what to do when advanced spiritual skills in the 11th chakra start showing themselves; how to construct the MERKABAH; the Cup of MAZ and shedding your Karma; tests of character; your various bodies; skrying; your personal reality
October 1, 2009 (workshop log file)

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<+hermes> hello there
<Gale> hey
<Gale> if your 11'th chakra is over energized how would you go about shutting closing it so you don't have telepathic messages going around everywhere
<electra82> hi hermes
<+hermes> ok are these messages coming from other physical people or nonphysical people
<Gale> physical
<Gale> and like I said I have a problem with them hearing me
<Gale> but it does go both ways
<+hermes> they can hear your thoughts
<Gale> yup
<+hermes> have you tried wearing some hematite or amber or black onyx
<+hermes> to ground out your psychic abilities
<Gale> I don't have enough allot of money for crystals
<Gale> allot*
<+hermes> well hematite pendant or neck less should cost about 20 dollars or less, it does not have to be a good one
<+hermes> or you can try carrying the raw stones in your pocket with you
<Gale> umm are your guides supposed to be the archangels of specific spheres?
<+hermes> you can have an arch angle take an interest in you and be your mentor
<+hermes> that does happen
<+hermes> generally spirit guides are just nonphysical people devoted to helping others on a one to one level, they do not have archangel positions
<Gale> is it dangerous to go above the twelfth chakra
<+hermes> Sandalphon in Malkuth often takes on students and mentors them
<+hermes> well as a human being I am not sure you could access any higher chakra than 12
<Gale> ......
<Gale> is it dangerous if you could
<+hermes> i would think it would not be possible
<Gale> as a human
<Gale> why not?
<+hermes> well your energy is still human and limited to human constraints
<+hermes> you have to be in a different kind of body to access more chakra
<+hermes> like an ascended master body
<Gale> my bloodline is illuminati, I know for a fact I am related somewhat to the royal family
<Gale> does that change anything
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<@hermeslogger_> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel Gale
<Gale> internet screwed up, not saying I'm illuminati
<Gale> if you said something in response I did not receive it
<electra82> how much influence do the illuminati have on earth
<+hermes> ok back
<Gale> I said I'm not illuminati but the Rockefellers own the federal reserve
<+hermes> well it certainly sounds like you are very sensitive and psychic
<Gale> so basically america but allot of people believe that's just a "conspiracy theory"
<+hermes> has this happened all your life, or is it just recent
<Gale> recently after a kundalini awakening
<Gale> the telepathy started a couple months ago
<Gale> by teleportation I assume you are talking about the Etheric body right?
<Gale> not physical
<+hermes> yes that does happen on the etheric plane, mostly
<+hermes> seeing yourself someplace else for brief periods of time
<Gale> ummm not exactly
<Gale> people can feel me press against them
<Gale> specifically women
<Gale> not fun
<+hermes> yes, you can interact in a limited way
<+hermes> its almost physical
<Gale> a little to physical for them
<+hermes> these things you are experiencing are actually normal part of evolving
<+hermes> when that chakra starts to fire
<+hermes> you are going to have to learn how to control it and make it part of your daily life
<Gale> that's pretty difficult
<+hermes> have you done any tree of life travel meditations or out of body work
<+hermes> the training for this comes from that level of reality.
<Gale> I go out of body allot
<+hermes> its not something i can teach you in a chat room
<Gale> I don't try to go to any specific point in the try
<Gale> tree*
<+hermes> you have to start making trips to Malkuth and visit with archangel Sandalphon
<+hermes> He then can guide you on how to control these powers
<+hermes> Usually when this happens you are already in some kind of advanced nonphysical training program
<+hermes> but it sounds like you got caught outside the system a bit
<+hermes> ok if you go out of body
<+hermes> you need to focus on that place Malkuth
<+hermes> and then once you see yourself there. It is usually very green and welcoming
<+hermes> look for Sandalphon.
<+hermes> he will give you tools, nonphysical ones to help you with your powers
<Gale> I have once I received a vision of going up on a mountain to collect a flower, when I came down a goat attacked me, I threw it down the hill, when I came to it's body I sheared it's wool and bandaged it with that wool, I continued back to him gave him the bloodstained wool and flower he turned the wool into a cloak which he kept and gave me a sword
<Gale> I still use the sword
<Gale> to defend myself
<+hermes> ah that is the kind of thing Sandalphon will do for you, perhaps it was even him you saw
<+hermes> he sets you on tasks and gives you gifts for completing them
<+hermes> this helps you to understand your powers and how to control them
<Gale> I've read up on most of this
<Gale> your information on the higher chakras was very helpful
<Gale> thank you
<+hermes> to me your chakra is working fine
<+hermes> you just have to learn control on your new powers
<Gale> I still hurt people by accident....
