The science and philosphy of reality creating; as above so below; the reality mirror; the law of atraction; as you think so you are;
September 29, 2011 (workshop log file)

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<electra> Hello Blue
<Blue> hello
<Blue> hi
<electra> Nice to see you back again
<Blue> yep!
<electra> I think we can start
<Blue> ok
<electra> After we finished last week I thought of something you said
<Blue> oh, ok
<Blue> what was it?
<electra> We were talking about Malkuth and you were saying that it contains all of the tree of life
<Blue> yes, I thought I read that somewhere...
<electra> after the session ended I thought that what you said is exactly right
<Blue> ok
<electra> because when the tree of life is formed the energy descends downwards from Chokmah and down through all the sephira
<Blue> oh
<electra> stepping down the energies to each of the sephira until you get to malkuth
<Blue> I don't understand the mechanics..
<Blue> but that's ok
<Blue> ok
<electra> so in the sense that the initial created energy is stepping down through each of the sephira until it gets to malkuth
<electra> in a sense malkuth does contain the sum total of that energy in its physical form
<electra> it is a very interesting point
<electra> and one really worth thinking about
<Blue> hehe!
<electra> now today we are going to talk about the science of reality creation
<Blue> ok
<electra> and it is really good that you are familiar with the reality creator book 1 and some of the other stuff as it will really make things go with a swing - so to speak LOL!
<electra> we we do not have to start completely from the beginning
<Blue> ok
<electra> because it does take a while to get familiar with the basic concepts
<electra> now having said that we are going to talk about reality creating as a science it also occurred to me that it is a philosophy
<electra> how does that grab you?
<Blue> uh, science is very interesting when it is about spirituality I think.. also philosophy is one of my favorite things
<electra> right so first we are going to think - that's the philosophy part
<Blue> ok
<electra> and then we are going to experiment - that is the science part
<Blue> ok
<electra> so get thinking cap on and test tubes out LOL!
<electra> so if we are going to talk from the thinking or philosphy point of view we are going to be talking about basic prinmciple
<electra> we have to ask ourselves questions
<electra> like
<electra> what are the basic principles of reality creating
<electra> where shall we start
<electra> let's think about this
<Blue> ok, sometimes its hard, but oh well! I'll try
<electra> well reality creating is a science right
<electra> and the reson it is acience is because it is based on laws
<electra> we can call those the laws of the universe
<Blue> yes, if you do it exactly like take notes on your progress and have goals outlined and know where you're going and what you want...?
<electra> yea - that is putting the thinking cap on
<electra> for the doubters who say, well how do you know there are universal laws
<electra> I would have to say that in all science we have to make assumpitons
<electra> I am assuming there are universal laws because the universe is ordered, it it were not life would be chaotic
<electra> and also I do not think we would exist because nothing would have a purpose
<electra> if you notice in the universe everything has a purpose
<electra> so yes, this is philosophy
<electra> we sit down and actively think ourselves through our situation
<electra> we look at what we want to know, what we want to accomplish and what we want to find out
<electra> so this is where the detective work starts
<electra> so let me ask you a question now
<electra> you are sitting in your armchair with your pad and pencil
<electra> looking at the universe
<electra> looking at your world
<electra> and you are saying to yourself
<electra> I would like to find out how the universe works
<electra> I would like to change my world
<electra> I would like to acquire more knowledge
<electra> so that my life can be better
<electra> how would you address those issues
<electra> simply at the pencil and pad level?
<electra> I'm still doing that by the way! I think we all do this on a daily basis at some level
<Blue> I have to go to the bathroom.... I'll be right back...
<electra> aha - I hope I am not having that effect on you LOL!
<Blue> ok, no i'm drinking tea
<electra> Thank goodness for that -
<electra> you had me worried for a moment
<Blue> :o)
<electra> So to continue - here's the deal
<electra> Well suddenly you might become aware of yourself as a thinking, conscious person. There are many people, strangely enough, who have never quite cottoned on to that
<electra> You may not have a clue what the answers are to the things I was talking about
<electra> but at the end of the day you have your consciousness
<electra> and it is that consciousness which is the clue and the answer to how we are going to bridge that gap between you in your armchair and the universe out there that is waiting to be discoered
<electra> discovered I mean!
<electra> Your consciousness provides that bridge
<electra> This is where I think we get into metaphysics but the point about this is that it is metaphysics that has a practical application
<electra> At some point it is going to occur to us that the universe is pure consciousnss just as we are
<electra> it is not possible to prove that scientifically by experiment, not that I can see but at some point we intuitively know that this is true
<electra> philosphers have speculated on this endlessly
<electra> again this is another assumption but one that most people following a spiritual path hold as self evident
<electra> if we did not believe that for instance, we would not be here having this discussion for instance
<electra> so at this point we are getting to know ourselves as pure consciousness, we are going inwards
<electra> tuning ourselves to ourselves as Hermes says
<electra> so that is the philosphy part of reality creation
<electra> I think you can see how that goes now
<electra> Basically if it feels right and you know it to be true intuitively then those are the thoughts and the inspirations to go with
<electra> at this point your spirit guides will come into play
<electra> these are the guides that will show you the way, they are all part of our consciousness
<electra> So we can move on now to the science of reality creation
<electra> how does that work you may ask?
