NetwoArking and connecting to others; practical use of the tree of life; breaking out of the rut and finding out who you are and what you like
November 5, 2009 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Nov 05 15:23:11 2009
Session Ident: #energyworks
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<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel hermes
<bengal> nice :)
<bengal> hi Hermes : )
<hermes> hi bengal, hi siren
<siren> hello, it's nice to meet you, Hermes
<hermes> Welcome
<siren> thank you
<bengal> i was wondering is gona be workshop today
<hermes> sure
<bengal> i see you r come to facebook : )
<hermes> right now
<hermes> yea, its an experiment right now
<siren> so many times I meant to be here for workshop but was working or else didn't make it
<hermes> its another place to have to update and so it may not work out
<hermes> but i will see
<bengal> probably good , many people will know now
<hermes> yea orph said that too, i Just need to actually say something on there
<bengal> on facebook , everything is expanding
<hermes> yes the way we communicate is changing and facebook is one of those new ways
<siren> I didn't take a shine to facebook and so haven't used it much but, it's becoming hard to avoid
<hermes> well i was same way
<hermes> i really resisted it
<bengal> yes, to many people is starting to use facebook
<siren> I may need to give it another try
<siren> sheepishly
<bengal> when you register no going back
<bengal> to many connections
<bengal> : )
<hermes> i did this great Reality Creator radio show on networking and connecting to each other and how important it is to move the group consciousness forward.
<hermes> but then had no facebook account or really was not connected to much in that way
<hermes> so i never aired the show
<siren> ha
<hermes> i spent lots of my life being disconnected
<hermes> reason being was so i could focus on sprit and development
<siren> in terms of technology, hermes?
<bengal> it's good stuff, you'll have many connections there
<hermes> in terms of people and limiting interaction
<hermes> not much networking
<bengal> you R connected, on important stuff, then ;)
<hermes> oh sure on the important things sure
<siren> I'm quite the hermit but, for different reasons
<bengal> is there some topic today for workshop
<hermes> anything you want to talk about
<bengal> i'm interested in practical part of tree of life
<hermes> ok yea the best part of the tree of life is that it can be practical. I think throughout the years various teachers have made it seem very impractical.
<hermes> a more mental exercise than anything else.
<hermes> but the tree of life is alive and a valid placed that can be used and visited.
<siren> I mentioned that, later, after existing questions, I'd like to ask about isolation
<siren> if I may
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<Hermes> sure
<Hermes> ok the practical side of the tree of life is using it to enhance your daily life
<Hermes> that is why we have those workshop with Iris and the travel meditations
<Hermes> it is to show you that the tree of life can be useful to you.
<Hermes> so what do you want to know about the practical nature of the tree of life
<Hermes> how to use it?
<bengal> yes
<bengal> when i had something in tree
<Hermes> have you done any of the workshops with iris in the past
<bengal> how i use it on daily life
<bengal> no
<Hermes> oh darn
<bengal> : )
<siren> when are they, pls, Hermes?
<bengal> they didn't start yet
<Hermes> In meditation or dreams or out of body travel you can visit the Tree of Life and meet with various teachers and masters and angels
<Hermes> yea i have to get iris back into doing them. She has been unable to allot the time for them but I am working on that
<siren> :)
<Hermes> when you visit these places in the Tree of Life you take in the energy or knowledge you need
<Hermes> so for example, perhaps you want more will power to strength
<Hermes> you could visit Geburah and then bring back some of those qualities
<siren> I've been unable to consciously project, full stop. I am pretty sure I was there one time, but it happened unexpectedly
<Hermes> just by visiting these places you put your spirit into these energies
<Hermes> and these energies change you
<bengal> do i have them instantly then ?
<Hermes> being able to visit these nonphysical places does take some practice and patience
<Hermes> and yea at first it seems like its almost random when you do achieve it.
<Hermes> but its just getting used to flexing those new nonphysical muscles
<Hermes> all over again.
<siren> there was an angel
<Hermes> i like meditation to start the process. I think it is the easiest way to enter the tree of life.
<Hermes> ok go on
<siren> me?
<Hermes> you said there was an angel
<siren> o bengal?
<Hermes> what happened
<siren> oh yes
<siren> i emailed you about it
<siren> but long story short
<siren> i went to lie down for sleep
<siren> and it happened so quickly when my head touched the pillow
<siren> it almost gave me whiplash!
<siren> there was just red
<siren> everywhere
<siren> and the brightest white I've ever seen/felt. the angel seemed almost drawn by a child
<siren> every feature was outlined in black
<siren> like a stained glass window
<siren> and he/she was holding me...or doing something to me
<siren> it felt almost sexual, though i realize that it wasn't
<siren> perhaps some kind of cleansing
<siren> and the most remarkable part
<siren> was afterward
<siren> for maybe 2 weeks
<siren> i kept wanting to sit and recall
<siren> and when i did id be overcome
<siren> totally overcome by weeping
<siren> with joy
<siren> it sounds silly, perhaps, but i have tears just thinking about that time
<Hermes> oh those energies can bring you to tears easy
<Hermes> I can tell you that from experience
<siren> i was worried it would drive me mad, i had no idea a person could have room for so much joy
<Hermes> that sounds like Metatron from the sphere Kether
<siren> I'm sorry for monopolizing
<Hermes> no go ahead, this is what its about
<Hermes> its a workshop
<Hermes> and that experience changed you
<siren> please tell me about metatron
<Hermes> these experiences in the tree of life are very powerful life-changing ones
<Hermes> as you have seen siren.
