Tree of Life Sephira Binah with experiences; beginnings and endings; changing yourself; Tzadakiel; Akashic Records
December 4, 2008 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Dec 04 12:29:52 2008
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<attuned> hi iris
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<AsiDub> hi iris
<iris> hi!
<AsiDub> It there a class on anything specific?
<electra42> hi Iris
<electra42> We're very excited about this meditation on Binah today
<iris> hi everyone
<iris> today we are scheduled to visit Binah++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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<iris> Binah is the sephira for understanding so you may get your answer yourself
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<attuned> why did you choose binah for today?
<iris> interesting question - actually Hermes chose it
<iris> but Binah is the realm of understanding and we may be at a good point to understand things that are hidden
<electra42> so is the sephira where we can understand the true meaning behind appearances
<iris> Binah helps with understanding those things we struggle with
<iris> yes, electra
<electra42> even like making sense of confused emotions?
<iris> yes
<electra42> because it is important to understand all these things because they point to something that tells us something very important about ourselves
<iris> situations, limitations, strife
<iris> exactly and once uncovered helps us to grow spiritually
<electra42> I had a whole lot of that going on this afternoon
<iris> well then it's good that you are here
<electra42> I worked with that and found that it was all to do with not listening in the right way to what is going on with me
<electra42> and I thought I really need to sort this out as we are going to Binah today
<electra42> and that is the place where this all happens
<electra42> so very good synchronicity there
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<iris> well, Binah is a sephira of silence - because through silence we learn to listen
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<iris> which is where AsiDub is at also
<electra42> also i found that you can listen to the wrong part of yourself and act on that
<electra42> and not give attention to the part of you that really knows what it is doing
<electra42> it may be the really confused part that you keep ignoring
<iris> and that is all part of learning to differentiate
<electra42> well often when you are confused you tend to suppress that or ignore it and think how stupid
<electra42> but that may be exactly the area you need to clarify
<iris> lots of that requires us to listen to our gut - our feelings rather than our head
<electra42> i was very surprised what I learnt today
<electra42> yea - i don't do that properly
<electra42> and when you don't do that it leaves you open much more to lower influences
<electra42> to keep you from going on the higher path to self knowledge
<iris> exactly
<iris> because that is the level the world operates on
<electra42> well anyway, it was very difficult today for me
<electra42> i could have made a monumental error
<iris> these lessons are often difficult
<iris> but didn't?
<iris> I hope it worked out for you
<electra42> no, not this time because I didn't relate to the confusion, i related to my gut reaction to it and on the basis of that realized what i should do
<electra42> and it had a good outcome so i knew I had got it right
<iris> this is the perfect example of what we have been saying
<iris> we have been programmed to respond with our heads - and if we don't that a step back and wait to read what our inner selves are saying we may go in the wrong direction
<electra42> i think i had got to the point where I realized I could not go on as i had been doing
<electra42> and I had the ideal opportunity today to do something different and react in a different way
<electra42> i think we tend to feel and obligation to continue mentally with the status quo
<iris> and you saw that and went with it
<electra42> like you say, respond with the head
<electra42> i saw that there is a real need for change
<iris> yes, because we have been raised to react
<electra42> and that there is not an obligation to maintain the same person that you think you are
<electra42> you can be a better more effective person if you allow for the need to change
<electra42> but that means you have to accept that you will not be the same person anymore
<iris> and Binah helps us find that better person
<electra42> you will learn different mental skills that will change you
<iris> yes, of course one must be willing and wanting to change
<electra42> isn't that the sephira of magick and transformation
<iris> in the sense of understanding the "secretive"
<electra42> i think what i do not like is the way that i maintain this version of 'me' without any justification
<electra42> that is just not logical when this version of me does not always act in my best interests
<electra42> what do you mean by secretive
<iris> we all become what others think we should be to a certain point
<electra42> I thought that all things secretive were in Daath
<iris> hidden
<iris> might be a better word
<electra42> yes but when you say secretive there is a motive there
<electra42> so hidden then you say
<iris> yes better connotation
<electra42> and yes - this social thing of becoming what others thing we should be - oh yuk, that just has to go
<electra42> that is positively unclean LOL!
