the basics of meditation; master nonphysical reality creators and what they do with their time; the mind and the spirit; the sun entity and its reality; physical reality and the group consensus; changing the present by changing the past; adjusting the middle pillar exercise to your own taste; crystal and indigo aura people
September 10, 2009 (workshop log file)

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<@hermeslogger_> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel hermes
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<+hermes> hello everyone
<Sean392> hi
<CesaR> hello
<+hermes> hope everyone's summer went well
<electra972> hi Hermes!
<electra972> weather in the UK terrible here
<CesaR> Hi Electra
<electra972> a lot of rain
<electra972> hi Cesar
<CesaR> Hi Sean
<Sean392> hi all
<electra972> Hermes, about meditation
<electra972> you have that exercise in RC where you imagine the boats
<electra972> every thought is like a boat and you push it away so you keep the mind clear
<electra972> have we any other techniques for focusing
<+hermes> guess my boats don't sail away on your mind
<electra972> well it works well sometimes
<electra972> but then I get very involved in the lake where these boats are
<electra972> and I'm away there
<+hermes> you getting lots of daily stuff running through your head when you try to meditate
<+hermes> LOL
<electra972> yea - more so that usual
<electra972> it takes longer
<electra972> and it takes longer to rise above it
<+hermes> well there is that lake in Malkuth, perhaps the boats are taking you there
<electra972> and I think 'what is wrong with me'
<electra972> I did not realize there was a lake in Malkuth
<+hermes> how often do you meditate
<electra972> every day
<electra972> but................
<+hermes> in the middle of malkuth, by the castle
<electra972> I do find that I sort a lot of problems out
<electra972> in the meditations
<electra972> but it's just thoughts all processing themselves which I guess is not a bad thing
<electra972> yea - I got the castle in malkuth and the garden in the middle but not the lake
<+hermes> usually when you don't meditate everyday you get all these thoughts of the days events going through your head. This is the meditation trying to empty the junk from the mind.
<Sean392> do you a banishing of some sort before meditation?
<electra972> i used to do that
<electra972> but not recently
<CesaR> me too
<electra972> It works well to make your meditation part of your magick ritual
<electra972> and maybe I should go back to doing that
<electra972> it is much more disciplined
<+hermes> these thoughts take some time to clear out of the head, then you are ready to meditate. I don't really fight these thoughts. I just let them process. Then when my mind is quiet i will go deeper into the meditation
<bengal> hi all
<electra972> hi bengal
<bengal> :)
<CesaR> Hi Bengal
<+hermes> in your case though, electra you say you are meditating everyday, so you should not have many of these intruding thoughts
<+hermes> banishing can help clear the crap away too, before meditation
<electra972> yea - well I think I will go with that
<electra972> also I got my meditation crystals out the other day
<electra972> time to go back to giving those a go
<electra972> I probably need a change of technique for a while
<+hermes> do you use the crystals all the time when you meditate or just sometimes
<electra972> i haven't done it for a while and actually when I think about it I miss doing it
<CesaR> i like lifting up my consciousness when i meditate
<Sean392> for me its just automatic-banishing before meditation or scrying
<electra972> I think sometimes one gets a routine going and then something disturbs it and then you miss out
<+hermes> if you can meditate with crystals i say you should make every meditation a crystal meditation, there is nothing like it.
<electra972> I think you are right
<electra972> you remember that time when you told me that sometimes there are things you need to integrate into your practice
<CesaR> yup crystals are great
<+hermes> it just makes it so much easier to process all that crap you take in
<electra972> I think with me there is a lot of that going on
<electra972> there is a lot of integration going on in all that meditation
<electra972> more things become a part of yourself
<electra972> in that you have greater understanding
<electra972> but that is a big thing to work on
<bengal> hermes is it ok, to first part of meditation do with focus and other without?
<electra972> right - well I have to go and work on something so I really need to go now but will try and come back later
<bengal> can i reach tree like that ?
<electra972> so bye everyone for now!!!
<CesaR> bye
<bengal> bye electra
<electra972> and will keep signed on
<+hermes> focus on what in the first part of meditation
<bengal> on the breath
<bengal> breath
<+hermes> sure, but don't get too stuck on that breath so that it dominates you. It is just a technique to help you quiet the mind.
