Fears and Out of Body Travel; Crystals and Crystal Meditation; Traveling Mediation and the Tree of Life, changing the past and the future with out of body travel
January 22, 2009 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Jan 22 16:00:20 2009
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<hermes> howdy
<hermes> i am a bit late
<hermes> its been one of those days
<hermes> i think every technical failure that could have gone wrong today did, power went out, backup generator was down, then the computers would not reboot and then the dsl went out.
<Tachyony> hi ;)
<hermes> how is everyone today
<Tachyony> what about giant rampaging B-movie robot?
<hermes> i guess that would have been the cherry on top of it all
<nahda> hi there
<hermes> luckily no giant rampaging robot
<hermes> ok i am open for questions
<NahkahiiR> Wow, life. :)
<hermes> or you can suggest a topic
<Wicked> is this the real hermes :O?
<NahkahiiR> He doesn't seem like a bot to me so he has to be real.
<nahda> what do you know of akashic records?
<Wicked> lol
<Wicked> it is so hard to reach you lol
<hermes> the akashic records are where all the information is stored about a person's lives
<hermes> it is their complete record
<nahda> past life's?
<Wicked> we can read this in the astral plane?
<hermes> it contains all your lives, past and future
<hermes> it can be read in out of body states or in travel meditation
<nahda> how may i access this info?
<hermes> but it is not always an easy place to access
<nahda> ok
<nahda> is it a recommended practice?
<hermes> it is the most easy to get to them in Binah. you can ask the archangel there to give you access to your own records
<nahda> tree of life?
<hermes> the TOL is a nonphysical learning system that adepts access to grow spiritually
<nahda> are there crystals or spells that can make it easier to access the tree
<hermes> Iris does meditations here to the TOL every other Thursday
<nahda> thanks
<hermes> It really is a system of merit
<hermes> you have to access malkuth and then meet with Sandalphon
<hermes> he then tests you
<hermes> he may give you some tasks to complete
<hermes> when you complete these tasks he then opens the rest of the TOL to you
<nahda> in a meditation i saw a golden arch angel with a sword in front of golden gates
<Wicked> hermes, do you see the tol vividly or is it a blur to you?
<hermes> the TOL life can appear quite clear and real
<nahda> he was guard such a tree, a giant fig
<hermes> were you aiming for the TOL when you saw this big angel
<Wicked> can your future be changed into something better, or is it already written and can not be changed?
<nahda> in another i saw a golden chain with a gold key
<nahda> I was doing a group meditation when it appeared along a path
<nahda> it was by accident i think
<hermes> well those could be personal symbols or messages to you too
<hermes> it is hard to tell, if you had no specific place to go
<hermes> in mine
<hermes> mind
<nahda> later in the meditation the same angel showed me the life cycle and a tour of the universe. it was very cool
<nahda> he gave me a gift
<Wicked> when you do the meditation travel, are you able to control both your spirit and body?
<Wicked> at the same time
<hermes> in life cycle what do you mean
<hermes> Wicked if you are out of the body you can't move your physical body anymore, you are not home in it
<hermes> if you are in a light travel meditation you may have dual use of both but then the visions will not be as clear
<hermes> because you are not full focused on the nonphysical plane
<Wicked> yes that is what happened
<Wicked> to me
<nahda> the moment of conception, a baby growing in a womb, the birth, infancy, childhood, adulthood, then a happy old bearded man dying and white light leaving his chest
<hermes> ah
<hermes> well that must have been revealing for you
<hermes> to experience all of that in one go
<nahda> why do you think this was
<nahda> my life?
<hermes> it sounds like it
<nahda> perhaps a past?
<nahda> or future?
<hermes> that could be too
<hermes> there is a Aethyr level (another training system) where those kinds of visions occur
<nahda> he gave me a black book
<hermes> you see the universe
<hermes> and you see yourself span time and space
<hermes> let me just find that
<nahda> with golden script and the word Sanskrit
<hermes> you will get gifts at times
<hermes> these represent abilities
<hermes> or energies that you are being given
<nahda> book+inner knowledge or wisdom?
<hermes> yes books usually represent some kind of knowledge
<hermes> any idea what that gift or knowledge may be
<hermes> has it shown itself in your life yet
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<nahda> Had an aura reading recently and was told i was creative..
