Using the "Energy Ball" and the "Change your Past" techniques to create your reality; Using Binah; The egyptian gods; The Saint Germain Books
September 22, 2011 (workshop log file)

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<electra> hello there
<Blue> hi * hermeslogger gives voice to electra
<electra> something went a bit wrong there LOL!
<Blue> oh! )
<electra> It would not let me in and I was trying to say hi and nothing happened how are you?
<Blue> oh! uh oh i am doing good, how are you?
<electra> very well and looking forward to talking about reality creating on this workshop today not many ppl I see
<Blue> ya I know, I wonder how many will show up
<electra> we can give it a few more minutes
<Blue> ok
<electra> well sometimes we put up a workshop notice a day or so before and loads of ppl sho other times it's different
<Blue> oh ok, so is this workshop one in a long while that has happened?
<electra> we have not had a workshop for 2 years
<Blue> I just haven't seen any logs that are very new oh, ok
<electra> hermes always gave them but now I am here to help we also have Iris but she has not taught for a few years
<Blue> yes, I have read a lot of the log files
<electra> I am hoping to get her back again
<Blue> oh, ok
<electra> Iris teaches Tree of Life I can be her deputy on that
<Blue> ok, that makes sense, I read one where she guided it
<electra> I am more a reality creating and meditation person
<Blue> ok! cool,
<electra> yea, her meditations are the best
<Blue> yes, I even do them as I read, to go along with them kind of
<electra> and for some reason when she teaches crowds of ppl seem to spring from nowhere
<Blue> that is cool
<electra> that sounds nice
<Blue> yes
<electra> so have you got the reality creator book or have you read any of the Hermes material on the web * yo ( has joined * yo has quit (Quit: Bye bye)
<Blue> no, i used to a couple years ago,,, i ordered it in 2000, but then lost it, someone took it i think
<electra> oh dear!
<Blue> yes! it was even signed
<electra> oh dear you should order another one
<Blue> i plan to order another some time
<electra> good idea
<Blue> yes, i would like to
<electra> its a lovely book and well worth it I never tire of chapters 1 2 and 3
<Blue> hmm, it has nice energy
<electra> also in the reference book there are chapters on crystal meditations and you can also find those online
<Blue> oh good. i do those...
<electra> have you ever tried crystals it is a great way to keep the energy going
<Blue> yes, since 1999 i've done med, and crystal med pretty much
<electra> the reference book is very good for that and also healing practice you start off with 4 crystals and then progress
<Blue> mmm. i remember the energy stretches, that really calmed my life.
<electra> the meditation techniques are also interesting and useful yes I must get back to doing those, very good for the chakras
<Blue> the energy there is so powerfully different than my surroundings that I have to be slow and patient with it all
<electra> well it was designed to happen quickly
<Blue> there was a lot of dissonance when i started
<electra> if it did it would be very disturbing LOL!
<Blue> and that it does!
<electra> oh we all have that problem
<Blue> but my parents aren't living with me now, so it is easier...
<electra> ah parents can be very disturbing
<Blue> what did you plan to talk about today? anything in particular?
<electra> I was going to talk on reality creating, the talk was really called questions on reality creating hey, I just saw it on the workshop page
<Blue> ok, so I'll try to think of some...
<electra> General Reality Creating Questions so if you have a question go ahead if not I have some ideas if the cat would just get off my list LOL!
<Blue> i remember the topic used to be nothing is to be feared it is only to be understood a long time ago
<electra> cats are great meditators I always feel and they have a way of creating reality that is also quite remarkable yes, i remember that title I thik it was more like a banner for all the different topics
<Blue> yes.. i like cats. are they associated with the sirians or something? i think they control time... but that is just a theory
<electra> I do not know much about the sirians who are they
<Blue> me nether... but I just remember that.. reading it, i think it is like an alien race.. i remember associations pretty well sometimes i have 2 cats... black and grey
<electra> I will ask Hermes more about them
<Blue> hehe mia, and inky
<electra> he is the person who knows all about them and extra terrestrial races who are they
<Blue> he seems to know allot about allot of topics!
<electra> I think his knowledge is boundless a very learned person indeed did you manage to do any of the reality creating exercises ah mia and inky your 2 cats
<Blue> yes, the energy ball, white light exercise, the banishing pentagram,
<electra> for a moment I thought they were the sirians so I got confused LOL!
<Blue> and getting out of the body oh! no, I am sorry! it's not fun to be confused!