<Hermes> and that is the practical nature of the tree of life.
<siren531> i was also dropped
<siren531> i am unaware what was said
<hermes> ahaha
<hermes> neither am I
<hermes> I mean me too
<siren531> where did you last see, hermes
<siren531> lol
<hermes> so that experience changed you.
<siren531> what lines of chat, i mean
<siren531> ok i will cut paste
<hermes> which is the point of the Tree of Life, your experiences there will change you and create you into a new person, if you desire.
<siren531> 04:56 AM siren: hermes, i had never considered the possibility that something like an
<siren531> angel could actually exist
<hermes> ah
<siren531> and i also asked about metatron
<hermes> yea its humbling isn't it?
<siren531> incredibly
<hermes> Metatron appears like a young adult or sometimes as a boy
<siren531> feel so grateful
<hermes> he represents the divine spark that is within each of us.
<siren531> looked like a child's drawing of a lion/angel
<hermes> hummm
<siren531> at the time
<hermes> still sounds like Metatron
<siren531> i felt sure it was michael
<siren531> but i don't know why
<hermes> those child like things are often connected to him
<siren531> maybe that is the name i know best
<siren531> ok
<hermes> ok
<hermes> well yea
<hermes> i see your point
<siren531> fabulous
<hermes> i was just wondering about the stain glass
<hermes> i have only seen that in Kether
<hermes> but that does not mean it cannot be elsewhere
<siren531> each feather, and facial feature was bordered in black
<siren531> a thick black line
<hermes> Michael is a very religions figure and it could invoke those kinds of interpretations as well.
<siren531> i understand
<hermes> so how did this being appear exactly
<siren531> do you mean visually?
<hermes> yea visually
<siren531> profile
<siren531> but i saw his face
<siren531> and one wing
<hermes> so he was lion like
<hermes> with wings
<siren531> mega white
<siren531> the face was rudimentary
<siren531> and appeared lionish
<hermes> like a griffin
<siren531> perhaps yes
<siren531> but i don't recall the body
<siren531> could well be a griffin
<hermes> there is a picture of a griffin i found
<siren531> i have dial up, it will take a minute to load
<bengal> Hermes do you know who is white prince, middle age, with yellow hair
<siren531> oh no much more of a man, not bird like
<siren531> i apologize
<hermes> no need to apologize, just trying to get a sense for what the being appeared to you as.
<hermes> the lion/man thing is an ancient egyptian concept
<siren531> yes
<hermes> the sphinx is half lion and man
<siren531> my cat died that day
<hermes> it was believed by these ancient egyptians that the ultimate divine being would be one that was both lion and man
<siren531> while saying goodbye to her i asked her to take some of me with her
<siren531> and send a sign
<hermes> ah
<siren531> gosh, i hope that doesn't make you laugh
<siren531> lol
<hermes> sorry to hear about your cat
<siren531> oh hermes, ty. but she was 18 years old
<siren531> and ready to go
<hermes> still, never easy to lose a bit you love dearly.
<siren531> yes
<hermes> bit =pet
<siren531> i loved her
<hermes> well then perhaps this angel came in this form to help comfort you and give you a sign that your cat was going to be just fine
<siren531> that makes it seem so silly. perhaps i shouldn't have mentioned my cat
<siren531> lol
<hermes> no it doesn't
<hermes> it does not diminish the experience
<siren531> i feel that the angel was fixing me in some way
<hermes> yes it was helping you feel love
<hermes> because you were hurting
<siren531> i have had issues with substance addiction in the past and was wondering
<siren531> can a physical thing like that
<siren531> prevent one's development in terms of projection
<hermes> not as long as you are free from it.
<siren531> ok
<hermes> you can reach the stars
<siren531> who does one ask, meditate on, pray to for guidance in doing that
<siren531> i feel utterly disconnected
<siren531> and lost
<hermes> in doing, what finding others? finding direction?
<siren531> regarding spiritual development
<siren531> and any kind of progress
<hermes> well if you are doing it from the Tree of LIfe you start in Malkuth with Sandalphon
<siren531> in that area
<hermes> he is the most human of all the entities that help you.
<siren531> i read your notes on sandalphon
<hermes> that is why i start all my students with malkuth meditations. Sandalphon is the easiest to connect too.
<hermes> He is very earthly and connected to human experience.
<siren531> when i try to meditate i feel chained to my body.
<siren531> so that sounds just right
<siren531> thank you hermes
<siren531> and everyone, thank you for indulging me
<siren531> perhaps someone else would like to ask some questions
<hermes> if you focus on malkuth in your meditation you should see some kind of violet light
<siren531> i'm writing this down
<siren531> ty
<hermes> when you get that light, you should follow it
<hermes> it eventually will take you to a garden like place.
