your power animal; typical travel meditation sensations; letting go and freeing yourself of limitations; travel meditation to Kether with experiences
January 29, 2009 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Jan 29 13:08:27 2009
Session Ident: #energyworks
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<iris669> Hi everyone!
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<Wicked> IRIS :D
<iris669> How are you doing today?
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<NahkahiiR> Good evening. :)
<+iris669> Hi
<+iris669> brb - I need to switch computers
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<iris87> hi again!
<iris87> seems very quiet here today
<NahkahiiR> Iris: I had a weird dream two weeks ago the night after you led the workshop. A rhino shaped cloud approached me and also a woman who introduced herself as Iris. We entered the cloud and felt a blissful moment there until I was blown out because I lost my concentration.
<Tachyony> ;)
<Wicked> iris
<NahkahiiR> By bliss I mean happiness being next to the Source, not sexual sensation.
<iris87> that's what i thought
<Wicked> iris you said hi to him :O
<Wicked> ?
<iris87> it would be interesting if the rhino was your power animal
<NahkahiiR> I don't know what's my power animal.
<iris87> sorry, I said Hi to everyone!
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<Wicked> iris I've been waiting for this thursday to ask about hemi-sync
<Wicked> is it safe, healthy, will t mess with my natural flow?
<Wicked> will it mess with my natural flow*
<iris87> the shamans believe that everyone has a power animal associated with him/her
<iris87> they can change from lifetime to lifetime but they are with us to help
<iris87> I love the bliss thing - that's great
<Wicked> so iris87 :O?
<iris87> back to hemi-sync?
<Wicked> yes i wanted to ask about that
<Wicked> [16:54:26] <Wicked> is it safe, healthy, will t mess with my natural flow?
<Wicked> [16:54:35] <Wicked> will it mess with my natural flow*
<iris87> ok
<iris87> I don't think so - I would think it would do the opposite
<Wicked> hmmm ill ask hermes next week :D
<NahkahiiR> Iris: I want to know about travel meditation.
<iris87> Isn't it supposed to help you block out distractions and help you focus?
<iris87> but then it can affect you physically
<iris87> have you tried it?
<Wicked> no
<iris87> and then we
<Wicked> i have been waiting for you or hermes
<Wicked> ill just ask him next week :D
<iris87> ok
<iris87> Nahkahil, do you have any knowledge of travel meditation
<Wicked> did you say hi to NahkahiiR in his dream with the cloud?
<NahkahiiR> Hermes said something about it, traveling to some place other than my current location in the meditation but that doesn't tell me much.
<iris87> not much "talking" in that reality
<NahkahiiR> As my meditation is usually just keeping a clear mind.
<NahkahiiR> No hovering in the air.
<iris87> it's not hovering in the air for most people
<NahkahiiR> Sometimes nothing happens, which is ok, or I hear voices from my inner self.
<NahkahiiR> This is about accessing the Tree of Life.
<Wicked> NahkahiiR
<NahkahiiR> Wicked?
<Wicked> you are talking about the ether plane I'm assuming?
<NahkahiiR> Nope.
<NahkahiiR> Well. I guess travel meditation goes there.
<NahkahiiR> Does it?
<Wicked> "traveling someplace else then your location" would be ether plane unless your talking about astral
<Wicked> which means you OBE and you can see your body lying there
<iris87> when you travel meditate, one usually starts by quieting the mind as in any meditation
<NahkahiiR> Go on.
<iris87> then images may appear before you
<iris87> or colors
<iris87> you may feel like you are moving very fast
<iris87> it is not clear as physical reality
<iris87> and when you see another being, you just know what they are saying without words
<NahkahiiR> More like, sensing with instincts?
<iris87> some people actually OBE and can see themselves in the room but that is the exception more than the rule
<iris87> yes, exactly like sensing
<iris87> the more you do it the more you learn to recognize and experience
<NahkahiiR> That applies to everything in life.
<iris87> yes
<iris87> and sometimes we don't get any visuals, or sounds or smells
<NahkahiiR> Well I have seen images and stuff but never had the sense of movement.
<NahkahiiR> Or I just didn't pay attention to that.
<NahkahiiR> Is it possible to "dive" into the images when you see them?
<iris87> yes, you may not have realized it
<Wicked> i had the sense of movement only one/three times
<iris87> yes you can "dive" into them
<NahkahiiR> Hmm.
<NahkahiiR> I'll be more alert next time.
<Wicked> iris do you see the ap vividly, like the physical world?
<iris87> the movement often comes when you are traveling far in the Tree
<Wicked> physical*
<iris87> I see malkuth very clearly as the physical world
<Wicked> nice :D
<iris87> it's close to the physical plane so it's the easiest
<iris87> but as we move up the Sephira, the physical quality disappears
<iris87> and it is much more like being in a Cloud
<iris87> like the rhino dream
<NahkahiiR> Couple of days ago I had a dream where I became lucid and my first thought was "I want to go to Malkuth!" I didn't see anything or just a subtle glow (I don't remember if there was any color) but I heard voices and the only message that I remember was "Let it go."