<+hermes> which can be scary of course
<+hermes> you are probably a unique case in that your powers manifested very quickly
<+hermes> and you had no time or training to adjust to them
<Gale> basically
<+hermes> but with your sensitivity you should have no problem reaching Malkuth and getting help from Sandalphon
<Gale> what about chokmah
<+hermes> all the sephira will have things for you to do, but Malkuth is the first stop. then Sandalphon will direct you
<+hermes> to the others
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<@hermeslogger_> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel Cesar
<Cesar> Hi every1
<Gale> can a MERKABAH field rotate the wrong way
<+hermes> you could spin it any way you want
<Gale> and it wont make a difference?
<+hermes> i know it says one way on the website
<+hermes> should be the same either way
<Cesar> hermes i was wondering if what had happen last weekend was real or not
<+hermes> the MERKABAH is not like the pentagram, which has two polarities
<+hermes> it is a figure that really lives in the spiritual plane and there is no duality there
<+hermes> so it can be rotated either way.
<+hermes> what happened last weekend, Cesar?
<Cesar> well i was being tested
<Cesar> see how i would act and view things of right or wrong
<Cesar> it was on sunday
<Cesar> did i pass the test
<+hermes> i don't know, did you ask your spirit guide, or how do you feel you did
<Gale> I was told to use positive and negative energy to fill the two pyramids, so your saying that I should just fill them with whatever energy I feel necessary
<Cesar> well after all the thought given to me in the whole test thing. i was told that i was part of them. the white robe
<+hermes> well one spins one way and the other the other way,so you would have to have the energies different in each one
<+hermes> but it should not matter which one you fill with what energy
<+hermes> once its constructed the merkabah does its protection thing, or opens doorways
<+hermes> it is a vehicle to other dimensions in more advanced forms
<Cesar> they said everybody goes through the test. to see if i where with the light side
<+hermes> yes there are some tests along the way Cesar. That is true, but usually you have some idea of how you did.
<Cesar> i think i passed and accepted in the white robe group
<+hermes> well then great, congratulations
<Cesar> lol thanks I'm really humble
<+hermes> usually you will see yourself in some kind of nonphysical ceremony surrounded by the color robes of the group you are in.
<+hermes> at some point
<Gale> so what does bleeding into the grail symbolize and do?
<+hermes> that is the cup of MAZ
<+hermes> it means you are shedding your earthly karma
<+hermes> that is something else that has to happen so that you can ascend and grow
<+hermes> grow^
<+hermes> you have to release your left over karma into the Cup of MAZ
<+hermes> this burns the karma up
<+hermes> and lightens your spirit
<Cesar> hermes how important is it for consciousness to seek out experiences
<+hermes> you have to have experiences, Cesar. Its the only way to grow and evolve physically and spiritually while you are anchored to the earth plane
<Gale> I've used it to clear energy around me is that appropriate, or does it only apply to your own energy
<+hermes> i suppose it is a tool that can be used with any energy
<+hermes> not just your own.
<Cesar> is karma a entity in itself
<+hermes> karma is the result of your actions.
<+hermes> if your actions are good you get good karma or energy around you that pulls good experiences to you
<Gale> I always thought it was someone's negative or positive energy being thrown at you
<+hermes> if its negative you draw negative experiences to you
<+hermes> mostly when you hear the word karma it is people talking about the negative kind
<+hermes> that is the kind you need to rid yourself of
<+hermes> karma can be repaid by kindness or by like action. And when you are high enough in spiritual rank you can use the cup of MAZ to burn up your karma
<Gale> are the pass nots always a demon
<+hermes> only in ZAX. the others are barriers
<+hermes> like the one between the physical and etheric plane
<+hermes> you cant take your physical body with you to the etheric plane unless you get rid of it
<Gale> but you can bring your etheric body to the physical plane?
<+hermes> which you do in dreams, or travel meditation or out of body travel
<+hermes> your physical body is made up of layers, physical, etheric, astral, mental, spiritual
<+hermes> you have to leave these behind as you go upward in the reality system
<Gale> or is the etheric double actually what it means. A twin of the etheric?
