raveling in mediation; seeing your spirit guide in meditation; dealing with a fear in a travel meditation or OBE; a spirit guide's appearances; spirit guide's animal form; changing your belief about abundance (making money) so you can increast it
December 12, 2008 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Fri Dec 12 15:06:05 2008
Session Ident: #energyworks
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<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel hermes
<electra923> hi hermes
<hermes> howdy
<hermes> daniel good to see you again
<attuned> hi
<hermes> hi attuned
<electra923> yea - he is very quiet this evening
<electra923> i thought he may have disappeared
<daniel585> Hi Everybody
<electra923> oh there he is
<electra923> good to see you
<daniel585> Hi Hermes
<electra923> no orph though
<daniel585> Good to be here again
<daniel585> :D
<hermes> well he may still show you, never know with orph
<daniel585> I thought of emailing you about some new experiences but I saw the workshop was changed so I could make it
<hermes> great go ahead
<hermes> we can start with those
<daniel585> Okay
<daniel585> It happened this weekend
<daniel585> I meditated and I felt allot of energy
<daniel585> All my energy was in my thirty eye
<daniel585> I could see many things colors and felt if it was real
<daniel585> After that there was a demon coming about of a tunnel
<daniel585> I just faced it
<daniel585> BecauSE I felt calm and peaceful
<daniel585> After a while it disappeared
<daniel585> and then a great tunnel appeared
<daniel585> It looked like a star heaven
<daniel585> And I was pulled into it
<daniel585> but it felt so natural that I was half in it, but their was a friend meditating whit me
<daniel585> and I didn't didn't count on this to happen
<daniel585> so I decided to go back
<hermes> oh you were not meditating alone that day
<daniel585> no
<hermes> well you could have still went into it
<daniel585> but it just happened
<hermes> still when these things happen they do startle you the first time
<daniel585> but I didn't know what could happen with my body
<hermes> nothing
<hermes> it be fine
<daniel585> if he sits their and I am not responding?
<hermes> just waiting for you to return
<hermes> these encounters are quick
<hermes> what may seem like long time passing nonphysically can be a few seconds on the physical plane
<daniel585> What was the starheaven gate or tunnel
<hermes> perhaps you were being taken to see a galaxy or some start system
<hermes> start=star
<daniel585> But I wished I have done it, because it was the first time that it felt so natural
<hermes> yes, that would have been great too. but perhaps next time you will be ready
<hermes> when it happens and just go with it
<daniel585> The times after, that (this week) I tried it, It was near,.... But I was scared
<hermes> hummm
<hermes> yea first time you were surprised
<hermes> so now you have some fear there.
<hermes> you will have to overcome that.
<daniel585> Yes but every time I meditate
<daniel585> I see that being from another planet
<daniel585> were I talked about with Iris a few months ago
<daniel585> And it scares me
<daniel585> Because I don't know If he want to travel with me
<daniel585> and If it is dangerous
<daniel585> I don't know who he/she is or what he want
<daniel585> Can It be dangerous?
<hermes> he as in
<hermes> travel meditation is not dangerous at all
<hermes> it is lots of fun and exciting, once you get over the initial shock
<daniel585> But the first time with the star tunnel it felt more like OBE
<hermes> what being do you see
<hermes> well it can be an OBE
<hermes> but that is fine too
<daniel585> I looked it up a sort of gray as they describe it
<hermes> some people have great OBEs in meditation
<daniel585> Is Obe also not dangerous?
<hermes> its fine, your spirit guide is always with you
<hermes> perhaps that person you see is your spirit guide
<hermes> have you asked him?
<daniel585> yes because I could see with eyes closed that time, I could see the energetic tunnel and the place were i was
<daniel585> no I haven't asked him
<hermes> sometimes your spirit guide will make himself known to you right at the start
<hermes> sometimes they wait
<hermes> until later
<hermes> but if you are feeling insecure about it
<hermes> he may be showing himself so that you can feel at ease
<hermes> that you are not alone
<daniel585> okay, so I can let it flow I don't have to be scared
<daniel585> Maybe it's part of my own fear projections that I see things like demons
<hermes> it is all good
<hermes> that could be
<hermes> at the start these fears do creep in and manifest themselves
<hermes> if you take your focus away from them, they usually go away
<hermes> as these manifested fears get their power from your attention
<hermes> take that away and they poof away
<daniel585> That's good to know
<daniel585> Yesterday I felt also a presence behind me, and it felt hot... my hands were wet when I came out of the meditation.
