Tropical and Sidereal Astrology; the Starchild; UFOs and ETs; Cosmic energy and its affects on humans; Black Holes & White Holes; Faster than light out of body travel; The Tiphareth nonphysical training rooms; Your personal reality;
December 9, 2009 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Wed Dec 09 15:39:30 2009
Session Ident: #energyworks
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<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel hermes
<hermes> howdy
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<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel electra267
<Michael11> hello there
<electra267> hi - has it started yet?
<hermes> nope
<electra267> hi hermes
<hermes> michael came on but has not said anything
<electra267> I guess he's shy LOL!
<electra267> well he said hi to me!
<Michael11> I was in the bathroom...after 2 mins of making friends with the bots
<Michael11> lol
<electra267> ahahaha!
<Michael11> they are very left brained
<hermes> oh the friendly bots
<electra267> ok I'll ask a question
<electra267> get things moving
<electra267> hermes - about the 2 systems of astrology
<electra267> the usual system used by most people - the tropical zodiac, the one most ppl are used to
<electra267> I read that this was in a large part created by the old church establishment
<electra267> and that really it is the sidereal astrology as used in ancient wisdom that is the real astrology system
<electra267> do you know anything about all of that as I can't find out any more
<electra267> but what was said is that it was used as a measure of control
<hermes> people use what they prefer.
<Michael11> the hindus use that
<electra267> because the sidereal system is solar based which is more to the point
<electra267> they use which one?
<Michael11> sidereal
<electra267> I think you will find their system is totally different
<hermes> which ever system they like
<Michael11> but to be honest both systems have their use
<hermes> yes they are
<hermes> and both of them are full of inaccuracies and holes and bad assumptions about the universe
<electra267> yea - I know they can both be used but I want to know the history on this
<Michael11> the alice bailey book 'esoteric Astrology' talks deeply about astrology will go in the future
<Michael11> have you read that Hermes?
<electra267> because in past centuries there has been so much friction between the establishment and the real practitioners of ancient wisdom
<hermes> I think the sidereal was more accurate in ancient times when the planets and constellations were in different places
<electra267> yea - and the establishment did not like that
<hermes> and when that system was falling out of spec with the universe they retooled it
<hermes> to the tropical one
<electra267> ok - just checking on your take on it
<electra267> been watching too much da vinci code LOL!
<hermes> well, i am far from an expert
<electra267> you read such different things everywhere
<hermes> i have used the tropical one myself but i easily could have used sidereal
<electra267> so many contradictions
<electra267> well I am looking forward to doing horoscopes in both systems and comparing the different
<electra267> a sidereal year is 20 minutes longer than a tropical one
<hermes> in reality creating and in general i try to stay away from astrology of the constellations
<Michael11> astrology is the sense that the more evolved one gets..the less one is affected by it *eventually*
<hermes> if i do indulge in astrology its more of where the planets are and what are they doing
<electra267> i think it's a stage everyone goes through of wanting to learn about the planets and the influence they have on us
<hermes> yea mike that is a good point, The goal is to be free from astrological influences
<electra267> it's a great way of finding out a lot of things that make life easier when you are relating to the tree of life etc
<electra267> like you get to understand the planets and the signs and you need to be conversant with all of those things
<hermes> they are set up as a failsafe so the universe will grow and evolve
<electra267> well where I am right now the advice is to enjoy those influences - get to know them
<electra267> like today the moon is in virgo#
<electra267> so you learn how to keep your virgo happy
<electra267> how to keep your inner planets happy
<hermes> yes i do like looking at the planetary energies, i feel those are strong enough to have some affect.
<electra267> virgo is ruled by Mercury so there is a lot to be learned there
<Michael11> I think most of them are happy enough without human influence (hee!)
<electra267> so a good day for doing things that need to be done meticulously
<electra267> sun is in Sagittarius
<electra267> so you will have good focused intelligent solar energy to fulfil those tasks
<electra267> tomorrow moon is in Libra
<electra267> so at the moment I'm working with those energies and seeing what I can find
<electra267> as this is all ancient wisdom
<Michael11> the moon represent the past and the Sun our it's good and necessary for growth to cultivate the Sun sign traits in our chart
<electra267> I agree with that
<Michael11> that's my cents
<Michael11> two of em
<electra267> nothing can happen without the sun
<hermes> lol, nice cents
<Michael11> hee
<electra267> how does the sun represent the past?