<electra> well that is more than most ppl do! WEll done
<Blue> thanks!
<electra> ahahaha - easily remedied so what kind of results did you get with the light ball
<Blue> hmm. i really put my own personality into the movements, spontaneous, but I follow the recommended directions... it just lets me feel the energy and have faith... i use it now, to help heal my heart and lose weight
<electra> my best results have come from sending energy into the future
<Blue> oh! cool
<electra> you can do the same I use the energy balls to send energy to a situation I might need extra support in for instance
<Blue> yes, i have done an exorcise where you flip through the calendar and communicate with the past...
<electra> an exam maybe or something you want to do well in or a meeting also that focuses your mind on what you want to achieve
<Blue> so you may be more future focused than me.. I like to heal my past selves ect
<electra> well that is also excellent work
<Blue> thank you!
<electra> I have done that exercise also
<Blue> yes, what was it like? was it beneficial?
<electra> before i found these techniques I did a lot of mediation so that in itself with help to heal past selves so that had worked well I have like you also sent energy to past selves more in the line of sorting out the best road to take looking at different options and smoothing out a path from then to now you may have found that the past is not necessarily linear you may find an event in your life or a feeling even that is directly connected to something recent or now
<Blue> hmm... i just can't think of it as a line right now...
<electra> feelings and emotions are often just as important as events or even the different kinds of atmospheres and environments that you may have encountered in your life
<Blue> that is more complicated than I can think of... i have a simple mind... and see pain and happiness... pain bad, happy good i love atmospheres! they are so potentially healing
<electra> well then it will be good for you to work with those
<Blue> yes
<electra> yes indeed, for healing also that is the subtle way and it is very good, if you can work at that level
<Blue> like home decoration... etc, but just very interesting
<electra> if you work like that then you will love the Tree of Life meditations well reality creating is about being creative and it seems you have already discovered that
<Blue> yes, i've been wanting to do one... like officially, I have done one, and I do it chaotically, but it works yes, creating and creative are from the same type of word it seems
<electra> you should look up the Tree of Life on the web here.
<Blue> oh, I have, my favourite is Binah, right now. Hermes also said I should study it, but I focus on the energy and learn that way..
<electra> It is also in RC2 which also contains crystal meditations
<Blue> hmm, but they are more indepth?
<electra> yes Binah is an intersting sephiroth
<Blue> it's so hard for me to take instruction, i'm just quite intuitive right now...
<electra> there is a lot to take on board for Tree of Life
<Blue> what do you like about Binah? the tree of life is very interesting i think the color is nice... black... it matches like what I would see the abyss as, and as the ain soph? is that what it is called, and so I see that as meaningful
<electra> I just realised I shoudl have siad that binah is a sephira, sephiroth is plural it is confusing
<Blue> hehe
<electra> yes Binah is just above the abyss
<Blue> yep
<electra> it is also the maternal dark energy
<Blue> ya,
<electra> it is the third sephira above it is kether and chokmah
<Blue> is it like sort of, the chaos that creation is born from?
<electra> not exaclty as the creation is born further up the tree it is not the initial energy which I think is what you are alluding to
<Blue> oh ok
<electra> binah is more the sephira of limitations in the sense of energy being focused and channelled its like having a current and you need to push it through a tube at a certain speed#t= that kind of principle limited, pressurised, full of deep intention and driven that is why it is black it is the negative polarity
<Blue> would this seem ok, like if you have natural associations that are not at all validated could this also be a learning tool?
<electra> now the presiding planetary deity of that Sehpira is Saturn
<Blue> as you balance your intuition with the proved facts,
<electra> oh yes indeed, a great learning tool
<Blue> yes, Saturn, I like that energy! it is father like and stern i think I saw a saturn group in the non physical in the desert in black cloaks
<electra> well saturn presides over the cyclical nature of the creation
<Blue> i just flew between two sides to the leader for some reason oh
<electra> think of karma
<Blue> oh, i don't like karma! it is not a positive tool for me!
<electra> binah has the feeling of a process churning our things cyclically yes it is Saturn is also an agricultural god
<Blue> no, i pick and choose what i want to implement
<electra> so it is also to do with the cycles of nature as you reap so shall you sow, that kind of thing that is really what I am trying to say
<Blue> he is just so dry and god-fierce-manly ok
<electra> well he is steeped in the process of the cycles the ups and downs of life
<Blue> not a lot of people like that Saturn energy i think, and people really do not like me, so it is balanced like that
<electra> the ripening of various seeds into what they will become aha! you must not say ppl do not like you that is bad reality creating saturnine ppl tend to be self deprecating like that
<Blue> he just seems so constant to me though, sturdy, and not up and down, I can rely on this punishing force..