<daniel585> I felt at my left brain, like needles but it was friendly
<daniel585> like their was allot going on on that side of my brain like someone was working with me
<hermes> perhaps some healers
<hermes> have you been using the OLAP or asking for healing work
<daniel585> I asked if my guide could help me with healing and make the connection that I wanted
<hermes> ah so perhaps that was the tingling going on
<hermes> i know that healing work can feel like that from them
<daniel585> :)
<daniel585> But it were nice unexpected experiences
<daniel585> And also a lady made herself known
<daniel585> She gave me the name Pallas
<daniel585> And later Pallas Athena
<hermes> Pallas?
<daniel585> yes
<daniel585> I looked it up
<daniel585> On google
<daniel585> And saw an image
<daniel585> that was pretty much the woman I saw
<daniel585> But she only gave me the name and after that she left
<hermes> perhaps a teacher
<daniel585> Yes maybe
<daniel585> Maybe she comes again
<hermes> no doubt if she went out of her way to talk to you and give you her name
<hermes> she will be helping you
<hermes> getting a name from a teacher or spirit guide is a clear sign that they are there to help you
<electra923> maybe she means you to call on her when you need assistance
<hermes> yes, that is why they give you the name
<electra923> i think many years ago i read a greek myth where the hero does that with her
<electra923> she appears to him and then after that he can call upon her
<daniel585> Wow never thought about it that way, but I can try to work with her
<electra923> these deities are akk oart if tge nysterues
<electra923> sorry - i'll do that again LOL
<electra923> these deities are all part of the mysteries
<electra923> i think they come from Hod - don't quote me on that though
<daniel585> Yes it was funny because some weeks ago in a dream their was an asian woman came to me
<daniel585> and shake my hand and told that she was Quan Jin
<daniel585> and disappeared also
<electra923> wow it is getting busy where you are
<electra923> busy !
<electra923> I think I'll come over there and join you
<electra923> what Next!
<hermes> yea you are popular on the inner plane
<daniel585> hehe
<electra923> yea - with the ladies too!
<daniel585> But I thought a Quan Jin I have heard that name before
<electra923> that is Zen goddess of compassion
<electra923> you get those statues in jade or porcelain
<daniel585> But Pallas Athena was new for me
<daniel585> But yes two woman
<electra923> question is can he get lucky again!
<electra923> hope you'll give us the next installment next week
<daniel585> :)
<electra923> we have our own esoteric soap emerging here
<electra923> i must think of a name for it
<electra923> Actually we could call it Star Heaven
<electra923> now that would work
<daniel585> But now I remember another meditation some months ago, I heard I voice saying that beings will come my way very soon to let themselves known
<electra923> broadcast on this channel every Thursday
<daniel585> Now their are already two, who knows what might come, but I just want to find a way to work with them
<electra923> well why not try approaching them - i would
<electra923> they said hello to you, you have to say something back
<electra923> this is a 2 way thing
<daniel585> You are right
<electra923> let them know you are interested in what they have to teach
<electra923> say something like 'Greeting noble Pallas - please instruct me in your healing arts
<electra923> you have to sound a bit formal and grecian there i think
<electra923> to preserve the historic feel to this
<electra923> no doubt she was wearing a toga or similar thing
<electra923> so imagine yourself wearing a toga and see yourself talking to her
<hermes> i always wear blue jeans
<hermes> always
<electra923> she may wish to take you back in time
* David99 has joined #energyworks
<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel David99
<hermes> no matter who i talk too
<electra923> what in your visualizations
<hermes> i must have insulted few that way
<electra923> so you imagine yourself wearing blue jeans
<electra923> ????
