Dealing with Energy Disruptions and the Group; Personal change; the strength tarot card
November 25, 2009 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Wed Nov 25 15:28:21 2009
Session Dent: #energyworks
* Now talking in #energyworks
<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel Hermes
<hermes> hi everyone
<hermes> how are all of you today
<Daniel635> HI hermes
<Daniel635> Feeling a bit heavy today that's all
<hermes> yea i feel very weighted today as well
<Daniel635> And how are you
<Daniel635> ow okay
* electra449 has joined #energyworks
<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel electra449
<hermes> today i was working on a rc radio show on energy disruptions
<hermes> how people and things can disrupt the nice flow in your world
<Daniel635> Interesting
<hermes> when you live like a hermit you get to see this sort of thing real fast
<hermes> when you are in your own element you get things working well
<hermes> then when you open the door to others and they come into your element
<hermes> they disrupt the flow of energy that you have set up
<hermes> this can cause you to feel out of sorts
<Daniel635> What does a hermit mean?
<electra449> not only that, it can totally distort something that you are doing, like a project you are working on
<hermes> when you are constantly immersed in people coming and going you have this disruptive energy going on all the time and probably take ti for granted
<hermes> this is one of the reasons why spiritual people tend to remove themselves from the mainstream
<hermes> so that they can have the opportunity to feel what good energy flow is supposed to be like
<electra449> it's a horrible feeling when suddenly you realize that you are not as in control as you thought you were because someone has disrupted your energy flow
<hermes> yes, that energy of spirit can be so tenuous
<bengal> hi all
<electra449> and then everything goes on hold while you survive what often seems like some kind of psychic attack
<electra449> you have to be so focused to cut through all of that and keep balanced
<electra449> so that your energy goes your way and not someone else's
<hermes> i still find it hard to maintain that spiritual flow, especially around holidays when you have lots of interaction with people
<Daniel635> Me too
<Daniel635> Most of the time I am spending alone
<hermes> i think what makes a spiritual person spiritual is the attention they pay to this energy and making it work in their life.
<bengal> is there a little bit of reality creation with people and with who you gonna stuck
<bengal> and with what kind of energy?
<hermes> well you create your world, even the energy disruptions
<hermes> but group realities are very complex things, and you do wind up sharing something there.
<hermes> usually the disruptions, LOL
<electra449> didn't you once say that often we attract people to us so we practice dealing with the difficulties that they make for us. We kind of immunize ourselves - eventually !
<hermes> yes, these experiences can make you stronger
<electra449> then you get to recognize those same energies time and again and then they don't bother you because you know how to deal with them
<hermes> and as a spiritual person studying the art of personal alchemy you certainly need to put these lessons to best use.
<hermes> yea i agree there.
<hermes> I think the problem is we often take on too much
<hermes> we vacillate between being alone and then being with people
<hermes> so now our energy is over stressed and it cant handle what we have pulled in.
<hermes> there certainly is a need to watch how much you desire outside influences in your life
<bengal> yes, but i noticed that i like to be more alone, to do on my self and spirituality, but i see that is not the case with others
<Daniel635> Most of the time when I am with some people I feel small
<Daniel635> How to deal with it
<hermes> well too prefer my solitude. I think its a common spiritual trait
<Daniel635> It seems like I give them
<Daniel635> more room
<Daniel635> then I take
<Daniel635> I speak less
<hermes> well you don't have to feel small
<hermes> i think when you are with a group you need to find the spot that is yours and own that
<Daniel635> And sit like in the background
<Daniel635> Yes I search ways in it
<hermes> it takes some effort because you have to fight wanting to just be by yourself
<Daniel635> that's exactly how it feels
<hermes> i like to put a little bit of who I am into a group.
<hermes> and that takes some effort but once you get the knack of it, you will find you can just fit right in.
<hermes> and then you will not feel like you are in the background
<hermes> take what is your best trait and add it to the group mix
<Daniel635> Okay
<orph> hey everyone ( : I stepped out for a while, so sorry for not responding
<hermes> hi orph
<orph> hi
<Daniel635> Hi
<orph> has anyone seen the 2012 movie yet?
<hermes> no i have not
<hermes> how do we all die?
<Daniel635> no want to see it this weekend
<orph> same here Daniel ( :
<Daniel635> :)
<orph> I think only a few people get to live in that movie
<hermes> LOL, yea typical
<orph> most of us probably dreamt of a scenario like that
<orph> as a part of the spiritual growth process
<orph> when the world previously known to us falls apart
<orph> it should be interesting to see it on the big screen ( :
<hermes> spiritual transformation can often feel like that.
<hermes> your old self dies and a new one is reborn
<hermes> i guess on some inner level many people feel that if they were put in some dire situation it would force them to become brand new and cast off the old self.
<hermes> with a hole new person emerging.
<hermes> but this rarely happens and if it did most people would return to old ways quickly.
<hermes> personal alchemy is something that takes time and patience
<hermes> it just does not happen like that, so fast. At least not if you want permanent lasting change
<orph> at least not to most of us
<orph> which makes sense
<orph> nothing that is gained too easy can have much value
<electra449> i find the main problem with that is that the change is mostly at an unconscious level so however much you want it to happen it's difficult to make it happen consciously
<hermes> the inner self is very resilient to fast changes
<hermes> yea it needs to reach an almost unconscious level, those kinds of personal changes.