<Michael11> moon
<electra267> sorry - moon I meant
<electra267> that is new to me
<Michael11> it's the traits and our character that if not dealt with will set up a rhythm if it is not challenged
<electra267> you mean negative traits?
<Michael11> well not necessarily...but traits that of the incarnations...that need to be a new note to be sounded by the sun sign 'design'
<Michael11> is needed
<Michael11> the sun sign is the design of the life
<Michael11> the new note
<Michael11> for the new life
<electra267> ah - ok
<electra267> does anyone have any ideas or opinions about the 'star child'
<Michael11> so ...cultivating the qualities (positive ones) if the sun sign..can point one in the right direction so to speak concerning balance
<Michael11> oops typos
<electra267> sorry - thought you had finished so went on to something else
<Michael11> no probs
<electra267> yea - I think we are somehow supposed to integrate the sun and the moon together within ourselves
<electra267> no easy task
<hermes> moon represents the intuitive and inner self, and the sun the outer
<electra267> ah right - I forgot the intuitive bit LOL!
<electra267> does everyone know what the star child is
<hermes> star child? what star child
<electra267> apparently a skull was found in Mexico in the 1930 which surfaced in the 1990s
<hermes> oh that one
<electra267> which was so strange that they are testing it to see if it is human
<hermes> that has more theories than astrology
<hermes> lol
<electra267> they know the mother is human but not sure about the father
<electra267> what do you think?
<electra267> and it is 900 years old
<hermes> i know they said it takes some special test to see the father dna, and that takes years
<electra267> now they updated that and it will be a much shorter time, next year
<electra267> the big money came from some UK documentary producer
<hermes> to be honest, i don't know. I doubt it will be et in origin. It seems the et's have been very careful to hide themselves. I do not think they would mess up that perfect record with a starchild.
<electra267> that's what I thought
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<electra267> it's a strange anomaly
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<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel Michael11
<electra267> but if it was alien it would point to a lot of things
<hermes> it would but mankind is not ready for that yet.
<electra267> the idea that an alien was living in human society
<electra267> well exactly
<Michael11> yikes this IRC thing is confusing me..used it a few times..but 10 years ago
<electra267> can you imagine it in an ancient society
<hermes> the reason et's have been so well in hiding themselves is just because humans are not ready
<electra267> yea - it took me ages to get in today
<electra267> also I cannot imagine just one et in a human society
<electra267> not with humans at that level
<hermes> if they reveal themselves too soon, and it does not go well, the bad karma falls back on them.
<electra267> which makes you wonder what kind of human that was and what kind of life it had
<hermes> they understand karma and its affects very well.
<hermes> something humans have no clue about.
<electra267> well even at our advanced stage we can't accept other races let alone ets
<hermes> yep, there is much more growth needed
<electra267> and I think it could be 100s of years before we could accept even alien humans
<electra267> which is what they think this starchild is
<electra267> I don't know what to make of UFOs
<electra267> I was looking on utube today
<electra267> they all look so phony
<hermes> i have seen several, and i don't know what to make of them
<electra267> yet there were clips of these alien craft filmed in China in July of this year
<electra267> and they are supposed to be genuine
<electra267> they all look like human reconstructions
<electra267> if something was an alien design I would have thought that it would look very different
<hermes> about 10 years ago they would fly over the house, here. but back then we were the only house for miles.
<hermes> now i never see them.
<electra267> what did they look like?
<hermes> like the pictures, and make real loud noise
<hermes> to me a highly advanced culture would be able to make something quite
<electra267> I'm amazed
<hermes> quiet^
<electra267> so what do you think they were then
<hermes> i think it is perhaps some military craft that is secret
<electra267> yes - I have heard about that
<hermes> i think when the population went up in our area they moved someplace else
<Michael11> here's a question Hermes after you've finished with this do you know that the level of consciousness guide on your website (the Aethyrs) is objective? How do you know that it's really just not ALL in the astral plane. After all isn't it the case that the individual in a sense doesn't even exist in the higher realms...but becomes an intelligence not in the individual way?
<electra267> what do you think about beings from other dimensions
<hermes> in astral plane what do you mean? that means different things to different people
<Michael11> sorry keep talking elektra!
<electra267> well are the ets we talk about now in the media - are they from our universe or from another dimension
<electra267> and when ppl talk about ets from other dimensions what do they mean
<electra267> some scientists believe that if you were to go down a black hole you would find another universe
<electra267> is that still part of our universe or another dimension
<hermes> i can only tell you from my own experience about other dimensions, and there are many. but i can only access them through out of body travel
<hermes> how you would transverse dimensions in physical reality is beyond me.