<+hermes> you can focus on the breath so that i relaxes you and takes you away from physical reality, then let that drop away and go inward
<+hermes> to reach Malkuth or what ever state or level of being you are trying to reach
<bengal> ok
<+hermes> yes you can reach the tree like that
<bengal> should i in second part ask for tree
<+hermes> my sail boat technique is another way to quiet the mind,like using the breath
<+hermes> yes, make that your intention
<CesaR> Hermes have you been to the upper levels of dimensions
<bengal> i can quiet mind
<bengal> but nothing happens
<+hermes> you should see a dark violet light at some point, go into it, it takes you to Malkuth
<bengal> like i'm just stuck in first part
<+hermes> I can reach the plane of spirit, if that is what you are asking
<+hermes> the violet area on that mini map
<+hermes> at first when you meditate the mind is very active
<+hermes> i like to let it go a bit with this activity so that it clears itself a bit
<CesaR> well i was wondering about the difference in realities. who creates them and how so often a new one is created
<+hermes> then after about 5 or 10 minutes of that, i gently try to calm the noise by focusing on breath or my little boats on the lake trick
<+hermes> then once the mind seems still, I will turn inward and focus on my intent. If that is Malkuth i focus on that and see what unfolds
<+hermes> i will start to see things or hear things, very subtle at first.
<+hermes> and you kind of like have to follow them
<+hermes> or they just go away
<bengal> so i should follow them
<bengal> i didn't do that
<+hermes> yes, that takes you deeper into the meditation and to where you are going
<bengal> ok
<+hermes> Physical reality is the newest of these realities, in a sense
<+hermes> the other nonphysical realities are much older
<bengal> thnx hermes
<bengal> must go go now
<+hermes> they are all created by super beings who are masters or creation
<bengal> bye all :)
<+hermes> take care bengal
<CesaR> bye
<+hermes> master reality creators are always working on creating new realities
<+hermes> they create realities like a carpenter builds furniture
<+hermes> these are not like huge realties like the physical one
<+hermes> but smaller ones that may exist for short or long periods of time
<+hermes> thought is the stuff that makes things spring into form in the nonphysical plane
<+hermes> so much can be created by carefully crafting thought and projecting it into the non space of physical reality
<CesaR> so if everything has its own frequency was sound a aid of creation
<+hermes> sound is something that is unique to physical reality. you have sound in the nonphysical but it is more telepathic in nature
<+hermes> you pick up on the energy of sound and hear it. You do not have ears that interpret vibrations in the same way that you do on the earth
<+hermes> wait change non space of physical reality to | non space of nonphysical reality
<+hermes> in nonphysical there are regions where nothing has been created
<+hermes> it is here that these creators create realities
<+hermes> they change the fertile non space into something with structure and detail
<CesaR> Eternity
<+hermes> i go as far as to say that it is similar to dark matter in physical reality
<+hermes> it is the stuff that a reality sits on top of
<+hermes> this non-space is very sensitive to thought
<+hermes> and reacts to it
<+hermes> master reality creators will go into these regions in a very heightened state of awareness
<+hermes> they will focus their thoughts in specific ways and create new realities from the non space
<CesaR> am i right that all that can and could be known lies within the mind
<+hermes> this is perhaps one avenue for human consciousness once it evolves and grows past the human development system
<+hermes> well the mind is like a computer for spirit
<+hermes> it is used by spirit to process information
<+hermes> the mind can only know what spirit knows
<+hermes> spirit has access to vast amounts of information
<+hermes> but even it has its limits at any given time.
<+hermes> consciousness must evolve and grow to acquire the ability to process more complex information
<Sean392> humans have always been able create on the astral and make use of through reflected result
<+hermes> yes humans create on the etheric, astral, mental, and spiritual planes with their thoughts
<CesaR> you say that your thoughts manifest in a instant in the nonphysical , so do they stay there forever
<+hermes> it is the realities that are teaching them how to create with their consciousness.
<+hermes> it depends on the thought. If the thought was meant to stay forever it will
<+hermes> if it was meant to only last a short time it will go away.
<+hermes> what you endow your creations with they will reflect
<+hermes> so if you make them permanent they will be permanent
<+hermes> most creations have a life expectancy. They will dissipate over time. Especially if you are not actively putting energy into it. Granted that could be hundreds of years.
<CesaR> Hermes have you seen a created reality through its start and end point
<+hermes> i have visited some realities that are very different from physical ones, but i have not visited a reality that had beginning, middle and end.