<NahkahiiR> I got a feeling that it was from some guide or something.
<iris87> see, that's great!
<iris87> and that's how it is many times
<NahkahiiR> :)
<iris87> remember, these experiences exist on many levels
<iris87> we don't always recognize what is going on physically - but each trip brings with it something for us to learn and evolve
<iris87> try to just love the experience - whatever it is
<Wicked> iris can you see malkuth vividly in a light meditative state?
<iris87> yes
<iris87> but I've been there many many times
<Wicked> how much is that?
<iris87> it wasn't like that in the beginning
<Wicked> how many times and how was it before?
<iris87> oh, years of traveling there
<iris87> in the beginning it was like the other sephira - dreamlike or "cloud-like"
<iris87> and vague images would cross my mind
<NahkahiiR> Dreams have always been close to my heart... maybe I'm already an experienced TOL traveler. I just don't know it. :)
<Wicked> i am extremely sleepy, i have been sleeping 4 hours every day this whole week, so i'm going to nap
<iris87> ok
<iris87> maybe you will join us in your nap
<NahkahiiR> :)
<Wicked> maybe :O
<Wicked> :D
<iris87> and yes, you can be an experienced TOL traveler and not recognize that you were doing it
<iris87> we began this type of meditation many years ago in a group and we didn't realize what was going on until we started comparing our meditations
<iris87> over and over again we were experiencing the same things
<NahkahiiR> Cool. :)
<iris87> and little by little the pieces of the puzzle came together
<iris87> everything we need to learn is in the Tree
<NahkahiiR> 10 days ago I realized that I shouldn't try to see something that others are seeing. I'm just doing my own thing.
<iris87> and it is full of loving beings who just want to help us on our journeys
<NahkahiiR> Today I asked archangel Gabriel to give me joy and clarity.
<NahkahiiR> What I got was a burning feeling in my solar plexus.
<Wicked> ill think about kether and my spirit guide while going to slap
<Wicked> cya
<iris87> yes, do your own thing - this journey is a very personal one
<Wicked> going to sleep*
<NahkahiiR> Have a good nap. :)
<iris87> nite
<iris87> the burning in the solar plexus is common
<iris87> that's energy
<iris87> sometimes enters through the crown and sometimes through the solar plexus
<NahkahiiR> For years I have been like a wooden log, without feeling energies.
<iris87> that has been all of us
<NahkahiiR> But the last few months, whooosh.
<iris87> oh yes, things can go very fast once that door opens
<iris87> I always think of a small child -
<iris87> they will sit and sit for months without walking
<iris87> but, when they are ready they learn in a very short time and then there is no stopping them!
<iris87> it's the same here
<NahkahiiR> Yeah.
<iris87> we just need to be ready and want it
<NahkahiiR> When I want to go forward I use to ask angels to give me challenges.
<iris87> or ask them to help you
<NahkahiiR> I've been a little reluctant to do that.
<NahkahiiR> It felt so nuts.
<iris87> they are always at our side waiting for us to ask
<NahkahiiR> But few days ago I did something that changed me.
<iris87> ?
<NahkahiiR> When I was skiing on the sea, at one point I took the skis off and yelled as loud as I could, rolled in the snow and talked to myself. It felt very puzzling at first but later I got a feeling that it's very natural and anything is possible.
<iris87> YES!
<iris87> and that is called letting go!
<NahkahiiR> I did the same today, my inner child rejoices. :)
<iris87> it is very freeing
<NahkahiiR> Exactly.
<iris87> let's us step beyond physical restraints
<iris87> which we need to do to experience everything beyond physical reality
<NahkahiiR> I found the poet in myself.
<iris87> the creative self
<NahkahiiR> Creativity for the win.
<NahkahiiR> Unlimited source of fun.
<iris87> so much fun!
<iris87> are we meditating today?
<NahkahiiR> I hope so.
<iris87> me too
<iris87> anyone else?
<NahkahiiR> Wicked in his dreams. :)
<iris87> of course!
<NahkahiiR> So the schedule mentioned travel meditation to Kether...
<iris87> well, the plan was to go to Kether
<NahkahiiR> Ok.
<iris87> if you want to try for another one instead it's ok with me
<NahkahiiR> No no, anything is good. :)
<iris87> well, maybe we'll just see where our guides take us!
<iris87> Kether is at the top of the tree so to speak
<iris87> as malkuth is the sephira closest to the earth plane, Kether is the sephira closest to the divine
<iris87> divine
<iris87> so. it is very removed from physical reality
<NahkahiiR> Is it like the hardest to visit, then?
<iris87> great lessons but often difficult to translate into the physical
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<iris87> humm
<iris87> no, but sometimes the hardest experiences to explain
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<@hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel electra
<NahkahiiR> I see.