* Daniel142 has joined #energyworks
<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel Daniel142
<hermes> in OBE i always appear as I do in the physical
<electra923> well i guess I'm expressing the feminine viewpoint her
<electra923> plus a born script writer
<electra923> with a sense of drama
<hermes> oh your way is good
<electra923> but if i wanted to get lucky, say with Mercury, then I'd be looking to impress him with a toga
<hermes> i was just making a note that i usually skip that formal stuff
<electra923> just that with these greek and roman deities you don't want them to think you are a leb
<hermes> but sure, they will appreciate you going out of your way to make them feel comfortable
<electra923> leb = plebe
<electra923> you don't want to arouse their divine distain
<electra923> that's why u don't see them around too often these days
<electra923> ppl are not to their liking because they have not sense of occasion
<electra923> in our age and not much devotion or feel for deities either
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<Daniel142> Sorry I was off
<hermes> so they announced to you ahead of time that they were coming
<hermes> that is great
<electra923> obviously giving you the royal treatment!
<Daniel142> Are you talking to me? :) because I was off
<electra923> yea - you're still hot property on this channel
* daniel585 has quit IRC (Operation timed out)
<electra923> guess we'd better wait for him this time
<hermes> still here, that was the old one going off
<Daniel142> hehe
<Daniel142> But is new for me
<hermes> the first time i met Sandalphon he took me to this big empty greek architicture thing building
<Daniel142> But it is very helpful to talk about these things
<Daniel142> wow
<hermes> they must have a think for greek culture
<hermes> thing^
<electra923> yea - it's difficult to handle it all by yourself
<hermes> i remember thinking, where is all the furniture
<hermes> how do you life in a big empty place like this
<electra923> don't forget the masonic link - they love all those greek columns
<electra923> and architecture
<hermes> yea it had plenty of those
<hermes> i think also these beings have a sense of humor too and try to make you feel special
<hermes> special^
<Daniel142> :D hehe
<hermes> so any other experiences there Daniel
<Daniel142> Uhm
<Daniel142> These were the main parts
<Daniel142> I could also remember that a sort of lizardman appeared and blocked my whole view
<Daniel142> in meditation
<Daniel142> I stopped when i saw that
<Daniel142> It was out of nothing
<hermes> was it up close to your face
<hermes> this lizard man
<hermes> like your face to his face
<Daniel142> close
<Daniel142> very close
<hermes> sometimes spirit guides do this
<hermes> and until recently i did not know why
<electra923> you're sure now it wasn't a lizard woman there?
<Daniel142> but why he's a lizard man hehe
<Daniel142> hehe :p
<electra923> you know how they love you Daniel!
<hermes> in some cultures it is considered proper to greet another person up front face to face
<Daniel142> I am not sure but it lake male :)
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<Daniel142> I didn't know that
<hermes> today most people do not like that
<hermes> but at one time that was the proper way to greet a person
<Daniel142> I was shocked
<hermes> spirit guides may retain this rather close up i the face contact as a sign of welcome or hello
<Daniel142> But do a spirit guide not know that I am already a bit scared
<hermes> they may not realize it
<Daniel142> But it is good to know that it was maybe a sign of saying hello
<Daniel142> But i didn't expected it
<hermes> i have seen it over the years
<Daniel142> And if it is my guide I didn't expect that he looked like this
<hermes> and so i thought i mention it
<hermes> well some guides have animal forms
<hermes> he could be showing you his animal form
<hermes> knowing a guides animal form tells you something about them
<hermes> what they are like
<hermes> not sure about what kind of thing a lizard tells you about him
<hermes> though
<hermes> that could take some thought
<hermes> usually you get lions and bears,
<hermes> dogs, cats
<Daniel142> I saw also many lions
<Daniel142> But they were a bit angry
<Daniel142> all the time I meditated I saw lions
<Daniel142> but they looked strong
<hermes> perhaps some kind of message
<hermes> to you
<hermes> do you still get that theme, the lions?