<+hermes> you could say that a sun is a reality with a beginning, middle, and end
<+hermes> a sun entity exists in its own reality while it provides light to the physical universe and the planets around it
<+hermes> the sun entity creates a reality that it uses for a time
<+hermes> then it goes away
<CesaR> simultaneous
<+hermes> yes, a sun with its light and heat is a by product of a much greater force going on in another level of reality
<+hermes> you could say these are mini realities of what we talked about earlier
<+hermes> where master reality creators go and create
<+hermes> Sun entities explore their own inner world
<+hermes> they set up shop and create a reality around them that allows them to explore who they are in a very different way than you and i could ever know or comprehend
<+hermes> the by product of this process creates a sun
<+hermes> they use physical reality because in the physical plane there is the time element
<+hermes> and this helps them in some way, like your life over time helps you to understand thought and action
<+hermes> action^
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<CesaR> wow you enlightened me
<CesaR> that's great to know
<Sean392> so creating a false elemental for your own use could be described as a low rent attempt
<+hermes> sure, you can create your own mine entity
<+hermes> in RC2 i have my little angel technique
<+hermes> you create a small being from your own consciousness and send it off to gather information
<+hermes> it is another way you can use your consciousness
<+hermes> mine should be mini
<CesaR> Is it possible that a reality master could create a new element
<+hermes> well they could in their own reality, but i do not think they would create element in physical reality
<+hermes> that would require much consensus among those that govern physical reality and its properties
<+hermes> physical reality is a great cooperative creation
<+hermes> you are part of these cooperative venture as well
<+hermes> and have a say in how you want it to grow and develop
<+hermes> for any great change to happen though a consensus has to be reached
<+hermes> many entities have to agree
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<+hermes> that this change is good and needed
<+hermes> then some change can be made.
<CesaR> I got another question
<+hermes> sure
<CesaR> is it possible to go through back in time or the future. within your conscious self knowing that from yesterday you went to last or next week and start to live your life from there. or if you want to re live a night your move back to whatever moment and start living from that point.
<CesaR> i hope that made sense
<CesaR> you* move
<+hermes> back
<+hermes> you can do this and do it often in dreams and out of body events
<+hermes> you can alter the past and you do this as well
<+hermes> though your memory of the events changes, so you do not realize that you changed the past
<+hermes> you can glimpse this in dreams
<+hermes> where the old event and the new event you created can exist together
<CesaR> physical wise is it possible.
<+hermes> it happens all the time, you just do not realize it
<+hermes> you change the past all the time
<+hermes> sometimes two people will remember things differently
<+hermes> one person says it happened this way another another way.
<CesaR> but from what i understand about that would mean that another you in another reality would have done something that you wanted in the reality that you didn't do but which that you had
<+hermes> it is possible one remembers wrong, but it is also possible that one person changed that event and they remember it differently.
<Sean392> i have a slightly OT question, H
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<+hermes> you are actually over thinking this time change thing
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<+hermes> look at it from the point of view that you are the center of your world
<+hermes> you create it from that center
<+hermes> don't look at it from a group perspective,that will just confuse you more.
<+hermes> your personal reality will always be adjusted to fit into the group reality
<+hermes> you change your pasts as needed
<+hermes> your memory changes to suit it
<+hermes> others may remember it differently as they did not change the event in their reality
<+hermes> in these overlap areas there may be inconsistencies
<+hermes> that is just the way it is.
<+hermes> its a group reality
<+hermes> and things have to fit together. overall it does, when you get to the personal level things get fuzzy
<+hermes> reality is not so concrete
<+hermes> its like looking at a painting
<+hermes> you look at it from 10 feet away and everyone sees the same thing
<+hermes> but when you go close with a magnifier, you see different things in the fine details
<+hermes> so physical reality is like that
<CesaR> I think sean has a question
<+hermes> sure
<Sean392> why when doing the middle pillar ritual is it important to complete it in less than two minutes?
<CesaR> could it be that 2 minutes is 120 seconds which equals 12 a complete number or even equals 3 which we live in 3rd time
<+hermes> you can take as long as you like to do it
<+hermes> i just try to make these things short and sweet myself
<+hermes> but the full MPE is supposed to take something like 5 minutes
<+hermes> in the full version you pull the light into each chakra
<+hermes> then visualize the color of that chakra as it swells with energy
<+hermes> then when that is going well in your minds eye pull the light down to the next chakra
<+hermes> then continue through all 7 of the lower chakra
<Sean392> regardie recommend at least ten minutes on each Sephera
<+hermes> personally, i like the short version. it works just as well as the long one
<+hermes> yea, see that is what i mean
<+hermes> you can if you want
<+hermes> want^
<CesaR> i like to make the visual intense as possible as far as the white light penetrating all chakras and evaporating the dirty stuff
<+hermes> that sounds good
<CesaR> to make the white light as bright as possible
<Sean392> the exercise is so inherently strong that it will benefit regardless
<+hermes> yes and i guess that is my point
<+hermes> you can do the long Regardie version or my short one. Whichever you like better.