<electra267> ah ok - that is what I wanted to know
<hermes> i think sci-fi has gone a bit crazy with dimensions and alternate realities
<hermes> granted this is good for the mind to expand it.
<electra267> also I have heard of ets from other dimensions but I'm not sure the story was credible
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<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel bengal
<hermes> as in other realities, like out of body travel, you meet with these kinds of things
<electra267> all the time one is trying to separate fact from fiction
<electra267> hi bengal
<bengal> hi electra
<electra267> we are talking about ets
<bengal> hi all
<electra267> and other dimensions
<Michael11> hello bengal
<bengal> great
<electra267> and how much misinformation there is out there
<electra267> I may have seen a ufo one time
<bengal> really
<electra267> It was very strange
<bengal> :)
<bengal> how it looks like
<bengal> how*
<electra267> At first I thought I was looking at something that resembled the sun
<electra267> It was very bright
<electra267> but of course even late in the evening you would not be able to look at the sun but you could look at this
<electra267> At first it looked stable and then it started to revolve
<electra267> and as it revolved it became narrower and narrower
<bengal> wow
<electra267> until it faded completely
<electra267> it was though it had squeezed itself into another dimension
<electra267> but it may not have been a ufo
<hermes> yea that is consistent with what i have seen
<electra267> it could have been some kind of reflection rebounding off the sky in some odd way
<electra267> but the way it just got thinner and thinner was very thought provoking
<bengal> hm
<electra267> oh you have seen that?
<electra267> so what is that do you think?
<hermes> i have watched several, they can travel very fast and I think that affect is the result of the human eye trying to hold on to it as it goes.
<bengal> here in my country they take picture of something what looks like UFO, and it looks like on the video of UFO's
<bengal> like cylinder
<electra267> where are you Bengal
<electra267> but is the cylinder vertical or horizontal
<bengal> Serbia
<hermes> the ones i have seen are sort of round with lights all around it.
<electra267> amazing!
<hermes> I still think its something military and not et at all. I do not think any et craft has been seen by humans. I think they are too good for that kind of slip up.
<Michael11> yeah and in different dimensions ..slipping in and out
<electra267> so you have seen similar to me but do not think it is an eg
<electra267> this was in the UK
<hermes> i just think its too obvious
<electra267> I have not read any accounts of anyone seeing something similar
<electra267> yea - it was very obvious
<hermes> a truly advanced culture would have craft that are undetectable to us
<bengal> it;s horizontal , sorry for delay
<electra267> yea - sounds totally different then
<bengal> shiny
<hermes> what we see, we are meant to see.
<electra267> yes - that is true - we discussed invisible craft a while back
<hermes> its part of helping humans to open their awareness to other things
<hermes> it is a show.
<bengal> il try to find you a pic
<electra267> oh great
<electra267> you can put it on w/d Facebook
<hermes> yea my facebook page i never get round to working on
<electra267> the other thing that occurred to me is that real ets will mimic humans
<electra267> in that film Contact they do
<electra267> and that would not surprise me at all
<hermes> now i like that movie. I think they handled aliens pretty good in there.
<hermes> granted the ship thing was way out there
<electra267> one of my favorite films
<electra267> perhaps over dramatized in parts but still a great idea
<hermes> i can relate to that because out of body travel is allot like that
<electra267> Hermes what do you think of the idea that our bodies are advanced radio receivers
<Michael11> to be honest...the reason we are here in this 'density' is to use it as a gift..all that et wondering stuff (for me anyways) can be saved for later when we(I then) can control our(my) thoughts to a high degree...this density means we can work on our intentions without immediate results ...pretty good place..and very much desired ..I think we should be excited by that in the first instance
<hermes> you focus on where you are going, create your MERKABAH around you and go there
<hermes> you travel in a bubble of consciousness to another place
<electra267> i think at a certain stage in one's development you can do this naturally
<hermes> well mike i will be the first to say this reality is a learning reality to teach you how to control your thoughts and your creations
<Michael11> yep
<Michael11> hee
<hermes> that is the priority
<hermes> everything else is just good mystery for the mind.