<nahda> perhaps knowledge of how to create
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<@hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel Dinosaurr
<hermes> well you will have to put this new knowledge to good use in your life
<hermes> create some wonderful things
<hermes> create^
<nahda> i have been seeking information as well, perhaps it is soon to come to me
<hermes> yes that can be too
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<Wicked> hermestrs as you said about normal and light meditative travel state
<nahda> creating is easier, but sometimes it's hard to know what you want..
<Wicked> i wa sin a light one since i was able to control both my body but my visual was not clear
<Wicked> i mostly saw shapes of stars passing by and the sun
<Wicked> i was walking around yelling and asking for someone to talk to me
<Wicked> walking*
<Wicked> and as i was walking
<Wicked> i turned around and i saw someone watching/observing me
<hermes> if you straddle the physical and nonphysical your visions will be unfocused, you have to move your entire self into the nonphysical self by letting go of the control over the physical body.
<Wicked> yes, i have not achieved that yet
<hermes> it takes time
<hermes> you will get there
<Wicked> so i turned around and had seen him and asked for him to talk to me
<Wicked> all i got was an evil laughter
<Wicked> and a "hi" in an evil voice
<Wicked> like a monster you would see from a movie, really deep voice
<Wicked> so then i kept walking and became both frightened and mad
<Wicked> because he would not talk and he kept observing/watching me
<Wicked> so i turned around to him again and just went back into my body
<Wicked> can there be evil spirits in the TOL?
<Wicked> and if so, can they hurt you?
<hermes> it may not have been an actual evil person. sometimes you create these things to shock yourself so that you remember them.
<hermes> you can create these things
<hermes> you can also not interpret things right
<hermes> this is common in the beginning of bringing back information from that level of reality
<hermes> but sometimes you just meet not nice people there
<NahkahiiR> What one thinks about becomes real?
<hermes> you just ignore them if that is the case
<Wicked> can they hurt me at all?
<hermes> yes your thoughts are very fertile in the nonphysical. it takes much more control to keep the experience clean
<orph> children scare themselves all the time in play, it's actually a good way of release and to balance the body. We keep doing this in dreams later in life.
<hermes> your spirit is indestructible
<hermes> but that does not mean you will not feel pain or fear
<Wicked> hermes but i have heard of a umbilical cord that is connected from your body to your spirit
<Wicked> and it can be cut
<Wicked> and if so, you can never return back into your body
<hermes> that is just nonsense, not the cord, that is real but the bit about it being cut
<hermes> no one can cut that unless you are dying
<hermes> in which case you yourself cut it
<hermes> to free yourself of the body
<Wicked> oh. My uncle does "witchcraft" and he said it can be cut by an evil spirit
<Wicked> or a demon
<hermes> nope
<hermes> that cord is there until you take your last breath
<Wicked> that is what scared me the most about traveling into the astral plane
<hermes> perhaps your uncle does not really understand these things, or he is just trying to scare you.
<hermes> if you believe that this cord can be cut
<Wicked> well i don't know but he was trying to give me a book and my grandma said no
<hermes> then you will conjure up the most terrible nonphysical nightmare with it being cut
<hermes> but you will just awake in the physical body afterward
<hermes> but you do have to be ready for OBE too
<Wicked> oh
<Wicked> i feel as though I'm ready
<hermes> well then, you will have to work through these fears
<hermes> through^
<nahda> Hermes do you use crystals to aid communication with angels and guides? If so what do you recommend
<NahkahiiR> I'm not even sure what I'm afraid of when I try OBE...
<hermes> i use crystals in my meditations which i then use to connect to these energies
<hermes> i like the Atlantean ones but any will do that you like
<NahkahiiR> How do you use crystals in your meditations?
<hermes> well in OBE You are in a rich environment so if you fear something you will create it
<hermes> then you have to work on getting over that fear
<nahda> What are Atlantean ones?
<hermes> in one sense an OBE puts you directly in touch with the things you need to fix within yourself
<NahkahiiR> I see.
<hermes> crystal meditation:
<NahkahiiR> Sometimes I have asked angels to give me challenges so that I can confront my fears.
<hermes> in brief put a bunch of crystals around you in a circle and then meditate. The crystals help accelerate your energy and make communicating easier with spirit guides
<NahkahiiR> That makes things happen but I haven't really dove in yet.
