Purifying your thoughts and actions; nonphysical training systems; personal alchemy
November 11, 2009 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Wed Nov 11 15:33:37 2009
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<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel Dewzy
<Hermes> Hello Hello Hello
<Dewzy> hi
<Dewzy> I'm excited :)
<Dewzy> how are you?
<Hermes> I am doing well
<Hermes> how are you doing?
<Dewzy> i'm breathing :)
<Dewzy> so, is there a topic for this workshop or do we wing it?
<Hermes> just wing it, the topic creates itself
<Hermes> got any questions
<Dewzy> why do you pick the name hermes?
<Dewzy> hermes*
<Hermes> hermes trismegistus was my nonphysical teacher
<Dewzy> sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
<Dewzy> is Tk or PK really possible?
<Hermes> telekinesis
<Dewzy> yes
<Dewzy> ???
<Hermes> I have gotten emails from people that claim they can. But i myself have not been able to master it.
<Dewzy> oh...
<Dewzy> kool
<Dewzy> i think its possible to, due to the way i think reality is composed
<Hermes> as your energy becomes more refined these things are possible, because you are more light than matter
<Hermes> but whether or not you develop it depends on the individual
<Dewzy> how does one increase their light quotient?
<Hermes> as your reconnect with spirit by purifying your thoughts and actions.
<Dewzy> how do you reconnect with spirit?
<Hermes> well as you learn how you create your world and do that creating in harmony is one of the ways
<Dewzy> oh... i'm retarded... you just said that in the last part of the message
<Hermes> but its more than that
<Dewzy> slaps himself in the head...
<Hermes> it takes meditation to quiet the mind so you can hear the universe
<Hermes> and tune into the energy of spirit
<Dewzy> umm... how did you come to have hermes as your non physical teacher?
<Hermes> it also helps to develop dream or meditation or out of body travel so that you can visit these nonphysical places of learning to acquire more of this energy faster.
<Hermes> I learned how to out of body travel many years ago. and traveled the earth plane quite a bit in that state
<Hermes> i guess these teachers took notice to me.
<Dewzy> :)
<Dewzy> have you ever looked upon your body after projecting?
<Hermes> John (Sandalphon) was my first teacher and later I was instructed by Hermes Trismegistus.
<Hermes> sure you can do that, look at the body when you are out of the body
<Dewzy> malkuth,
<Dewzy> isn't sandalphon the arch angel of malkuth?
<Hermes> Malkuth is in the tree of life, and that is where you can meet with Sandalphon
<Hermes> yes
<Dewzy> :)
<Hermes> but he did not tell me he was this entity
<Hermes> he just called himself John
<Hermes> it was years later he told me who he was
<Hermes> I just thought he was a nice spirit guide
<Dewzy> how do the Aethers and the tree of life relate to each other?
<Hermes> both are training systems that exist next to each other
<Hermes> its like two schools on the same block
<Hermes> both cover somewhat similar content but in different ways
<Dewzy> what other training systems exist?
<Hermes> There may be others but I really only have had experience with those two.
<Hermes> I am sure the Buddhists have their own system, as do the norse gods
<Dewzy> are you the writer of the wisdom door website?
<Hermes> Yes, I did the website and all its content
<Dewzy> :) thank you....
<Hermes> well, I wanted to give back some of what i was given
<Hermes> others are not so lucky to have the spiritual connection come so easily, the website was a way to do that.
<Dewzy> i have read that in the astral/aether that each belief system has its own region created by the common thoughts of its ... disciples
<Dewzy> and are the astral and aether the same thing?
<Hermes> sure they are the same in that context
<Hermes> thoughts create realities, and more so in a rich environments like the nonphysical planes
<Dewzy> what advise can you give to an aspiring projector?
<Hermes> so when you have large numbers of people focused in one direction, it can create realities where these beliefs can grow and manifest.
<Dewzy> :)
<Hermes> the tree of life is one such reality, created long ago by many entities to offer a way to teach young consciousness in the ways of the universe
<Hermes> many such systems were created for specific cultures
<Dewzy> if you have already written these... on your site, i haven't had time to explore everything... just point me in the right direction
<Dewzy> the tree of life is the esoteric, hebrew system....
