if thanks is joining us
<thanks> yes
<iris> we are going to meditate now - we should be back at about 5:45
<thanks> i closed my eyes :)
<iris> have a wondderful journey!
<Endreus> good, thanks the same
<thanks> yes
<Endreus> now im back
<thanks> back too, just grounded - was one of the best groundings
<iris> I'm back
<iris> any thoughts?
<Endreus> good feeling when grounded iris?:)
<thanks> tried to travel, felt as is was moving forever
<Endreus> cool
<iris> was that a god thing thanks?
<iris> good
<thanks> last time traveled, body felt very heavy and larger?
<iris> "good thing"
<thanks> yes, was good
<iris> good!
<Endreus> that good.
<Endreus> i had some seconds when i felt traveling to, the came to malkuth
<Endreus> to the beach
<iris> yes
<Endreus> then*
<iris> we went to the beach first
<iris> with Sandelphon
<iris> Sandalphon
<Endreus> like a wizard with his staff, white clothes calm and good
<iris> yes, I laughed that he appeared as a wizard today!
<Endreus> i focused enterily on just my journey with him. i forgot to get with him together. Is this right?
<thanks> saw him too, but did not know who he was (thought a guide)
<iris> yes that's fine
<iris> well he is a guide and guardian of Malkuth
<iris> he showed us around a bit
<Endreus> is it possible to enterer together and speak alle thre togeether with gim at the same time?
<iris> of course
<Endreus> i didnt think of that, hehe
<Endreus> sorry
<thanks> very good to know
<iris> the journey is a personal one but sometimes we can see one another and do things together
<Endreus> i was totaly guided by my guides in the beginning and Sandalphon that i forgot to to it together
<iris> it depends on what we need
<Endreus> ok
<Endreus> interesting
<iris> you should be focused that way
<iris> it is your personal journey
<Endreus> can you tell a bit about your experience?
<iris> of course
<iris> I met Sandalphon in a meadow which has a little bridge
<Endreus> ok:)
<iris> he had both of you - and arm around each one
<iris> we went to the beach
<Endreus> cool
<Endreus> :)
<thanks> :)
<iris> he wanted you to feel the sea air and the freedom
<thanks> wonderful
<Endreus> thats a feeling im searching for
<Endreus> but one question
<iris> then that was for you!
<iris> ok
<thanks> i love sea air and freedom, so wonderful picture and message
<iris> that's the first time he did that in my meditation so I think it was meant for either or both of you
<Endreus> can my experience with him alone, while you experience it with him and all uf us at the same time?
<thanks> beautiful
<iris> absolutely
<iris> remember it's a very personal encounter
<thanks> thank you iris
<iris> I may be able to see you today to bring a message or clarity to something you experienced
<Endreus> wonderful. and will your exp afect my life?
<Endreus> directly, energy?
<iris> Your experience will affect your life!
<thanks> wow!
<iris> and if I am part of that experience then I guess I may
<Endreus> ok, and yours can give info about me that i can work on?
<Endreus> and in that way, be a change for me
<iris> yes, sometimes Sandalphon will try to get things across to me or someone else there as a message
<iris> for one another
<Endreus> beautiful!
<iris> I can only tell you what I experienced - you have to know if it rings true for you
<thanks> am so happy to have met both of you, this has been wonderful
<Endreus> yes, i understand:)
<iris> like the beach experience
<Endreus> thanks the same thanks;)
<Endreus> :)
<Endreus> so, can you please continue with your story iris?:) im very excited
<thanks> yes
<iris> ok
<Endreus> :)
<iris> after the beach we were taken to a place in Malkuth that has two towers. You both looked around - Sandalphon gave each of you a stream of golden energy
<iris> and then you got lighter - like you were tumbling in air
<iris> laughing and having fun
<Endreus> ohh :)
<Endreus> good :)
<thanks> this is very special
<iris> I got the message that he wantd you to be mmore like children - lighten your hearts, enjoy, laugh and be happy
<thanks> yes
<iris> and then tat was about it
<Endreus> beautiful
<thanks> thank you Endreus and Iris
<Endreus> i think the message is very important
<iris> it was very beautiful for me - so thank you both!