<Michael11> oh! a lovely thought hermes
<hermes> LOL
<electra267> well that kind of links up with my question
<electra267> about the body and the brain being like a receiver
<electra267> you can attune to those higher realities
<electra267> and higher thought forms
<electra267> apparently the earth is transmitting all the time
<electra267> from its core
<electra267> it is a living sentient being
<electra267> with grids and junctures just like the human body
<electra267> the psychic body I mean
<electra267> and the planets also emit rays which we can receive
<electra267> like from Cygnus X3
<electra267> which is a neutron star
<electra267> very powerful
<electra267> these rays can empower our DNA apparently
<electra267> well say something someone!
<hermes> we're listening to you
<electra267> oh right
<hermes> we receive energy all the time
<electra267> well Cygnus X3 has been identified as one of the prime movers in empowering human DNa over the ages
<hermes> from all places. this energy helps ups evolve and grow
<electra267> it is in a binary system with another star
<electra267> and you really have to see the diagrams
<hermes> its really all about energy transfer to some degree
<electra267> if you go to UTube
<bengal> here it is
<electra267> look up the Cygnus mystery
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<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel hjkl
<bengal> sorry for delay : )
<electra267> yea - energy transfer
<electra267> but it seems that the rays from this planet can go through cave walls
<hermes> i have seen tv programs on that blimp shaped ones
<electra267> which was thought impossible
<electra267> what are those
<electra267> but all I was trying to say is that we are part of the universe and all of this demonstrates that we are meant to integrate with it
<electra267> and we are integrated with it already, we just have to capitalize on those energies
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<hermes> yes exactly, astrology energies, planets, each other. we are all celestial bodies that need to interact to grow and evolove.
<electra267> but we can only do that by modifying our reality so that we bring those energies and those new perceptions into our reality
<electra267> yea - each one of us is a celestial body
<electra267> which is why I now take the planets and the signs very seriously
<hermes> my presence here affects all of you and yours affects mine
<electra267> each one of us is all of those planets and all of those signs
<electra267> yea - we are forming a group consciousness
<Michael11> astrology is like 'the weather' if it's raining 'generally - people won't go out and play tennis' depends on the strength of one's mind though and the strength of WILL and the strength and focus of serving
<Michael11> BUT using the energies can help
<hermes> yes, these energies are here for you to use if you wish.
<electra267> Hermes - I've got another question
<electra267> how does this go
<electra267> the earth revolves round the sun
<electra267> the sun is in a galaxy which revolves round the Milky Way
<electra267> I don't think scientists know what the Milky Way revolves round
<electra267> but presumably it revolves around something
<electra267> so how does this work in practice
<electra267> our solar sun in this system is the solar logus right?
<electra267> but there are other suns
<electra267> I never know how we are to understand this
<electra267> at the center of the Milky Way is a black hole and we are revolving round that
<electra267> and when is the last part of all that revolving because it must stop somewhere
<electra267> and where is the final central point
<hermes> all suns rotate around the great central sun in the center of the galaxy
<hermes> the gravity makes them spin around.
<electra267> center of which galaxy?
<hermes> They actually are flying apart from each other but in larger circular motions
<electra267> do you mean the center of the universe
<electra267> is the great central sun the center of our universe
<hermes> no, the center of the universe is where physical reality first started
<hermes> all galaxies are flying away from the center of the universe
<electra267> so what is at the center of the universe?
<hermes> here is where time and space get a bit crazy
<electra267> aha! tell us more
<bengal> yes
<hermes> if you use a telescope to look at the center of the galaxy you are looking at the past, because light travels only so fast and the distance is vast
<hermes> vast
<Michael11> yeah the sun (ours) is 8 minutes old
<hermes> if you could go instantly to that center point, you see what was left of the big explosion that created the universe
<Michael11> when you look at it
<hermes> my guess a huge white hole that still spews out matter
<electra267> yea - we are all out of date LOL!
<hermes> I would suspect that time and space are not constant here
<electra267> wow - I don't think scientist have discovered white holes
<electra267> so the great central sun - where is that
<electra267> is it in our universe
<hermes> at the center where the big bang started
<electra267> or some higher dimension
<hermes> that time and space are more merged into one big present.
<Michael11> well everything physical has a higher dimension counterpart
<electra267> so that white hole is like a cosmic zero?
<hermes> that would be my guess,but it is just a guess.
<electra267> hang on - getting confused
<electra267> the white hole is at the center of the universe
<electra267> but where is the great central sun
<hermes> yea, the white hole is what is left after the big bang
<hermes> the remnants
<electra267> could you go down the white hole in theory and go somewhere
<hermes> but no one can see this, because the further you look at objects in the universe the older they are.