<nahda> I see thanks
<hermes> The atlantean ones come from Arkansas, at least that is where i get them from
<hermes> but you can find them other places i am sure
<nahda> thanks I'll look into them
<hermes> i find the lighter smaller lemurian crystals are good for light subtle work
<hermes> for charging the body the thicker heavier energy i like better,but that can just be my taste
<hermes> OBE is a wonderful tool for self evolution. but you have to be strong, brave and persistent
<NahkahiiR> So I have heard.
<hermes> because you have to work through your own issues that hold you back to achieve a OBE
<hermes> it is not that OBE is hard
<orph> @Nahda; some guides may also have a preference for certain stones, scents, colors, sounds etc. Finding out those relations can help strengthening your connection to them. And it should be fun to explore ( :
<hermes> but as Wicked is finding out, he has to confront his beliefs in a more direct way
<nahda> ok thanks orph & Hermes
<Tachyony> I've been doing Zen meditation for a while, I don't believe there is very much more direct than that
<Tachyony> its a side effect, you start learning other stuff
<NahkahiiR> I feel that an answer is just around a corner but I'm still attached to something that keeps me lazy.
<NahkahiiR> Maybe there is something or I'm just imagining things.
<nahda> Hermes when do you suggest is the optimum time of day to meditate, Morning, or evening?
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<Wicked> [16:48:29] <hermes> but as Wicked is finding out, he has to confront his beliefs in a more direct way < i believe you and i'm not that scared of it anymore but maybe i will get spontaneous recovery and it will come back to me when it try again
<hermes> yes that is how you get over these fears, persistence
<nahda> Do you need to do a protection routine before each mediation, and what can happen if you don't. Someone told me that you could left open to psychic attack.
<hermes> what is it Nahkahiir that you are trying to get rid of , being lazy?
<NahkahiiR> I find it hard to start doing things.
<hermes> i like to do some kind of protection before meditation, it just keeps the distractions away. i do not think it is bad if you don't
<Wicked> nahda i think its your preference, however you are comfortable
<hermes> just that it keeps the crap away
<nahda> ok thanks
<hermes> Nah can you travel the tree of life yet? if so Kether is a great place to kick the lazy energy in the butt
<NahkahiiR> I guess it's just that I'm not persistent enough.
<hermes> when you go there you come back with this very potent and creative energy that just screams to be released
<Wicked> hermes then i need to go to kether :O
<Wicked> will this overcome laziness?
<Wicked> i tend to do everything last minute
<hermes> yes kether is great for getting rid of lazy energy
<Wicked> like my essays at 3 in the morning when i need to wake up at 6am
<NahkahiiR> I'll read this TOL stuff.
<Wicked> hermes where do you buy your crystals @?
<hermes> i go to the local shop
<hermes> there is this stand in the mall
<hermes> she gets real nice raw stuff, which i like
<hermes> i do not like the polished crystals
<orph> both types have a different energy
<hermes> the polished ones look nice but seem to have lost something from the filing
<Wicked> do you have a guide to cleaning cleansing and recharging your crystal?
<Wicked> this is a pretty good site if not:
<orph> Hermes, what about shiny labradorit? ( :
<hermes> crystal care:
<orph> Labradorite*
<orph> it's polished
<hermes> i guess it depends on who does the polishing and how much
<hermes> if they take so much off the crystal to make it look shiny and clear, well they take away what makes it unique
<hermes> if they just lightly polish it, well that is okay
<hermes> i have seen some merchants file a perfectly good crystals into a new shape
<orph> hmm, do you know about this cave in mexico
<hermes> just to make it look appealing
<hermes> well they change it when they do that
<orph> if you like rough and natural
<hermes> it is not the same anymore
<hermes> now those are some big crystals
<hermes> give me some for my room
<orph> yea
<hermes> wow
<orph> :D
<orph> that should be a great place to visit
<orph> but the cave is real deep down and extremely hot
<orph> so you can only be in there for a few minutes
<hermes> orph those stones like Labradorite, are good to enhance your crystal meditation, you still should have some clear natural quartz in there for best results
<orph> ok
<hermes> i often add extra stones i call them to my crystal meditation circle depending on what energy i may want to add
<hermes> i have a rough garnet i like very much
<hermes> to have in there
<orph> what color is it?