<electra> Well we have already spoken about the laws of the universe
<electra> anything that conforms to laws can be thought of as a science
<electra> because we can find out what those laws are and how they work
<electra> and if we can find that out then we can use them too
<electra> how does that sit with you?
<electra> have I lost you or is this all making sense
<Blue> yes... no i was thinking
<electra> great
<Blue> yes.. science like that I guess would be interpreting energy (and laws?) that is already there into words...
<electra> that's what its all about, working with the mind,
<electra> so with reality creation as a science we can experiement
<electra> we can do our own detective work and proceed by trial and error until we find out what works for us
<electra> and we can talk about that a little later when we go on to talking about energy balls and how these might work for us and what we would wish to create
<electra> but first I just want to mention some basic principles, or necessary conditions for relity creation
<electra> things that may make the process more real for us
<Blue> ok
<electra> I think it is an interesting point to make that those of us on the spiritual path accept that there is a creator and that we are made in the image of the creator
<electra> To me that point is central to the idea that we have the power to create our own reality
<electra> Have you heard of the principle 'as above so below@
<Blue> yes
<electra> ? I meant
<electra> Ah good
<electra> So you can see that there is a certain congruence between the greater universe ie that of the creator and the smaller universe that is our smaller world
<electra> that principle is called the hermetic principle
<electra> and it is a very important principle because it shows us how we may deduce from a greater principle how something might work on a smaller scale
<electra> So according to that hermetic principle we can deduce that if we are the creation of a Creator and that creator has created the universe
<electra> then it follows that we who are created in that image will also be able to create our own world
<electra> That is very much an example of the 'as above, so below' principle
<electra> is that clear to you, though I guess you may have worked this out for yourself already
<Blue> let me see...
<Blue> yes that is interesting
<electra> you see how this works -
<electra> people feel they are so disconnected but it could not be further from the truth
<electra> we all hold something which is very close to the divine origin
<electra> so the other necessary condition which makes reality creation possbile which I was going to mention
<Blue> yes, I agree. I think that each of us, each thing, is inside itself "a" or the, center of the universe in a way
<electra> is that the universe is ordered - we need to be able to see this for ourselves
* Endreus ( has joined
<Blue> hi Endreus
<Endreus> hello! :)
<Blue> :o)
<electra> it is based on order rather than chaos - if the unvierse was based on a principle of chaos then we would not be able to create anything on rational prinicples
<electra> or indeed anything at all tht was meaningful
<electra> hellow endrews
<electra> we have met before if you remember
<Endreus> yes I remeber! :)
<Blue> I believe that if one is in love with his chaos then it is order, simply not found out by the current laws
<electra> we are talking about the science of relaity creation
<Endreus> i understand. interesting
<electra> and we are just talking about some of the necessary conditions that make reality creation possible in the universe
<electra> so just to recap
<electra> qucily for you
<electra> firstly we have talked about reality creation as a philosphy and as a swcience
<electra> then we have gone on to talking about the necessary conditions for us to be reality creators
<electra> the first is that we are made in the image of the creator
<Endreus> ok, I understand
<Endreus> mhm
<electra> the second I mentioned was that the universe is based on order, not on chaos
<electra> it conforms to certain predictable rules or laws, earlier we talked about the laws of the universe with regard to the philosphy part
<electra> Now comes the interesting part
<Endreus> mhm
<electra> The laws of reality creation itself
<Blue> :)
<electra> probably the most important one of those - ok - I forgot how to do a smiley
<electra> there's a devil on here too somewhere
<Blue> lol
<electra> I have a table of them somewhere
<electra> yea - now you got a good example there Blue
<electra> just look at what you did
<Blue> what did I do?
<electra> you suddenly wanted to do a smiley
<Blue> is it a metaphor?
<electra> you probaby had a firendly thougth
<electra> that manifested as a thought to do a smiley
<electra> so you pressed the appropriate button and brought a smiley up on the board
<Blue> yes, I did.... I thought it was funny that we are now talkin about the laws of rc
<electra> that is reality creations
<electra> that is precisley how it works
<Blue> yes, i find the talk interesting, and then sometimes I like to say stuff...
<electra> you had an impulse, rtransferred that into a picture
<electra> and then brought about the appropriate physical process to manifest it
<Blue> so let yourself be natural to the rhythms you see and listen and talk when you want to
<electra> sorry not transferred - translated is what I meant
<electra> so you see how you crossed the bridge between the mental and the physical
<electra> you brought a mental, non-physical impluse into manifestation
<Blue> yes... I started getting uncomfortable because I have never read a script of this when it is all dictated... I like it, good info
<Blue> but? hehe
<electra> so you have proved that you are a reality creator, you created something
<Blue> ok... I think that I created the rhythm of the conversation to chage a bit
<Blue> change
<electra> and you have proved that the universe is not chaotic because the end result was the result of a logical process
<Blue> is that what you are thinking?
<electra> sorry 0- thinking what
<Blue> yes.. logic is nice but if you start not understanding and get enemic from yourself, then put yourself forward
<Blue> did you have the same idea of what I created? from that smiley face? or, what were you getting at?