<electra267> so I want to know where the central sun is
<hermes> perhaps if you were out of body, but i do not think anything physical could sustain itself there.
<electra267> can it be found in this universe
<Michael11> ...and of course gets to the stage that the higher consciousness one has the observer affects the observed
<hermes> that would be a region of super beings without physical bodies
<hermes> yes very true mike
<electra267> i saw a statement today
<electra267> God is the creation and the created is God
<electra267> I thought that was very interesting
<electra267> so God is this universe
<hermes> the great central sun is at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Its a big black hole
<hermes> yes well that statement goes along with reality creating
<electra267> how can the central sun be a black hole - explain!
<hermes> you create your world and you are part of it.
<hermes> i am just saying that is what science speculates
<bengal> i have one also :)
<bengal> if who we r is gift from God, than who we become is gift to God
<hermes> it could be a white hole.
<electra267> oh boy!
<hermes> but being matter kind of spirals into it, i tend to think its a black hole
<bengal> i heard that, with OBE, you can go to the end of universe ?
<hermes> you can go to many places.
<bengal> is it true
<hermes> i have traveled to very far star systems in out of body travels
<electra267> have you seen the great central sun?
<hermes> I used to pick a star in the sky and fly to it in OBE as fast as I could.
<electra267> have to ask that question
<bengal> yea but can you go to the end?
<hermes> interesting thing happens when you try to chase a star in an obe
<hermes> it runs away.
<electra267> aaha!
<bengal> lol
<hermes> and i could not understand why the closer i got the more it would run.
<hermes> i could never hit the star.
<hermes> then i realized what was happening.
<Michael11> is the star running away you or the star hermes?
<hermes> this may be a bit complex but it goes with what we are talking about
<hermes> i see the light of the star which is not the light of the star now but of a long time ago.
<hermes> I then start to travel to that star at very fast obe speeds.
<hermes> many many times faster than light
<hermes> I stay focused on the light but because i am traveling faster than light
<hermes> the light I am looking at is not in the right place anymore
<hermes> so the closer you get to the start the more it moves away from you.
<hermes> you actually have to know where the star is now, to travel to it
<electra267> so did you finally make it in the end?
<hermes> yes, i figured out that if you look at the light and travel in the direction its moving, you can find the star.
<hermes> you cant focus on the light of the star, but on where that light is curving too.
<electra267> that must be an awesome experience
<electra267> I would be overwhelmed
<hermes> i am sure, i had help with my spirit guides, but it was a great learning experience
<hermes> about time and space and traveling faster than light
<electra267> amazing!
<bengal> yea
<hermes> i suppose the whole point is that what we see in the sky no longer exists, really, it has changed.
<electra267> yes - a bit disconcerting
<bengal> looking into past
<hermes> yes we can see the past of the universe with our eyes
<hermes> how it is now, well, that takes imagination.
<bengal> it's in our present
<Michael11> well without sight ..there is no sun or moon...and so blind people will never have that reference point ...maybe good, maybe not so...but indeed colorful in reality creation and wondering's!
<electra267> I must go
<hermes> bye electra
<electra267> See you all next week I hope!
<Michael11> bye
<bengal> bye electra
<electra267> bye everyone - hope you all make it next week!
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<bengal> can i change the subject ? : )
<hermes> sure
<bengal> i was in room , where everything i think come true
<bengal> black room
<bengal> in meditation to tree
<hermes> most likely the training rooms in Tiphareth
<hermes> they are black featureless rooms that can be very sensitive to your thoughts
<bengal> yes, they look like that
<hermes> the teachers use them to help you with reality creating, in a controlled way
<hermes> they will put you in the room and either let your mind create or they will create something and see how you respond.
<hermes> the floor is usually very shiny, like it has water on it
<hermes> but its very hard and not wet at all. It reflects the black featureless quality back
<hermes> hard to describe but once you are there you know what i mean.
<bengal> it has like floor of water
<hermes> yes
<hermes> first time i was there i had to put my hand on the floor to see
<hermes> it looked so polished and watery
<hermes> but it was hard and dry
<bengal> yes yes
<bengal> so my progress in tree is good ?
<hermes> yes it is.
<hermes> good work, you are in training now.
<bengal> thank you
<hermes> they will teach you many things in those rooms.
<bengal> : )
<bengal> hermes , when i'm in tree, is there can happens stuff, from life events
<Michael11> Hermes..if the acceleration of consciousness is so great out of body ..why do people re-incarnate ..because I believe that the raising of consciousness is easier in the body?