<hermes> moonstone too i like
<hermes> that adds a nice etheric quality to it
<hermes> and helps even out the emotions
<hermes> agate or onyx is good if you feel light headed or ungrounded
<hermes> and want to connect with the earth more
<orph> the pictures I find of rough garnet look like it's a root chakra stone
<orph> especially the red ones
<hermes> its real dark
<hermes> and you can't see through it
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<orph> I have to be off, nice talking to everyone though ( :
<hermes> see you orph, thanks for stopping by
<orph> and nice to see the workshop is getting so much interest lately
<orph> bye ( :
* orph ( Quit ("Bye bye")
<hermes> OBE can be a bit easier and more friendly experience if you consciously take your spirit guide with you
<hermes> just make sure you keep in your mind that he or she will be there with you to help you
<hermes> they can keep those fears from getting out of hand
<hermes> and can guide your experience a bit
<Tachyony> you familiar with the holographic universe?
<hermes> what do you mean
<hermes> there an Aethyr training level where you seen the universe as flat or a holograph
<Tachyony> its a theory
<hermes> is that that thing in the news
<hermes> where they claim the universe is a hologram
<hermes> on a atomic level
<hermes> that is very true actually and it is one of the lessons you learn in that Aethyr level
<hermes> that page really does not go into too much detail, i should update it
<hermes> but in that level of reality you are shown the universe as it really is
<hermes> which is a product of thought and energy
<hermes> not solid as you think it is or appears to be
<hermes> usually you are separate from the universe in that level
<hermes> you see quite clearly how it is made and how your change it
<Tachyony> I've been doing meditation for a while and I've seen a lot of things...
<nahda> bye
<hermes> bye hahda
<hermes> thanks for stopping by
<hermes> come back again
<Tachyony> there's some kind of universal guidance that exists too that's appears to effect everything
<Wicked> i am back
<Wicked> i was showering
<hermes> well yes the universe is alive with many levels of entities
<hermes> each one adds its uniqueness to the mix
<hermes> and changes the universe in a subtle way
<hermes> many of these forces are guiding forces that help
<hermes> and heal
* nahda ( Quit (Ping timeout)
<hermes> and of course the universe has that central intelligence that goes by many names
<hermes> all that is , the universe, God and the many other names people call it
<hermes> the best bit is that the universe is positive in nature
<hermes> it constantly strives to improve and grow
<hermes> not that it is not perfect because it is
<hermes> it is in a constant state of perfection that changes and grows
<hermes> but it always takes itself in a positive direction, it never regresses, but moves forward
<hermes> this assures that any experience you do have can be used constructively
<hermes> in some way, even if it seems like a negative one or an unpleasant one
<Wicked> [17:16:21] <hermes> OBE can be a bit easier and more friendly experience if you consciously take your spirit guide with you < how do you do so?
<hermes> just make a mental note to have him with you
<hermes> ask him to be here
<hermes> with you
<hermes> spend some nights connecting with him or her
<hermes> before going to sleep make a note to see him or her in a dream
<Wicked> on problem
<Wicked> i "don't have dreams" as you can say
<hermes> that is okay
<hermes> you still dream
<hermes> you just do not remember it
<Wicked> yes that is why i said "as you can say" :P
<Wicked> i used to remember them and seeing them but not anymore
<hermes> the last thing on your mind when you go to sleep will be the first dream you have
<hermes> the idea
<hermes> is to connect with your spirit guide
<hermes> if you remember the dream that is great
<hermes> but spending time wanting this connection will make it happen
<hermes> and then when you OBE he will be there with you.
<Wicked> its hard for me to get peace and quiet here..that is the other thing =\
<Wicked> it is nearly impossible
<Wicked> i was thinking of hemi-sync but i want to do everything naturally
<Tachyony> meditation?
<Wicked> yes via meditation
<hermes> well take it in steps wicked
<hermes> wicked
<hermes> try focusing on the spirit guide as you go off to sleep
<Wicked> yes you are using mirc
<hermes> this will help with that connection
<Wicked> just type w and press "tab"
<hermes> then try to connect with some meditation
<hermes> it does not matter if you do not feel anything happening
<hermes> it will
<Wicked> how would i start if i don't know what he looks or what he wants
<hermes> the idea is to create this connection so when you do OBE it will be there for you
<hermes> your desire will make it happen
<hermes> desire is pulls things toward you
<Wicked> will i be able to see him in TOL?