<hermes> even fairy tale like.
<hermes> this is the start of Malkuth
<siren531> got it
<hermes> i think your experience with that angel is just a perfect example of how these experiences can help you in life.
<hermes> you needed something special at that time and you traveled to either Hod to see Michael or Kether.
<siren531> it was such a blessing to have that realm of possibility opened up like that
<siren531> i thought they were just pictures in a book
<hermes> so what about your isolation question
<siren531> and now, there is new depth to my perspective on ...everything
<siren531> hermes, i will save till another time.
<siren531> you have given me a lot to think about
<hermes> well no it could apply
<siren531> *about
<hermes> perhaps there is a Tree of Life sphere that can help you with that as well
<siren531> and i think i'll continue looking at that for now
<siren531> oh
<hermes> and it will help bengal with his question on how to use the tree of life in practical ways
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<siren531> ok
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<siren531> well
<siren531> that disconnected i mentioned
<siren531> *disconnectedness
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<siren531> i have taken detours in life as a result of bad decisions
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<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel bengal
<siren531> and my question is in there somewhere
<siren531> but i'm not sure how to phrase it
<siren531> information overload
<siren531> sorry
<siren531> i mean i'm sure there are blockages ...somewhere that hinder my progress
<siren531> how can i sense what or where they are
<hermes> sometimes your dreams can be clues
<hermes> what do you dream about the most
<siren531> i rarely remember
<siren531> disconnected
<siren531> see?
<hermes> if i want to keep with our discussion on the tree of life, you could also focus on Yesod to discover what is hidden.
<siren531> ok
<siren531> i don't know what else to say right now. perhaps someone else would like to speak
<hermes> you used the word isolation earlier. How would you change your life if you could change it with just a thought.
<siren531> i spent a long tome wishing night and day that i could go back and do it all over
<siren531> i was very angry at myself
<siren531> and that isolation i mentioned
<siren531> comes partly from the feeling that i cant even remember how i got to where i am in the first place
<siren531> full stop
<siren531> :)
<hermes> ok well if we forget the how you got there, and focus on where you would like to be, where does that image take you.
<siren531> life has become mundane
<siren531> i would like to inhabit it again
<hermes> so, you want to be more social?
<siren531> i'm disconnected from my passion as well.
<hermes> now you did not think this workshop was going to be easy did you. I don't call it a workshop for nothing
<siren531> you read my mind
<siren531> awesome!
<siren531> lol
<hermes> ok so you lost your drive to do things
<hermes> and you just go about your hum drum existence
<hermes> doing the same thing every day
<siren531> i lost my direction
<hermes> and bored to death with it
<siren531> well yes but its bigger than boredom
<hermes> ok what you want to be when you were a child, what were those aspirations
<siren531> an undertaker
<hermes> LOL
<siren531> is what i would like to be
<siren531> seriously!
<hermes> did not see that coming
<siren531> well
<hermes> ok so you like to help people with grief
<siren531> i feel like , if you have suffered you can connect with anyone
<siren531> i feel like i could help
<hermes> that is very noble
<siren531> and i figured i can detach so, lol, that's gotta be an asset in a mortuary
<hermes> so you now know something more about yourself and what your core you desires
<siren531> in that way, suffering is a gift
<siren531> and yes
<hermes> well people love to create suffering
<siren531> yes...
<hermes> so there is plenty need for people to help with alleviating that suffering
<siren531> perspective
<siren531> maybe i could open those doors for someone
<hermes> sounds like something forming there
<siren531> when i feel that connection of relief with someone,
<siren531> i feel like i'm here for 'something' after all
<hermes> ok so here is your homework
<siren531> ...
<hermes> i want you to find one person a day and help them with some kind of relief
<hermes> since you like this kind of thing, it should be easy to create
<hermes> and this can start the process to breaking you out of the funk you are in.
<siren531> oh dear...if you knew my personal details that would tickle your funny bone
<hermes> :)
<siren531> i am in the business of to speak
<siren531> lolol
<siren531> <-- chat-killer
<hermes> well then you don't have to go far to start doing things
<siren531> lol
<siren531> yes
<siren531> ok.
<hermes> the idea is to reconnect you with who you are
<hermes> and this can help you to get out of the rut you are in
<hermes> so you look for something that brings you joy and peace
<hermes> and you need to focus there
<hermes> or try to create something there.
<siren531> yes, i see
<hermes> this gets you out in the world and it reconnects you with your emotions and feelings
<siren531> and i just looked outside to see the sun has risen while we were chatting. a nice coincidence
<hermes> :)
<siren531> don't you think?
<hermes> Yea a very good sign
<siren531> thank you, hermes
<siren531> <3
<siren531> i will come to 'class' again soon.
<siren531> thanks everyone
<siren531> bye for now
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<hermes> ok bengal
<hermes> how we doing with answering your question on how to use the tree of life in real life
<hermes> Ok bengal i am going to go if you have no more questions
<hermes> ok i will see everyone next week. Good chat, good reality creating this week
Session Close: Thu Nov 05 17:05:59 2009

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