<Michael11> excuse the typos
<hermes> bengal, yes they can set up past life events so you can examine them and learn from them.
<hermes> Mike, its the desire to reincarnate that keeps pulling you back.
<bengal> i men like, rooms where i been, or megamarket at buildings
<Michael11> the desire for what though?
<bengal> mean*
<bengal> normal rooms, like of my house room
<bengal> ex girlfriend. etc
<hermes> well mike this ties in with karma and how it affects your thoughts and actions. if you desire something there is karmic energy that has to be released. this works in subtle ways to pull you back to physical incarnation.
<hermes> if its negative karma than it pulls you back so you can right the wrong
<hermes> if its positive karma its because you have not experienced something enough times to release that desire.
<hermes> your will and desire actually pulls you back into form. you want to come back.
<hermes> no one twists your hand
<Michael11> Interesting. But the way you describe it it seems not so much a personal choice but just 'inside an energy stream' there a conscious choice there?..or only from a soul level?
<hermes> bengal. in the tree you can experience stuff through your own eyes, so to speak. Sometimes imagery will take on familiarly places and people.
<hermes> its a conscious choice but you are acting on very subtle energies at times. these energies could take hundreds of years to build.
<bengal> ok, thank you
<bengal> i have one more later
<hermes> its like a lolly pop.
<hermes> you love lolly pops
<Michael11> like a thought form clad over centuries?
<hermes> so you eat them. one day you have had enough, so you stop.
<hermes> so for awhile you do not eat any lolly pops. But still there is that desire there. So in a few months you want one lolly pop, then you want more
<hermes> before you know it you are desiring to be eating them everyday.
<hermes> reincarnation is like that.
<hermes> you have to be 100% free of these desires
<hermes> you have to exhaust yourself of physical reality.
<Michael11> here's much of a leap are parallel realities...and the 'change of reality or train track' is that also limited by one's belief in the leap (the gap)?..or just the nature of things
<hermes> of course we are talking about a very black and white kind of thing. In reality after you have experience what you need, you ascend and leave the physical system.
<hermes> you change probabilities every day without ever knowing it. it is so transparent
<hermes> you forget you are doing it.
<hermes> your personal reality is very personal. No one experiences the things you do like you do.
<Michael11> yep..of course
<hermes> if you and your friend who you knew for your entire life, both left this reality at the same time
<hermes> and stood on the other side and tried to remember things you did together.
<hermes> you both would recount completely different things.
<Michael11> yes...the observer recounting the observed! hee :-)
<hermes> yep.
<hermes> when you are immersed in physical reality, you find it hard to believe that what you experience is so different from another person, even when both of you are there.
<hermes> but after physical reality is finished, the true nature of reality is seen
<Michael11> oh I know I don't ..thankfully
<hermes> LOL
<Michael11> seriously
<Michael11> I know that ..hence I'm ultra quiet generally in offering opinion about anything in particular
<hermes> yea that is smart
<hermes> i do the same
<Michael11> everyone I know is not in my world
<Michael11> my reality
<Michael11> but I I've them
<Michael11> and have compassion
<Michael11> and hopefully they have the same for me
<bengal> how important is magical hour for tree ?
<hermes> ok bengal, you had one more question, before i wrap it up. getting late.
<hermes> ah
<bengal> lol : )
<hermes> its only important if you are trying to get the most out of that particular energy
<hermes> its useful in charging talismans
<hermes> with a particular energy
<hermes> but to be honest i find it very inconvenient
<hermes> usually these hours are in the middle of the day, and you just cant stop everything and go charge a talisman
<hermes> mostly i just focus on what i want in a aliment or what energy i want to tune into.
<bengal> and let go ?
<hermes> i seldom worry about those magical hours
<hermes> yea, usually that is sufficient
<Michael11> Anyway ...i'm off now...thanks...lots of love to you Hermes...and bengal...big hugs to you both on your journey x x x
<bengal> ok
<hermes> i mean if you want the most energy of that kind then you have to go with that magical hour. but all energies are there at any given time. they are just in larger amounts at certain times.
<hermes> yes i am leaving too
<bengal> understand, now
<hermes> great workshop guys
<bengal> great
<hermes> good stuff
<bengal> see you on next workshop
<hermes> see all of you next week
<Michael11> yep
<Michael11> x
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<bengal> bye
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