<hermes> it is like a magnet
<hermes> yes
<hermes> you will see your guide
<Wicked> that's cool :D
<Wicked> last thursday Iris went and we had a 15 min break to meditation
<Wicked> i was in that light meditative state
<Wicked> i saw a purple circle and as i went closer it became bigger
<Wicked> and i was going pretty fast
<Wicked> then i had gone through another tunnel
<Wicked> another circle*, and then i felt this incredible warmth
<Wicked> iris said she was holding 2 people
<Wicked> and it was a tunnel
<hermes> yes that sounds like a valid experience to me
<hermes> those tunnels take you to the spheres in the tree of life
<hermes> that is very good
<hermes> so you are on the way there
<Wicked> all i saw where purple circles though but if it didn't get bigger i felt as if i stopped
<Wicked> and when it got bigger i felt something moving
<hermes> at first that is all you get
<hermes> the colors and the tunnels
<Wicked> i cant really control my spirit though, its very hard
<hermes> next time you will go further
<Sean_> purple is yesod on the queens scale, so there you go.
<Wicked> yes i only tried the ap twice
<Wicked> yesod
<hermes> well there is this deep purple too you see when you first enter the TOL
<hermes> it may not be the same purple as yesod
<hermes> but it could be
<hermes> usually you see this purple
<hermes> then you travel the tunnel
<Wicked> well iris said we were in chokmah
<hermes> and the color of the tunnels can tell you where you are going
<hermes> yes that was the aim last week
<Wicked> what do you think about the seven sins?
<hermes> but it is okay if you just get to the start gate
<hermes> you have to start somewhere
<Wicked> erm 10 commandments
<Wicked> sorry
<hermes> there is only one rule or law
<Wicked> what is that?
<hermes> "you cannot block another's path back to god without blocking your own path"
<hermes> all these commandments and spiritual law are really just ways of interpreting that one law
<hermes> as such many of these spiritual dos and don'ts are based on society and what it believes
<Wicked> well i don't break them but how would stealing be blocking?
<hermes> it depends on the circumstance
<hermes> it could or it could not
<Wicked> oh
<hermes> i did not say it was easy to interpret
<hermes> that is why these commandments and spiritual dos and don'ts are there
<Wicked> oh and the thing you said, where was it to see your whole history?
<hermes> it is a way to try to stay on the straight and narrow
<Sean_> depends on you and your true will, and whatnot.
<hermes> this may be a ridiculous example of stealing being bad but lets try it anyway
<hermes> a man builds a chair to reach heaven
<hermes> you steal his chair
<hermes> now he has to build another one
<hermes> you have blocked his path and caused him delay in reaching heaven
<hermes> this example can only go so far
<hermes> but it shows you how that one law works
<Wicked> oh
<Wicked> so god is real correct?
<hermes> yes sean it is a complex thing karma
<hermes> when it gets generated and when it does not
<NahkahiiR> The 'using the tol' page mentions "travel meditation." What does that term actually mean?
<hermes> you go into a light meditative state where you spirit frees itself of the body
<hermes> you then appear on the nonphysical plane
<hermes> and travel to someplace
<Wicked> i was wondering if you read your documents about your future, if you can change it in real life to make it even better or can destiny not be changed since it has been written down?
<hermes> in a regular meditation you just stay where you are
<NahkahiiR> Okay.
<hermes> the future and the past changes constantly, with your every action
<NahkahiiR> Is a guided meditation kind of travel meditation?
<hermes> as you change your past your memory of it changes so it never seems like the past changes
<Wicked> so does someone "re-write" the documents or it self re-writes?
<hermes> no a guided meditation is just someone helping you to meditate
<hermes> travel meditation is you going someplace
<hermes> other than the room you are in when you meditate
<hermes> you re-write them
<hermes> you are creating them
<hermes> so you change them, then rewrite them
<NahkahiiR> I don't really see what you are talking about so I just have to try.
<hermes> come next week Iris will be here for a travel meditation'
<hermes> you can experience it for yourself
<NahkahiiR> :)
<Wicked> but what i'm saying is
<Wicked> does someone such as your guide physically write them in the astral plane?