<Endreus> do you feel hit by the message thanks?
<Endreus> and thanks you very much iris
<thanks> yes
<iris> thank You - because I would not have had this experience if you were not here!
<Endreus> i will bring the message into me and metita
<thanks> we came back (almost to the beginning) to enjoy the moment
<Endreus> into me and my heart and meditate on it*
<iris> I enjoyed sharing this with you
<Endreus> good
<iris> you are right - that is how we started this workshop today!
<Endreus> yes!
<Endreus> youre right thanks
<thanks> :)
<iris> You both have good energy. Take the message and meditate on it during the week
<iris> maybe you will get more insights
<thanks> yes, wonderful
<Endreus> but iris, when Sandalphon send golden light to us. Would that afect us now energetically?
<iris> and help on bringing the message into your physical world
<Endreus> or is it just to symbolise
<iris> yes, absolutely
<iris> It went right into your solar plexus
<thanks> yes
<Endreus> its cool that your journey afect us energetically;)
<Endreus> :)
<iris> it may unfold slowly, but somehow, somewhere within you it's there
<iris> yes, just stay open to it
<Endreus> yea, thanks
<Endreus> i can feel presure in solar plxus now
<Endreus> drag
<thanks> in my heart
<Endreus> i got very glad in Sandalphon. he was so nice!
<thanks> heart feels huge and light
<iris> well, the being like children means lighten your heart and fill it with love
<Endreus> its a good feeling when energy first i tight, then opens, widens and flows good
<thanks> yes, wishing you both a wonderous week
<iris> great feeling
<thanks> am going to join family again, bye
<thanks> see you next week
<iris> wishing you a wonderful week also, thank you for being here today
<Endreus> my heart charkra have chut the last couple of moths, really shut, now its open and this message was important got integrate it into my everyday
<Endreus> se you next week
<Endreus> thank you thanks
<thanks> thank you for being here too
<Endreus> have a very good week
<Endreus> love and light
* thanks has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
<iris> I am so happy for you - try to keep it open
<Endreus> it will now.;)
<Endreus> also my solar plexus was totaly down for many weeks
<iris> yes - love and light !
<Endreus> it happenende when i got to a point where suddenly my whole energysystem changed
<iris> so maybe now this will help bring it back
<iris> that happens - sometimes before we move to another level
<Endreus> i was told that i was ready to a new step in my evolution. the period after the change made my energy system very unstable and many chakras god overworked and colapsed.
<Endreus> got*
<iris> yes, it can upset things for a while
<Endreus> i have done a lot of energywork and now things are much better
<Endreus> yes, frustrating when you dont know what is happening
<Endreus> but i experienced a very good thing right before the workshop
* iris has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
* iris ( has joined
<Endreus> :)
<iris> sorry Endreus, my computer froze. I take that as a sign it's time to go :-)
<Endreus> yes, that would be right
<Endreus> im infact feel the same
<Endreus> let us leave with the good feeling we have for the experience
<Endreus> from*
<iris> absolutely!
<Endreus> but very good to hear your story.
<iris> keep it with you and let it grow!
<Endreus> its been a very good workshop
<Endreus> yes, very right. thank
<iris> Thank you - you helped make it so
<Endreus> you
<Endreus> i thinks it strange that its now more participants
<Endreus> not*
<iris> people come and go as they need
<Endreus> yes, you have right
<iris> for a while we did not have workshops so some ppl may not know we are back
<Endreus> yes;)
<Endreus> but you are are very kind, humble and helpfull. i apreciate that, thank you:)
<iris> who needs to be here will be here - and that's good
<Endreus> its good to think that
<iris> thank you
<iris> keep love and light in your heart and I will see you next time!
<Endreus> yes:) thanks the same. Se you;) live in the now:)
<iris> it's the only place to be!
<iris> bye
<Endreus> bye :) love and light
<Endreus> yes, true
<Endreus> ;)
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