<+hermes> the etheric double looks just like you, it just has no physical qualities
<+hermes> it can pass through things
<+hermes> it is more pliable
<+hermes> it travels faster
<+hermes> it can float
<+hermes> and sometimes fly
<+hermes> but it cant move physical objects or interact in the normal physical way
<Cesar> is it our nonphysical self that receives thoughts or spirit
<electra82> if you want to access an object that is far away how is the best way to access it
<electra82> for instance a picture that you like which you have in your mind but it exists in another place
<electra82> you want to access the reality in that picture
<+hermes> the physical body is a shell that contains your consciousness which thinks and interacts
<electra82> you can't see it in minute detail but you can feel that picture, the information that it holds
<+hermes> it is the spiritual self that is in control of the individual, i guess you could say, your spirit your nonphysical part that survives death
<+hermes> this the part of who you are. When you are out of the body you still have thoughts and can do things
<+hermes> because it is your spirit that is the you, you think of as you.
<+hermes> the physical body is like a set of cloths you put on to keep warm
<+hermes> electra, I just see myself going into the picture and experiencing it on a mental or emotional level
<+hermes> see what comes to mind as you interact with the picture and the ink
<+hermes> and what is put there
<+hermes> feel what it is like to be in that moment in the picture.
<electra82> but you would have that experience if it was out of body I take it
<electra82> missed out a word there
<electra82> what I meant was you would have a deeper experience if you were out of body
<+hermes> yes, because in an OBE there is more of you focused there
<+hermes> if you were to do this mentally while still in your body your consciousness is split
<+hermes> so you do not have exclusive content there
<electra82> when you access an object in that way how much of the data is thought up by you in the unconscious and how much is in the physical reality of that object
<+hermes> yes out of the body would give you the most vivid and intense experience with visiting a picture or scene.
<electra82> i always wonder how much of the experience is 'true'
<+hermes> well you will always have overlap, you have to sift through it and figure out what comes from where
<electra82> how much of it did I make up
<+hermes> usually the things that are not of your own making surprise you
<+hermes> you say, wow i never really thought of that
<electra82> I found this interesting skrying exercise in a bob
<electra82> book , not a bob LOL!
<electra82> don't know how that happened
<+hermes> LOL
<electra82> exactly, that is what happened in this skrying exercise
<electra82> you have to make up your own reality
<electra82> a place that you would like to live
<electra82> I started off using a lucid dream that I had
<electra82> I loved the atmosphere of it
<electra82> and I found that the landscape just made itself up from there but included places in the countryside that I have really liked in the past
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<+hermes> well all of that is also useful to you
<+hermes> you put these things in there from your own experience for a reason
<electra82> but there were unexpected things like you say
<electra82> the object of the exercise was to practice out of body experience
<+hermes> why did you choose this over this? All meaning full, even if it came from your making
<electra82> you have to visualize yourself
<electra82> see your hands, turn them over
<+hermes> but its those things that take you by surprise that make you realize that you were really out there doing this
<electra82> walk in the non-physical
<electra82> yes - it is surprising
<+hermes> sounds like a cool experience
<electra82> but it is the realities that you think up without meaning to that are very surprising
<electra82> I had one very interesting experience where I drew a picture
<electra82> and several weeks later I was walking and I suddenly realized that I had come to the place where the picture was
<+hermes> nice
<electra82> the only difference was that there was a large stone on the seashore which I could sit on
<+hermes> i love when stuff like that happens
<electra82> so I was actually able to physically sit in my own picture LOL!
<electra82> that was amazing
<+hermes> you really do create a good part of your reality, even those bits
<+hermes> if you could see everyone's personal reality from a distance
<electra82> a few years back I bought some very interesting crystals from America
<+hermes> you would not even think they were connected to each other
<electra82> and they had a very particular kind of non-physical thing about them
<electra82> and some time later I found the exact place which physically had that reality that was contained in the crystals
<electra82> so that was quite profound it find that same energy in a physical place
<electra82> but it does happen
<+hermes> another good example of how you create
<+hermes> of how personal the personal reality is
<electra82> I've had it with objects as well
<electra82> you feel some interesting energy and work with that and then you may find it in a shop or in something you buy at the supermarket
<electra82> and you think to yourself how did that happen
<Gale> I'm going to go. Thank you for the information it was very helpful I'm relieved. Peace
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<+hermes> yes you create a very personal reality
<+hermes> construct stores and things in them
<+hermes> it is a group reality but so much of it is personal
<electra82> ok - well I guess I should go as well
<electra82> thanks for a great chat and see you next time
<+hermes> ok take care
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