<Wicked> or is it like a printer where depending on your actions, it prints out?
<hermes> does not work like that
<Wicked> how does it work?
<Tachyony> Wicked vice visual
<hermes> every past and future action exists in the nonphysical
<hermes> it is real
<hermes> it is like a place you can visit
<hermes> a room if you like
<hermes> and the room can change
<Wicked> oh
<hermes> so if you visit this past room one day, it looks one way
<hermes> and another day it looks different
<Wicked> but you can not change the past though
<hermes> the future and past are like rooms in the nonphysical plane
<hermes> they are real
<hermes> you can touch them
<hermes> visit them
<hermes> change them
<hermes> they are alive and grow on their own
<Wicked> so you can go in this room and kinda jump into your past and change it?
<hermes> yes
<hermes> exactly
<Wicked> will that affect the physical?
<hermes> yes it will
<hermes> but in subtle ways
<hermes> not hollywood ways
<hermes> where the world complete remakes itself
<hermes> it changes small ways
<Sean_> any change in the astral will have some effect
<hermes> yes
<hermes> and you will see this
<hermes> as you OBE to places and times
<hermes> how what you do there changes your life in small ways
<hermes> then you really get the reason for this tool. to improve your life in ways you could not ever imagine
<hermes> before
<hermes> say you had a fight with a friend
<hermes> fight^
<hermes> so you travel in the nonphysical plane to that fight
<hermes> you change it so that it is not so bad or prevent it
<hermes> then when you come back
<hermes> the fight will still have happened but
<hermes> your friend may not be as mad at you
<hermes> you may be able to reconcile with him
<hermes> you have changed the energy around the event
<hermes> and that changed in the physical plane
<NahkahiiR> That explains some things...
<Wicked> don't you obe when you sleep though
<Wicked> you travel into the dream plane
<hermes> yes you do
<NahkahiiR> I have read of sending Reiki energy to past events and I never understood what that's for.
<hermes> and you change things all the time then too
<hermes> but it is more potent when you do it consciously
<hermes> it has a greater affect
<hermes> ah that is a good one
<hermes> say you have a illness
<hermes> and you want to heal fast
<hermes> so you go back in time and send yourself healing energy
<hermes> in the past
<hermes> this makes the illness lighter
<hermes> not as sever
<hermes> so it heals faster as you have lessened it in the past
<NahkahiiR> Makes sense.
<Wicked> do you believe in what is said about 2012?
<hermes> there will be an energy shift
<hermes> in that year
<hermes> but it will hardly be noticed
<hermes> unless you are spiritually tuned into it
<Wicked> how so?
<hermes> this energy will reshape the world but it will take hundreds of years to see the changes
<hermes> it is the energy convergence
<hermes> of coming together in harmony
<Wicked> what is convergence
<hermes> convergence
<Wicked> what is that?
<hermes> its the different ways of people starting to come together as a whole unit
<hermes> working together
<hermes> in harmony
<hermes> for the greater good
<NahkahiiR> There are many societies like that forming around everywhere.
<hermes> if you are spiritually tuned into it, you can use this energy in your own life to make it better
<NahkahiiR> I see a growing trend.
<hermes> yes it is already being prepared
<Sean_> hope it's a bigger deal than the harmonic convergence of '87
<hermes> it will be subtle
<hermes> more may notice it because there are many more spiritual people now than in 87
<hermes> and this greater number will help it to anchor into the planet
<hermes> so that changes will start to happen that will bring people closer together
<hermes> anyway, i must depart
<hermes> it was a great session
<hermes> i will return in two weeks
<NahkahiiR> Thanks a lot. :)
<Sean_> LVX.
<Wicked> hermeslogger
<Wicked> before you leave
<Wicked> Kether
<Wicked> what should I be looking for to get there?
<hermes> it is a very light and happy place
<hermes> focus on the trumpets
<Sean_> the face of god.
<hermes> there are always trumpets when you enter there
<Wicked> what is that?>
* Sean_ ( Quit ("Bye bye")
<NahkahiiR> Triumphant?
<Wicked> i'm not quite attuned into greek mythology and such
<NahkahiiR> Rejoicers.