<electra> I think you are right, he is constant but there is no punishment it is more that he presides over that system of cause and effect the saturnine energy is tricky to manage I grant you
<Blue> i cannot create at that level, i've been through so much pain that i take things very easy, and this is good rc for me
<electra> but the more you clean up your life and understand it the easier it is to come to terms with sure, you should always take things easy binah is not a menacing sephira
<Blue> yes, i am losing weight right now, and this is my necessary thing for me to go on
<electra> there is the archangel tzaphkiel
<Blue> but it is, in a book about an ex satanist... he went to this Sephira and had scary... visions.
<electra> if you have spoke to hermes he may have mention that archangel to you i believe he is a great advisor I bet he did as you sow so shall you reap that is what you get in binah
<Blue> yes... i see him like the character in The Crow... the movie!
<electra> I have not seen the crow remember saturn is a deity
<Blue> what I get is solitude, protection like i can sleep
<electra> the deities do not judge
<Blue> he is goth and like energy controller in the movie
<electra> there is also a certain protection in binah you can wrap yourself in that dark energy that sounds interesting I love that gothic energy i might look out for that movie
<Blue> yes, goth is my favorite style ok
<electra> really there is a lot you can do with that energy
<Blue> there are two of them, but the original one is what i'm talking about
<electra> i think maybe goth is more for a certain part of malkuth that is my experience but I know what you mean and that would work very well
<Blue> the energy can be very dark and thick, this is why intuition and moving like a samuri is good...there
<electra> in binah there is more this presence as you say of thick darkness, almost a brooding feel of thing working themselves out
<Blue> doesn't malkuth also contain all of the tree of life.. in a saying
<electra> well each sephira contains all of the tree of life but that is very advanced
<Blue> and i attribute malkuth with earth... i travel to all of the sephirahs while i am on earth
<electra> i am not really sure how it works I think it is more theoretical yes this is true, malkuth is the most earth like of the sephiroth
<Blue> I think I am very advanced... i am like falling from the top... hermes says some people learn the physical first then the spiritual
<electra> and is most associated with earth
<Blue> and some learn the spiritual first and then the physical
<electra> I think this is certainly true
<Blue> so I know spirituality intuitively well... and have to know how to work with the physical now, integrate it there
<electra> many ppl come knowing a great deal spiritually to this life and have come here to find out about the physical
<Blue> yes... like i am unemployed on ssi, because i have gone this spiritual route
<electra> yes the spiritual path is all about integrating all the different energies
<Blue> so i am now becoming into alignment with physical reality
<electra> that is often how it happens
<Blue> yes this is a very interesting conversation. what time does it end?
<electra> I was planning for one hour that always works well
<Blue> ok, so in 15 minutes. cool.
<electra> if it goes on too long it can drag out
<Blue> yes
<electra> and ppl become unfocussed and go off at a tangent when ppl do that it can be very draining
<Blue> that is kind of sad though, because so much spiritual communion happens at this site and channel
<electra> I find one hour on something like this where the chat is quite intense is enough for everyone
<Blue> oh. i love intensity! if it relaxing like this!
<electra> well you should get on well with Binah then, that is intense for sure
<Blue> yes.
<electra> maybe we should make that the first tree of life meditation
<Blue> ok. cool! is there going to be more chats after this one soon? is he planning that? or do you know..
<electra> I will be doing another one next week
<Blue> ! do you lead the meditations, too?
<electra> similar to this one but more directly connected to the topic of reality creating if the ppl are there for it well if Iris cannot make it then I can deputise for her I can do most of the stuff really
<Blue> oh. i actually would like to be strictly on that topic... but energy is hard to understand... you should reprimand my excess perhaps if you feel fit!
<electra> but next week for sure
<Blue> ok
<electra> aha - I think the chat is doing well and you are very coherent
<Blue> ok, cool that is nice to know
<electra> i don't have a problem with anything i hope that we can keep this standard up
<Blue> this is good. because i wonder... like maybe you do real well with going along with the flow or something or maybe you just really like to be on topic
<electra> one of the biggest pitfalls with these workshops is that ppl go off topic
<Blue> !