<Hermes> yes it is
<Hermes> a very good system even for today's minds
<Dewzy> Judaism
<Dewzy> yes... 2000 years ago is not that long... :)
<Dewzy> same societal issues
<Hermes> yep
<Hermes> still very much relevant
<Dewzy> what do you think of alchemy
<Dewzy> in reference to the earlier telekinesis comment
<Hermes> alchemy is the process by which you change your mundane human self into a spiritual being
<Hermes> the transformation is very alchemical in nature.
<Dewzy> hermes was an alchemist, creating the emerald tablets...
<Hermes> you get some energy and this energy then changes you
<Dewzy> as above so below
<Hermes> the emerald tablets were his way of sharing this process
<Hermes> how you can take what is below and transform it into what is above
<Hermes> turn a lesser being into a greater one
<Dewzy> what is the philosophers stone?
<Hermes> the philosophers stone is a catalyst. It is something that helps to make this transformation
<Hermes> this could be many things
<Hermes> it could for example be the tree of life
<Hermes> by visiting the tree of life you take on these energies that then transform your being
<Hermes> so in this case the tree of life becomes your philosophers stone
<Dewzy> :)
<Dewzy> your muse
<Hermes> but it can be anything that helps you to make the transformation
<Dewzy> do you follow any traditions?
<Hermes> in what sense, religious?
<Dewzy> religions, philosophies
<Dewzy> anything
<Dewzy> i can assume hermetic
<Dewzy> and cabbalist
<Hermes> I try to tread my own ground. I observe and see how the world is and adopt that as my beliefs
<Hermes> yes you can call me a hermetic and cabalistic
<Hermes> but i am neither of these as well
<Dewzy> would you like to ask me anything?
<Hermes> so how is your own alchemy coming along?
<Dewzy> it is a never ending story
<Dewzy> there is always more light
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<Dewzy> there is always more dross to transmute
<Dewzy> there is always more to read
<Dewzy> there is always power to attain
<Dewzy> godliness
<Dewzy> love
<Hermes> yea it is a 24 hour 7 day a week venture isn't it?
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<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel Dewzy
<Dewzy> technical difficulties
<Hermes> yea
<Hermes> the connection to irc can be unstable at times
<Dewzy> it does not help that i'm on a wireless network either
* Hermes is now known as Hermes
<Dewzy> :/
<hermes> yea that can make it a bit more harder to maintain
<hermes> so it sounds like you been working on your personal alchemy for awhile
<Dewzy> ive been a seeker seriously for 9 years
<hermes> nice
<Dewzy> i'm 21 since i was 12
<Dewzy> when i was twelve i became semi agnostic
<hermes> wow, you got a nice early start
<hermes> that is the best time, the earlier to flush out the bad programming the better
<Dewzy> one of my parents... a single parent... the one i lived with was/ is clergy
<Dewzy> i saw I've
<Dewzy> so i began to seek
<Dewzy> i wondered why i was unhappy
<Dewzy> i became a seeker to understand unhappiness
<Dewzy> to figure out why my life was not like the ones on tv
<Dewzy> i wanted to know everything
<Dewzy> and still do
<hermes> unhappiness is really disconnection from spirit.
<hermes> but most people do not understand that
<Dewzy> yet we create our own realities
<hermes> so they seek this connection in other things
<Dewzy> e=mc^2
<hermes> yes your reality is very personal
<Dewzy> separation is an illusion
<hermes> and very much created by your own hand
<Dewzy> but what puzzled me, until i started seeking outside of christianity,
<Dewzy> was how could life be unfair
<Dewzy> if it was made by god
<Aenaon> hello, hope that i'm not too late
<Dewzy> how can a perfect god, allow americans to live the way they do and african people the way they do
<hermes> and now you understand that better.
<Dewzy> if we have one shot at life, how can i justify... my life ...being born the way i was, and the parents of rich kids and children born in places like adrfur
<Dewzy> karma and reincarnation
<hermes> if you do think of a single lifetime, as the only lifetime, it can seem very unfair.