<NahkahiiR> Put into another word.
<hermes> Triumphant
<hermes> my spelling is so bad
<Wicked> i guess i will google that ^^
<Wicked> nice look at this
<NahkahiiR> I will make affirmations of seeing Malkuth tonight before going to sleep.
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<@hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel daniel145
<hermes> i guess i am not spelling it right
<Wicked> thank you hermestrs
<hermes> the musical instrument
<hermes> instrument
<daniel145> Hello
<hermes> fanfare
<Wicked> do you mean
<Wicked> trumpets?
<hermes> yea that one
<NahkahiiR> Hehehe.
<Wicked> haha :D
<hermes> man you think i do not speak english
<Wicked> will they be like floating?
<hermes> they could
<Wicked> oh
<hermes> people seem them differently
<NahkahiiR> Sometimes words just don't come into mind.
<Wicked> yea
<hermes> it is just an easy way i have found to tune into kether
<hermes> you will not read that anywhere
<Wicked> the sound of trumpets
<hermes> just something i have seen over the years
<Wicked> or the visual?
<hermes> both or one
<Wicked> ok
<hermes> it is different for everyone
<hermes> ok
<hermes> have fun
<Wicked> well thank you
<hermes> see everyone soon
<Wicked> i have allot more questions but you have to go :P
<Wicked> see you in 2 weeks :O?
<hermes> you all did good today
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* daniel145 ( Quit ("Bye bye")
<NahkahiiR> Now I'm understanding a bit more of what was spoken about a week ago.
<Wicked> well i feel a sensation to go to kether to overcome my laziness
<NahkahiiR> How experienced are you with the Tree of Life?
<Wicked> i've only done light meditation twice
<Wicked> and on my second time I was as frightened/pissed
<Wicked> i was able to control my body and spirit
<Wicked> and out of my body (in my spirit) i became frightened and pissed
<Wicked> and when i decided to return into my body
<Wicked> the feelings came along too
<NahkahiiR> Awww.
<Wicked> physically made
<Wicked> physically mad*
<Wicked> ugggg
<NahkahiiR> :D
<Wicked> i just forgot what that word was
<Wicked> physically
<Wicked> ugggg
<NahkahiiR> Physically?
<Wicked> physically
<Wicked> there we go
<Wicked> there we go*
<Wicked> i was physically mad
<NahkahiiR> Or was it psychically? :P
<Wicked> like you feel like hitting the wall or something
<Wicked> i was spiritually mad and then when i came back into my body
<Wicked> i was physically mad
<NahkahiiR> First one, then.
<Wicked> since i brought my emotions with me to home base
<NahkahiiR> How did you overcome it?
<Wicked> i haven't
<NahkahiiR> Ah.
<Wicked> I've only been to the TOL twice
<Wicked> and that was my second time
<NahkahiiR> Okay.
<NahkahiiR> I'm trying the dream method tonight.
<Wicked> yes, hopefully i can remember my dream and see him in there too
<NahkahiiR> See if the cloud from a week ago appears again I see Hermes there.
<Wicked> you see hermes :O?
<NahkahiiR> No. It was just a thought.
<Wicked> oh
<NahkahiiR> Hmm... thoughts become reality...
<Wicked> thoughts are a form of energy
<NahkahiiR> Last week I saw Iris in the cloud. Today I was talking with Hermes so maybe he appears in my dream.
<NahkahiiR> Or maybe not.
<NahkahiiR> Could be anything, as dreams are.
<Wicked> did you ask iris if she was on a cloud?
<NahkahiiR> I haven't seen her online since then.
<NahkahiiR> I'll ask next week.
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<@hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel rocho
<rocho> how long ago did the workshop start?
* rocho ( Quit ("Bye bye")
<NahkahiiR> Hmm... some people can't wait one minute.
<Wicked> you just missed it
<Wicked> [18:22:27] * +hermestrs ( has left #energyworks
<Wicked> [18:39:41] <rocho> how long ago did the workshop start?
<NahkahiiR> I'm off to sleep.
<NahkahiiR> I'll tell tomorrow what dreams I had. :)
<NahkahiiR> Good night.
* NahkahiiR ( Quit ("In silence, we can know ourselves")
<Wicked> ggn
* Tachyony (tachyonxv@ Quit (";)")

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