<electra> or one person monopolises the whole session so that no-one else can talk
<Blue> oh no
<electra> sometimes we do go off topic as a group, as you say going with the flow and in that situation that is ok because that is a group decision
<Blue> right... i just don't understand these things!!
<electra> but what really does not work is if we are all started on a topic , everyone is comfortable and then someone comes in and just tries to take over on an unrelated subject , probably personal in which no-one else can participate
<Blue> i usually just go with the flow.
<electra> that is where we get problems
<Blue> but is that in the rules! oh, it might be, i have never read the chat rules
<electra> we do not really have chat rules we like to think that ppl know what does and does not work and that if they have personal problems which are not relevant to other ppl that they will take them to Hermes by email
<Blue> well i do not. i've been on so many adventures here that clarification at any point really would be just helpful, i think
<electra> generally with these sessions it is fairly obvious what is required. The vast majority of ppl do not need reminding that they need to be aware of the needs of others
<Blue> why should the majority choose the flow when we are like rebels ourselves, to respect our place in society and the outcasts... saints can be born here. i'm serious it is powerful people may die because of this, it is so powerful and ground breaking
<electra> when you get a group of ppl together who want to learn from the website and from each other it makes its own energy so rules are not really appropriate ppl dying!!! I hope not - why do you say that?
<Blue> yes... i tried to commit suicide... i am not the only one who has accessed demons here I do know... the dark night of the soul, may be pretty dark...
<electra> well there are certainly demons out there but it is the meditation and the light works that dissolves them into nothingness
<Blue> yes. and thus i appreciate all life... with the Christian Michael as my guide, because you never know!
<electra> so with the weight loss do not forget that you can send yourself an energy ball for that
<Blue> what if they were real, like anubis, so dark yes
<electra> anubis is not a demon, he is a guide
<Blue> i know. but compared to a Christian's view point, he is
<electra> he is also a carer
<Blue> i have met him in the nonphysical. etc, good healer for me.
<electra> well I think that many Christians do not really understand the Egyptian gods and how they fit in with spirituality
<Blue> alike darkness energy. the ankh of darkness or something yes, this is why i am so thankful for this
<electra> this is the problem with religion as opposed to spirituality religion = fixed views
<Blue> anubis doesn't like the regular ankh,
<electra> spirituality = personal journey its probably better for you to think about life and light rather than death and darkness
<Blue> well, it has been an hour i think... thanks for the chat!
<electra> its better to understand the light first here - I have a book that you really must read
<Blue> no... i love darkness it is my home
<electra> this will help you we need to get you doing a meditation on Binah then
<Blue> anu loves darkness too. to die is a dark mystery, and a serious study ok cool
<electra> you will love Iris, she can help you with all this
<Blue> ok cool
<electra> There is a book called Unveiled Mysteries pub by Saint Germain Press you need to look them up on the web as you can only buy this book mail order
<Blue> saint germain, he told me to look him up too
<electra> this book will explain reality creating from a slightly different perspective to Hermes
<Blue> well ill write it down i have to get a pen
<electra> it concentrates on seeing reality creating from the perspective of love and light ok but don't forget that this file will be logged on the workshop files so you can access the information there any time
<Blue> i know that oh ok!
<electra> I think this book would be great for you
<Blue> cool, thanks!
<electra> the other book I would recommend for you is by Gareth Knight
<Blue> ok what is it called? i have never heard of the author
<electra> The Mystical Qabbalah Qabalah
<Blue> i like st germain because his darkness is like light to me... intuition and stuff
<electra> Don't try and read it all at once just dip into it you can look up each Sehpira as you choose and each of the tarot paths as well
<Blue> ok, thank you
<electra> I think those 2 books will serve you very well The st Germain you can read right through
<Blue> nice! i love to read recommended books that are personally recommended
<electra> it is not a difficult book but like the reality creator books you can read it at differnt levels
<Blue> ok
<electra> superficially it seems to be quite religious and more in the Christian style
<Blue> easy books are fun sometimes i'm reading a lot of young adult books these days
<electra> but when you get deeper you realise how close it is to the real science of creation which is really what I was going to get us all talking about today at some point it is also a story which is nice it is not all theory
<Blue> well, you should tell me/ or us if there's others what you intend to talk about next time
<electra> ok - I think its a wrap then as they say
<Blue> ok, cool, see ya
<electra> I hope that you will be joining us next week at the same time
<Blue> that would be fun
<electra> thanks for coming, I enjoyed it
<Blue> i will plan on it
<electra> great see you next week then
<Blue> ok! bye
<electra> bye!

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