<electra449> because it's the inner self that is trying to come out
<electra449> it's like you consciously want to realize your unconscious
<hermes> i wonder what that would look like
<hermes> LOL
<hermes> could be scary
<electra449> yea I know
<electra449> kind of double think LOL
<orph> would be awesome :D
<electra449> it's a bit like that Chariot card in the Tarot
<orph> how so?
<electra449> i always call that 'getting my #$%%$ together' LOL
<electra449> oh now you have put me on the spot
<electra449> that card has one driver
<electra449> and he is totally focused and centered
<electra449> he has his emotions under control - ie his inner life
<electra449> and he is driving the chariot decisively ie he is also in control of his outer life
<electra449> that guy is going to get whatever he is after
<electra449> he is totally centered on his goal
* Cesar has joined #energyworks
<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel Cesar
<electra449> so he is being driven by his deepest desires, but they are the desires of his inner self
<electra449> his higher diving genius or whatever you want to call it
<electra449> so he will realize his goals at the highest level
<electra449> that is my take on that card
<orph> that sounds like a powerful state of being
<electra449> because he is totally motivated by his higher self to achieve the goals of the higher self
<electra449> so he can't lose if you see what I mean
<electra449> yea - total empowerment
<bengal> it's like perfect state of being :)
<electra449> he is totally focused but totally aware of everything he needs to know to get to where he is going
<electra449> imagine arriving at work in that state of mind
<electra449> be a real power house
<electra449> yea - that guy certainly knows how to direct his power
<electra449> and he is also very determined so nothing stands in his way
<electra449> so a great reality creator
<electra449> the ultimate reality creator really
<hermes> here is the caveat to that card
<electra449> he is moving while everyone else is standing still
<electra449> must be amazing to be around someone like that
<hermes> it takes great energy to control that flow, he is trying to control an energy that is greater than he is.
<hermes> if the driver is not careful the chariot will fall apart from the forces
<electra449> yea - because that is the solar energy and also the lunar
<hermes> he will lose control of them
<electra449> so how does he guard against that
<hermes> the chariot is a transitory state, and that is the lesson in the card
<hermes> you can maintain that kind of thing but only for a limited time
<electra449> so where does he go from there
<hermes> and you need to know what those limits are.
<hermes> you can ride the chariot and it is a great place to be.
<hermes> but you need to rest
<hermes> and you need to be observant of the energy as you ride that wave
<hermes> but yes great insight into that card electra
<orph> I suppose that if you make use of that energy, and for some reason things don't work out, you won't feel defeated in any way, because you truly tried your best
<electra449> yea - well I felt kind of challenged and that put me in the hot seat LOL!
<electra449> bit like the guy in the chariot!
<orph> ^^
<hermes> yes, there you go
<hermes> you did good in the chariot
<electra449> yea - I could have come out with a load of rubbish!
<hermes> LOL
<electra449> but if you think about it the next card is much more passive
<electra449> like you were saying how you can only keep the energy up for so long
<electra449> the next card is strength
<electra449> and there that is more like bringing out something from the depths of yourself
<orph> strength is more passive?
<electra449> chariot was going outwards but strength is going inwards to bring out
<hermes> in the tarot it is a passive strength
<hermes> yes inner strength
<electra449> i guess it's a bit like doing tai chi before you meditate
<electra449> you get your psychic centers going so that you get a better meditation
<electra449> because you are already balanced and focused when you sit down
<electra449> so you're ready to go inwards to bring out good things from the hidden depths of yourself
<electra449> as part of your inner transformation process
<electra449> if you sit down muddle headed and distracted you can see the difference
<electra449> it's the same when you listen to a piece of music that you really like
<electra449> it gets you focused and energized
<electra449> like AC/DC LOL
<orph> :D
<electra449> yes - Shake the foundations
<electra449> that is such a good track
<electra449> I could listen to it forever
<orph> I heard plants also respond real good to metal
<electra449> really!
<electra449> I know tomatoes like Mozart
<electra449> but never thought they would like rock music
<electra449> i guess it must get their growing energies going
<orph> yea, the heavier the better it seems
<hermes> well that must be why our tomatoes never get big, no mozart playing in the yard
<electra449> wow!
<electra449> where did you hear this
<electra449> ahahaha!