<+hermes> or there may be times you use one over the other.
<+hermes> Certainly if you got an hour to spend on energizing all the chakra go to it.
<+hermes> but if not, you have the short one too
<CesaR> its helps me out a whole lot especially because my aura mimics whoever I'm with. and i feel clean. a great sense of clarity
<+hermes> ah you have crystal aura
<+hermes> yea lots of hard work that takes
<CesaR> yea . . .
<CesaR> its tuff
<+hermes> crystal aura is like a sponge
<+hermes> takes in everything and owns it
<CesaR> i twitch when someone enters my energy field ( gets close to me )
<+hermes> yea you need lots of MPE's
<+hermes> do several a day
<+hermes> do the short ones during the day and if you want the longer one at the end of the day
<+hermes> or beginning
<CesaR> yea not easy but where theirs a will theirs a way
<Sean392> i do at least twice a day and always before sleep
<+hermes> simple mpe -->
<+hermes> longer one -->
<CesaR> growing up i would be the shy one and speak late in conversations but that's only so because i would try to speak through thought
<+hermes> that's great, keep it up. I like the MPE. It works well and does a great job of keeping the junk away.
<CesaR> Hermes what's the difference between indigos and crystals. i heard of a new breed of people called rainbows or something?
<+hermes> indigos come with knowledge pre packed
<Sean392> oh no......
<+hermes> but to release this knowledge they have to immerse themselves in whatever that is
<+hermes> so the knowledge is there but can't be used until they start doing it.
<+hermes> indigos are great learners of life and of doing things
<+hermes> but they have it tough too
<+hermes> because their way of learning is not really accepted today
<+hermes> today its about books and materials
<+hermes> but for an indigo its about doing and learning
<+hermes> they do not do well on books or tests
<+hermes> or find them very hard
<+hermes> they can be brilliant when left to their own ways.
<+hermes> but often get side tracked by society that wants it done their way.
<+hermes> i have not heard anything about rainbow color aura
<+hermes> but to be clear
<+hermes> clear^
<electra972> I think the modern way of learning is one of the great delusions of our time
<+hermes> no one's aura is all one color
<+hermes> you always have many colors floating around. depending on your emotions and thoughts
<+hermes> but usually you have a predominate color and that is what is meant by what color is your aura
<+hermes> yes electra, learning today has lost the fun factor
<+hermes> it is too pre determined
<+hermes> and rigid
<electra972> I think it is very bad for mental health
<+hermes> for an indigo that is a nightmare
<electra972> and also stunts the intellect
<electra972> also one thing I noticed is that learning is very much determined by cultural conditioning
<+hermes> absolutely
<electra972> but I have never seen this acknowledged anywhere by the establishment
<electra972> and I think you have to relinquish that kind of mind set to get good at spiritual things
<electra972> but in any case meditation gets rid of it for you
<electra972> and you start realizing what real intelligence is
<+hermes> good points
<electra972> in the UK there is a saying from the last government
<electra972> education, education, education
<electra972> believe that if you can
<electra972> but meditation is the best form of education you can have
<electra972> so meditation, meditation, meditation LOL!
<CesaR> yea real intellect is attained by meditation along with lots of other good stuff
<+hermes> yea you can learn much through meditation because the whole knowledge is there for you to grab.
<electra972> yet the establishment would not like that
<Sean392> in the US its Location Location Location
<+hermes> no they would not
<+hermes> LOL
<electra972> as it thinks it is the sole provider of all things
<electra972> LOL!
<CesaR> well its good to know that in the future things will get to be more harmonious
<+hermes> i have high outlook that things are changing for the better
<+hermes> Karma is really squeezing people in high places today
<CesaR> yea
<CesaR> its a trip to see that
<+hermes> they are finding that their worlds built on greed and power is not getting them far
<CesaR> its happening all over
<+hermes> yep
<+hermes> this is the 2012 energy
<+hermes> starting to take effect
<CesaR> lol
<+hermes> it will reshape how people think because the old ways will no longer work.
<Sean392> new boss same as old boss, though
<electra972> what does that mean
<CesaR> change is good, as change only happens when new things are realized for advancement
<+hermes> well i am going to take off
<+hermes> i will be back here next thursday same time
<electra972> yes - it;s been interesting
<CesaR> ok great
<+hermes> it was good chat and we covered some interesting things
<CesaR> lol
<+hermes> have a great week all
<electra972> makes for good log files
<+hermes> yep
<CesaR> yup yup
<CesaR> bye
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<electra972> bye
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