<electra> so where was I
<electra> oh yes we are at the meat of the thing LOL!
<electra> the laws of reality creation
<electra> the most important one is the REality Mirror
<electra> This is where Hermes starts from
<electra> This is how hermes puts it
<electra> Your reality will alwyas reflect back at you the contents of your thoughts, feelings and desires
<electra> Now what he means by that is
<electra> that your mental state and the entire contents of your consciousness will profoundly affect your perception of the world around you
<electra> because in a profound sense
<electra> you are your world
<electra> and your world is you
<electra> and there is that continual interaction between the world you make and your consciousness that makes it
<electra> so if we go back to you in your armchair with the pencil and pad looking at the universe and saying what can I make of it and how can I change it
<electra> you can see how that universe that you are observing from your armchair
<electra> is in the deepest sense what you have made it, because what you see is in effect your consciousness as it manifests in external reality
<electra> if you think about it
<electra> if you are very happy about something, your universe changes, things that seemed to be bad may not appear to be so bad
<Blue> yes, because you attract to you things of like energy and stuff
<electra> ah yes, the law of attraction
<electra> very true
<electra> now the other law
<electra> which in a sense follows on from what you have just said
<Blue> ok
<electra> is something that has been said by many people
<electra> summarized best as
<electra> As you think so you become
<electra> Now you can see how the law of attraction would work for that statement
<Blue> that was the 1st topic for this conversation until it was changed...
<electra> Yes, we made a mistake
<electra> that was a phrase I wanted to use in this talk
<electra> but I did not really want to do a whole hour on that one phrase
<Blue> ok
<electra> I think it would be too much for everyone
<electra> and I really wanted to talk with you about reality creation in more general terms
<Blue> it was very nice
<electra> This takes us back to when we were saying that our perception is profoundly changed by our inner being
<electra> what was very nice?
<electra> the talk you mean?
<Blue> the talk today... there was a lot of information in it, yes
<electra> oh good - I'm glad you liked it but it isn't quite finished yet LOL!
<electra> well actually it might be a good place to stop until next time
<Blue> ok
<electra> Here is another version of that thought
<electra> The Eternal Law of Life is ‘What you think and feel, you bring into form: where your thought is, there you are, for you are your consciousness and what you meditate on you become – Unveiled Mysteries.
<Blue> ok, i read that book!
<Blue> wait no i didn't nm
<electra> You read it already???
<Blue> isis unvieled
<Blue> that's what i was thinking of
<electra> Mysteries Unveiled
<electra> Oh well, maybe same thing at some level LOL!
<electra> But you see how the thoughts you bring into manifestation all depend on the content of your consciousness and how you can change that
<electra> that was really the last point I wanted to get across
<electra> It makes all things possible -
<Endreus> yesyes¨
<Blue> ok, cool. i need to know that because i have e problem with getting too serious... it's hard to balance a lot of focus right now
<Blue> with my funny physical life
<electra> with the right thoughts
<Blue> so I'm learning
<electra> I think intent is the most important
<Blue> yes... lol
<Blue> this energy current is very strange I think
<electra> what the underlying intention is, the motivation
<Endreus> what is intent?
<electra> well in a sense intent is the energy current
<Blue> but it's nice, different from a lot of other stuff, very serious and light
<electra> intent is motivation
<electra> someone can be well motivated, has the best of intentions
<electra> has nothing on their mind but good
<Blue> my intent is usually create peace
<electra> and to bring positivity into their lives and that of others
<Endreus> what makes the intent of people?
<electra> well if we had peace it would be a wonderful thing
<Blue> i think peace is the end result of the equation
<Blue> that's why it's my intent!
<electra> probably the content of their consciousness though I accept that is somewhat circular
<electra> intent is basically how you are magnetized
<electra> or how you are charged
<Blue> like it is what you want to do
<Blue> you intend to do this... or something
<Endreus> i understand
<electra> and how you are charged will depend on your understanding or life and ethics and sprituality
<Endreus> mhm
<electra> basically what and who you are
<electra> so I will leave you both with that thought
<electra> Endrews do you think you can get here next week on the hour
<Blue> ok, next time i'm going to talk more... listening like that was an experiment
<electra> It would be nice to see you here
<electra> I love it when ppl participate
<Blue> yes, i wish us students were more active this time
<electra> but then it is also a skill to be a good listener and I very much appreciate your patience this time round
<Blue> but perhaps its a feel thing
<Endreus> yes i think that;)
<Blue> ok yes
<Blue> ok, thank you!
<electra> so I hope to see both of you back next week
<Endreus> i love to learn
<Blue> well, thanks for the lovely talk
<Endreus> thank you , thank you!
<Blue> nice meeting you Endreus
<electra> and Endrews you know that you can read the rest of this talk on the logs
<electra> Ok - good work everyone, see you next week
<Blue> bye
<Endreus> nice meeting you blue :)
<electra> also any questions
<Endreus> love and light
<electra> bring them with you
<electra> Yes Love and light
<Blue> ok, such poetry..
<electra> Til next week then!
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