<orph> heh, mythbusters :P
<Cesar> vibrations stimulate plant growth
<electra449> but when you think about it that energy must get them going
<electra449> yeah - exactly - vibrations
<electra449> and if a person has energized the music by enjoying it also then that will also have an effect on the plants
<Cesar> P.O.D. - Youth Of The Nation is good song too
<Cesar> a*
<bengal> yes that was also on what the bleep
<electra449> must look out for that - I just got that film and watched part of it
<electra449> has anyone got down the rabbit hole, - the sequel;
<electra449> sequel I mean
<electra449> it's 5 DVDs and goes into the film in depth
<bengal> there is more, about 6 hours, about film
<electra449> yea - that is it
<bengal> if you get to interested
<bengal> spirituality from scientist level
<electra449> I'm surprised that film did not have more impact than it did - for some ppl it would have been life changing but I guess many others were not ready for it
<orph> everyone has to do their own changing, that's why a movie can only have so much impact
<orph> it can guide and direct
<orph> and inspire
<electra449> yea - that is really true*
<bengal> i'm surprised too, but they don't want to hear nothing outside box
<electra449> yea - I figured that also must be true
<electra449> people are very institutionalized in their mindsets
<electra449> and that film is very challenging
<electra449> if you don't have an open mind
<electra449> that something other than what you believe might be true
<electra449> I find that some ppl I know find it as much as they can bear to cope with the challenge of me being vegetarian
<electra449> it is such an affront to their values
<electra449> most ppl who meditate have a similar experience in their life - we all got to that point where living in the box was too much and we had to get out
<electra449> I bet orph has something to say about that
<electra449> puts orph back in hot seat LOL!
<bengal> hah
<orph> lol
<electra449> yea - it had to be!
<electra449> he had it coming
<orph> well
<orph> one way or the other,
<orph> you can only see the world of others through the colored glasses we each wear
<orph> it's not easy or perhaps possible to actually share values with each other
<orph> wish it would be
<electra449> yea - but there are glasses and glasses surely
<electra449> but I know what you mean
<orph> to just straight forwardly communicate to others what we feel is important and what really matters
<hermes> if you can follow a lesson up with an experience that does help
<orph> true
<electra449> yes - because it consolidates an experience or even something you thought
<electra449> i guess it's easier to share values with another person if they have an open mind
<electra449> they don't mind if in the end you disagree with each other
<electra449> the problem is often that they cannot entertain anyone else's values but their own, it's not open to discussion
<electra449> or acceptance
<electra449> so that is not wearing glasses, that is like blind
<hermes> there is a point at which consciousness seeks changes, positive alchemical changes. Before this point consciousness is in absorb mode. It just takes in what it experiences and does not really seek out anything too new or different.
<bengal> heh
<orph> more like shades then glasses then
<electra449> oh LOL!
<orph> we are all still a little connected ( : port of being human
<orph> part*
<electra449> actually I thought that was a pun
<electra449> sort of like port - being connected - computer port
<orph> lol
<electra449> oh well!
<orph> that was eris
<orph> goddess of typo's
<orph> *thanks
<electra449> ahahahaa!
<hermes> goddess of typos, good one, i have to remember that
<electra449> yea - i like that
<orph> she's at the top of the discordianists pantheon
<orph> fnord
<orph> :)
<hermes> must be the same god that controls what my cell phone decides to put in, in the text messages i send.
<orph> lol, yes Hermes
<hermes> LOL
<Daniel635> :d
<Daniel635> :)
<electra449> ok - i think it's a wrap
<electra449> I need to go
<hermes> bye electra
<orph> bye ( :
<bengal> bye
<Daniel635> Bye
<electra449> yea - well I hope we have such a good turnout next time - great session!
<Cesar> bye
<electra449> yea - bye everyone! til next time!
<Cesar> i was thinking one day
* electra449 has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<Cesar> about
<Cesar> how much can one fit things in their own reality
<hermes> you can fit quite a bit in your reality
<hermes> the great part of reality creating is that its like a rock rolling down hill
<hermes> at first you have to push it all the time, but then eventually it goes on its own.
<hermes> this frees your energies up to create more in your reality
<bengal> hermes, is it the same if you use affirmations or energy balls, or both
<hermes> sure, any creation will be like that, the more you use them the more momentum you put behind them.
<hermes> affirmations take a while to start working
<hermes> but once they do they are like that rock or ball rolling along down the hill on its own
<orph> nice parable ( :
<Cesar> is their a possibility that in the future we could be able to communicate with others that are alien to us. but yet we are alien to them
<Cesar> as a whole nation
<hermes> i think you need to clarify that
<bengal> you mean like aliens communicate with us, but reverse
<bengal> aliens*
<hermes> i have to leave in 6 minutes
<bengal> i must go too
<bengal> nice to see you all
<bengal> until next workshop
<bengal> see ya
<orph> see you later ( :
<hermes> yea i don't get the question cesar
<hermes> do you want to talk to aliens or are you talking about ideology
* bengal has quit IRC ("Bye bye")
<Cesar> bye
<Cesar> ok i mean like . say we get to a point were everybody , the whole world was introduced to different entities
<Cesar> from there we start living in a way where we can travel across different planets
<hermes> i think one day people will be ready for such kinds of contacts
<orph> that may be a long time from now
<Cesar> o ok
<hermes> right now i think they shoot first and ask questions later.
<Cesar> lol
<Cesar> yea i heard they did reverse technology and discovered time travel
<Cesar> on crashed ships
<Cesar> ok well
<Cesar> thanks everybody
<orph> oh Hermes, I saw your post on facebook, good luck with your mailbox ;)
<hermes> yea i got to go
<hermes> catch everyone next week
<Cesar> hope to see everyone next time
Session Close: Wed Nov 25 16:57:54 2009

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