<iris87> because it is so far removed from physical reality
<iris87> it is quite beautiful
<iris87> and I would say, for me, more feeling experience than visual
<NahkahiiR> Interesting.
<iris87> the more you travel the sephira, the more you will see their individual natures
<NahkahiiR> You are repeating yourself, heh.
<iris87> just relax, keep an open and empty mind and enjoy the ride!
<iris87> so, are we ready?
<NahkahiiR> Sure.
<iris87> ok then let's do it
<NahkahiiR> 15 mins?
<iris87> Yes
<iris87> Iris is meditating and will return in 15 min
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<NahkahiiR> Huh.
<NahkahiiR> I saw hands doing stuff and rooms of some house and a muffled shout to the right of me.
<NahkahiiR> And immediately when I started meditating I felt that I was being pulled somewhere.
<NahkahiiR> First hand was holding a blue thing, probably a ticket. In the second image I saw two hands moving and planting something green. Then one hand seemed to give me a pink bag of some kind. Then in the last image two hands were folding a white paper.
<NahkahiiR> The first room of the house was kitchen, beige shelves and very much light coming from the window. The second room had a 3' tall red-brown wooden clock with curvy furniture and the last room was kind of children's room with light blue walls, a table was there and some toys lying around.
<NahkahiiR> Lots of images.
<iris87> you certainly had lots of images!
<NahkahiiR> Then I saw a bluish crystal glimmering at one point, very bright.
<NahkahiiR> Oh, the shout came from outside as I heard another one just now.
<NahkahiiR> It startled me during the meditation. :)
<iris87> it happens
<NahkahiiR> This meditation gave me lots to think about.
<iris87> the crystal I saw was like a globe
<NahkahiiR> What was its color?
<iris87> whitish and blue
<iris87> sort of white and blue
<NahkahiiR> !
<iris87> that was given to us along with a scepter - I think that's the spelling
<NahkahiiR> The one I saw was mostly looking white because it was so bright but had a blue glimmer around it.
<iris87> yes!
<iris87> like illuminated
<NahkahiiR> Yes.
<iris87> I've never seen that before
<NahkahiiR> It was new to me as well.
<iris87> it was beautiful
<NahkahiiR> Sure it was, although it didn't last long.
<NahkahiiR> Maybe 2 seconds.
<iris87> agreed
<NahkahiiR> Did you experience anything else?
<iris87> it was placed in our hands
<iris87> and then it was gone
<iris87> I saw Metatron - a young boy
<NahkahiiR> Heh, maybe the last room was Metatron's. ;)
<iris87> you saw it as a child's room?
<NahkahiiR> Yes. Blue walls, toys lying around.
<iris87> well, that's interesting
<iris87> I didn't see a house but the planting could have been in Malkuth
<iris87> we go through there to enter the rest of the tree
<NahkahiiR> The hands didn't look like young boy's hands.
<iris87> maybe, older, wiser hands?
<NahkahiiR> More like man in his 30's.
<iris87> probably like the ones I saw holding the globe
<NahkahiiR> These images were quite vivid.
<NahkahiiR> I was surprised of them.
<iris87> it's amazing, isn't it?
<NahkahiiR> Each of them lasted 1-2 seconds and between them was about 30 seconds pause with nothingness.
<NahkahiiR> Yes. I think I understand what travel meditation is about.
<iris87> yes, that's how it is
<iris87> I try to link those images in that in between time so I won't forget
<iris87> but sometimes stuff comes back to me the following day
<iris87> and I'm sure a lot happens that we don't bring back
<iris87> but that's ok
<NahkahiiR> I hope next night's dream will give some answers to what the hands' actions meant.
<iris87> I'm glad you're getting a sense of travel meditation
<iris87> and that may happen
<NahkahiiR> Holding, planting, giving, folding...
<NahkahiiR> It feels like a skill being developed.
<iris87> great observation
<iris87> and you were given a gift in that pink bag
<NahkahiiR> I agree. :)
<iris87> pink is the color of love - not love between partners, more like the love of a parent for a child
<iris87> pure love without reservation
<NahkahiiR> The last image actually looked like the hands were mine (as the other three were pointing towards me) and I was the one folding the paper, thus using the skill that was given.
<iris87> yes!
<iris87> that was part of your personal journey - a sign of accomplishment
<iris87> you had a great meditation - you have accomplished a great deal today!
<NahkahiiR> True.
<NahkahiiR> It's late, almost 2am here.
<NahkahiiR> I have to sleep.
<NahkahiiR> Thanks, it was a good session today. :)
<iris87> and an even clearer understanding may "unfold" over the next few days
<iris87> oh yes! 2 am! get some sleep
<NahkahiiR> Yeah, following days are always important after such experiences.
<iris87> oh yes
<iris87> thank you also - great meditation
<NahkahiiR> :)
<NahkahiiR> Good night.
<iris87> good night
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<iris87> good night all
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