<Daniel142> The whole week they appeared
<hermes> that sounds like a message to you
<hermes> any idea what they could have been telling you
<hermes> perhaps about being strong
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<Daniel142> Maybe being strong like you say
<Daniel142> I don't know what they want to tell me
<hermes> well i am just pointing out that repeated visions in meditation are often a message of some kind
<hermes> usually when you get the message the theme goes away
<Daniel142> they were in a group
<Daniel142> and looked a bit angry
<Daniel142> and many times I saw a male lion running
<Daniel142> sometimes towards me
<Daniel142> but he never come very close
<Daniel142> He runs but it is more like a vision he doesn't come closer
<Daniel142> but he is still running
<hermes> well it could have something to do with your life at that time
<hermes> something going on in it
<Daniel142> Maybe to take action
<hermes> could be
<electra923> or maybe just join a group like ours and become a member of the pack sort of thing
<Daniel142> I don't know
<Daniel142> But I would pay more attention to these things from now on
<hermes> yes that is why i mentioned it
<Daniel142> If you all lived here or I lived their I would like to be a member
<hermes> there is always some purpose to what you see in these things
<Daniel142> But here in the Netherlands it is different,
<Daniel142> many people are not looking to deep into their self
<Daniel142> there are few
<hermes> i think in general the number of people doing this kind of inner work is small
<hermes> still the numbers are growing
<Daniel142> Yes that is a good thing
<Daniel142> I am so happy that I have found this
<Daniel142> site and you all
<hermes> it is not easy either to juggle a regular physical life and put time aside for inner work
<hermes> but in the long run it does make your physical life easier
<hermes> just it requires you reorder your life to fit it in
<hermes> and of course that will happen as long as you make it a important part of your life
<hermes> then you will reality create the time for it, even if there seems to be no time for it
<hermes> time is flexible and can change and be bent by consciousness
<hermes> so much can be done to find the time you seem to not have
<Daniel142> Yes I have always the time
<Daniel142> :D
<Daniel142> My work seems to work with me on the time that I need for myself
<hermes> very good
<hermes> that is important to keeping balance within ones self
<Daniel142> I flows natural but the only thing is I have less money because of the work
<hermes> well that is just because you believe you are losing time and you equate time with money
<Daniel142> that's right
<hermes> if you changed your belief a bit that would change
<hermes> instead of thinking of money by the hour. think of what you are worth
<Daniel142> In what way I could better change it
<Daniel142> That's a nice insight
<hermes> if you do that you will see yourself getting a raise or making more money somehow
<hermes> you have to raise your self worth
<Daniel142> that's right
<hermes> you are worth being paid more for less time
<Daniel142> My self worth is a bit low
<hermes> you are productive with the time you give and in return that needs to compensate you with the salary you need
<electra923> yea - I did the same thing once
<electra923> and found that I'd been underpaying myself for 2 years
<electra923> so i was able to get that back
<Daniel142> That's good advice
<hermes> the universe rushes to make what you think come true
<hermes> it is doing your wishes
<hermes> so if you adjust these things the universe will change as well to suit it
<Daniel142> wow it comes at the right time this advice
<Daniel142> I have to work on my self worth.... I have plans, but my insecurity blocks them
<Daniel142> I wan to bring more out of myself to the world or here in the netherlands
<hermes> well then you will be on the right track with that
<Daniel142> but I am 21 and sometimes I think many people wont take me serious in workshops or anything
<hermes> that is just a belief
<hermes> and that you project outward, so others pick up on it
<Daniel142> And I have something that holds back because I still think of having a diploma for something
<hermes> if you change that to "I am important and worthy" you will project that
<hermes> and others will respond to that
<Daniel142> I do meditation workshops with friends and they really grow
<hermes> well about all a diploma is worth is in what it does to make you believe in yourself
<Daniel142> but when it comes to new people I hold back and speaking will be difficult
<Daniel142> You are right again
<Daniel142> But sometimes I think maybe it is not the time for it, but does something like that exists?
<Daniel142> Or do we make it the time for something
<hermes> timing is important but what is more important is if you believe the time is right
<Daniel142> I am always waiting for a big thing to happen like better contact with my spirit guide or the time that he let himself now.... but I think it is like running away of doing it myself
<Daniel142> But I will remember your words and work on it
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<electra923> ok guess i need to sign off too
<electra923> bye everyone!
* electra923 has quit IRC ("Bye bye")
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