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<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel Dewzy
<Dewzy> in fact traditional christianity discourages thinking like that... with an answer as simple as "that's the way god made it" or "free will"
<Dewzy> welcome back aenanon
<hermes> yea kind of a simplistic answer christianity has
<Dewzy> but that just turned me away even more
<Dewzy> they did not know
<Dewzy> and they did not care
<hermes> reincarnation was there in the early bible but they took it out
<hermes> they felt people could not understand
<Dewzy> their "faith" was all they needed
<Aenaon> hmmm never heard of that before
<Dewzy> but how could i base my faith on ignorance and blindness
<Dewzy> and reincarnation is still in the bible if you know how to read it
<Dewzy> that's why its written in the way that it is.... stories and parables
<Dewzy> dying and going to heaven or hell... vs the concept of samsara
<Dewzy> and hell is separation of god
<Aenaon> interesting approach. But let me sneak there and just mention that if you encounter every text this way you will get almost infinte possible explanations for everything
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<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel electra262
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<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel Dewzy
<Dewzy> :(
<hermes> well with any religious writing they do their best to suit the needs of the people they are serving
<hermes> they are not concerned with the enlightened few
<hermes> but the masses
<Dewzy> yep... gotta match the teachings to the people
<hermes> those people that need more will seek it out and find it. spirit knows that
<Dewzy> the enlightened few formed esoteric communities
<hermes> yes
<Dewzy> that's what i need to find
<Dewzy> i need to be initiated
<Dewzy> i'm tired to scrapping bits and pieces from here and there
<hermes> well today you find those people all over the globe, using the internet to connect to these ideas
<Dewzy> yep...
<Aenaon> that's the reason you got here anyway
<Dewzy> good ole google
<hermes> yep, that web search engine is a powerful alchemy tool
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<Aenaon> now you mention alchemy, I got a lot of questions concerning the subject
<hermes> sure
<Aenaon> add a "that" between now and you
<hermes> we were talking about alchemy while you were away
<Aenaon> well during one OBE I encountered a being. I sensed that he wielded great powers
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<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel Dewzy
<Aenaon> he was surrounded by two alchemists
<Aenaon> standing on a red carpet
<Aenaon> the ground was full of minerals
<Aenaon> I gently asked his name, and he told me he's Hermes Trismegistus. I found the website searching for him
<hermes> nice
<hermes> that is the kind of alchemy i like
<Aenaon> He told me many things, I found a lot of that at a book called "Twelve Keys"
<Dewzy> whoa... koolness
<Aenaon> Full of symbols...
<Aenaon> So, my real question is
<Aenaon> what can possibly mean "to control the forces of the earth inside you"?
<hermes> it means you create your world from the inside out
<hermes> your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs shape what you see
<Dewzy> matter is energy and your thought are energy as well
<hermes> you control the earth, air, fire, water, and sprit elements
<Aenaon> that's what I'm trying to do
<hermes> these elements create the physical world
<Aenaon> in many ways
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<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel CesaR1
<Aenaon> and I can tell
<Dewzy> welcome
<Aenaon> I find happiness
<Aenaon> and great joy
<hermes> the reality of your thoughts and beliefs alters these elements in various ways that create the physical world you see around you.
<Aenaon> despite all the physical stuff I should be worried about
<Dewzy> are any of you on Facebook?
<Aenaon> I'm trying to do that using a powerful tool. Music
<Dewzy> i love music...
<hermes> facebook: search for hermes@wisdomsdoor
<Aenaon> I'm composing a concerto in 5 movements. Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Spirit
<hermes> nice idea there Aenaon
<Aenaon> and I can tell it really works since you have to feel and experience something before you turn it into music
<CesaR1> that's great
<Aenaon> thanks. It's hard since I was mistakenly taught to compose from pain and sadness
<Aenaon> not from inspiration from the astral plane, and reconnecting with the spirit
<CesaR1> I remember reading this study how each note represents a certain color
<Aenaon> We do that all the time. Especially on something called " The circle of fifths"
<CesaR1> yup yup
<CesaR1> I use the fifths when I make meditation music
<Aenaon> pythagorean tuning?
<Aenaon> I found out that perfect fifths coming out from an instrument tuned in pythagorean music
<Aenaon> are really really calming
<Dewzy> No results found for
<hermes> forgot the s
<Dewzy> ohhhh
<Aenaon> one last question hermes. What's the symbolic meaning of each element?
<hermes> water is emotions and feelings
<hermes> earth is matter and physical structures
<hermes> air is thoughts
<hermes> fire is spirit or transformation
<hermes> wait sorry
<hermes> fire is transformation
<hermes> spirit is higher purpose, thinking and harmony
<Dewzy> sent: derrick "tha godson" is me
<hermes> ok Dewzy
<Aenaon> thanks a lot
<hermes> there is not much there on facebook yet, i only just did it a couple weeks ago
<Dewzy> is anyone here regularly? i must leave very soon?
<hermes> i am not sure really how to use the forum yet
<Dewzy> i just want to be in contact with you guys again, soon :)
<hermes> but for now people can interact with each other there, see that they are not alone in the world.
<CesaR1> i was but since work i haven't gotten on lately
<Aenaon> if you happen to create a forum, let me send you some alchemical texts in order for the to be uploaded there
<Aenaon> them*
<hermes> sure
<Aenaon> Well I just started studying, so I can't really comment anything but they hold great wisdom. And are a pain to understand :)
<Dewzy> your profile looks like a personal page... but you can set up "groups" with a discussion board
<hermes> yea i may have chose the wrong type when i set it up
<Dewzy> most esoteric stuff is written to hold value for different levels of understanding...
<Dewzy> that's why their difficult to read
<Dewzy> to hide the pure stuff from corruption
<hermes> yea the old idea there was to make the seeker work for the knowledge
<Dewzy> encrypted...
<hermes> but today, i really think that is an outdated model
<Dewzy> but in this day and age its difficult to tell what holds value and what's just pappycock
<Dewzy> i think were in a different age today
<Dewzy> different atmosphere
<Dewzy> no more witch hunts
<Dewzy> and inquisitions
<Dewzy> so its no longer necessary
<Dewzy> i think the old old old eastern texts are from a similar era
<Dewzy> I've gotten allot of value from hem
<hermes> yea i agree there, that's why Wisdomsdoor is written as simply as I can put it.
<hermes> to make this knowledge accessible to as many people as possible.
<Dewzy> gotta go to work... hope to see you all again shortly
<Dewzy> would love to arrange a time
<hermes> ok take care Dewzy
<CesaR1> later have fun at work lol
<Dewzy> night :)
<Dewzy> peace love respect and power
<hermes> ok anyone else what to ask something or comment
<CesaR1> yea what's the Universe been up to
<Dewzy> hasen't there been a recent shift or something
<Dewzy> like all astrologically and stuff
<Dewzy> like on the 8th
<hermes> well we have these great spiritual energy coming from the great central sun, helping to spiritualize the planet and everyone on it.
<CesaR1> I have one more question before I go
<Dewzy> do you ever hear a high pitched ringing sound?
<Dewzy> like with no apparent source
<hermes> sure go ahead cesar
<hermes> Yea in my ears
<CesaR1> well since this new energy is coming and this new dimension forming. does that mean that we will have another body
<CesaR1> Energy*
<hermes> there really is no new dimension coming
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<hermes> the shift is one of personal
<hermes> personal
<CesaR1> o
<hermes> a personal alchemy
<hermes> those people that want to use these energies can use them to shift their being to a higher level of awareness
<hermes> that is the reality shift. its not a physical shift
<hermes> its a shift in thinking and a level of the mind and spirit
<CesaR1> so then everyone will experience their own unique experience
<hermes> yes and those that do not want to will not
<hermes> the energies are there to use or not use
<CesaR1> wow ok . i cant see how no one will not use the gift that is given to us by the Creator
<CesaR1> ok then
<CesaR1> Thanks a lot Hermes
<CesaR1> see everyone next time
* CesaR1 has quit IRC ("Bye bye")
<hermes> so want to ask anything else Aenaon before i close this workshop
<hermes> ok i will depart
<hermes> have a great week
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