<iris> but we raise our children to conform - and they have to to a certain point
<electra42> i realize there are certain appearances you have to keep up but there are limits
<iris> but we don't really teach them to listen to themselves
<iris> to hear what resonates inside
<electra42> yes - everything we produce is going to be tainted with what we are ourselves so in that sense just for their sake we need to get this right
<electra42> i love that word resonate
<electra42> isn't Binah supposed to have a certain resonance
<iris> Binah is unlike the other Sephira in that it is quiet and black
<iris> it seems to be empty but black is actually all colors and in silence we get to hear everything
<electra42> yea - that's the sort of resonance I meant - something very deep and powerful
<iris> so there is really a lot there
<electra42> sounds incredible
<iris> very deep and powerful
<iris> the archangel there reflects that
<electra42> what is the name of the residing archangel
<iris> Tzaphkiel
<electra42> also i read that the presiding planet is Saturn
<iris> yes it is
<electra42> so how is that best interpreted
<iris> saturn teaches us that it takes patience to gain understanding
<iris> and it also takes time
<electra42> and what about the influence of Saturn as a planet of change and transformation
<electra42> is it the time element that is important here
<iris> through understanding comes transformation
<electra42> because you read a lot about Saturn being like the grim reaper
<electra42> and him being the god of the harvest, the sewn seed and the crop
<iris> well, Binah encompasses Mother Earth
<iris> and we learn how we are all related and what we do influences the earth
<iris> the earth meaning seeds, grass, etc
<electra42> so nature really
<iris> yes
<iris> this archangel also presides over the akashic records
<electra42> its interesting that we have the Empress going from Binah
<electra42> she being associated with fertility and crops
<iris> again, for understanding of where we've been to see more clearly where we are going
<iris> yes
<electra42> what a good point
<electra42> could you explain more about the angel and the akashic records
<electra42> also that from Binah comes the magician and the chariot
<electra42> all very evocative - also the lovers
<iris> all of which hinges on our understanding
<electra42> there seems to be an ideal blend of masculine and feminine properties there
<electra42> so are you going to explain the relationship between the archangel and the akashic records
<electra42> i find this fascinating
<electra42> also what exactly are the akashic records
<iris> it's like everything that has happened is written in these records
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<iris> and you need a certain level of understanding to be able to access them
<electra42> so what is the relationship between the angel and the records
<electra42> is he like a guardian
<iris> yes, the keeper of the records
<iris> the one who allows access
<electra42> are these just records of human activity or everything on every planet in every time and dimension
<iris> of all that is - to my understanding :-)
<electra42> wow - well they must go on forever and ever
<electra42> and does Tzaphkiel know all of them?
<electra42> can you ask him questions
<iris> remember, it is the sephira of silence :-)
<electra42> ha! good point
<electra42> a good job you reminded me of that before we all go there LOL!
<iris> you get answers but in a different kind of way
<electra42> well that's what I really meant
<electra42> you can question but on a different level to speech
<iris> and that is how the understanding happens
<iris> you just "know"
<iris> perhaps we just need to go and meditate and try to get there so we can experience for ourselves
<electra42> that seems a very good entry to the meditation
<electra42> how long?
<electra42> 10 - 15 minutes
<iris> let's try again for about 15 minutes
<electra42> ok
<electra42> well I'm ready to go now
<iris> if you need more or you're back sooner it's fine
<iris> I'm ready also
<iris> anyone else coming along?
<electra42> so I'm going now and see you all back here in 15
<attuned> me too
<AsiDub> almost
<electra42> come one - be adventurous!
<AsiDub> umh, so just meditate?
<electra42> quietly focus
<electra42> on Binah - you know the qualities
<electra42> just see what comes
<electra42> you may be surprised
<iris> yes, just find a quiet place - and yes, try to focus on going to Binah
<electra42> ok - I'm gone
<AsiDub> going¨
<iris> then let it unfold
<iris> trying to remember things as they unfold
<iris> ok?
<iris> I'm going to meditate - be back in about 15 minutes
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<AsiDub> My body is humming, mainly my chest. Did had problems maintaining a blanc mind
<AsiDub> And other people in the building
<socintel> Greetings, everyone
<AsiDub> There meditating
<AsiDub> they'll be back in 2 mins
<socintel> i thought so, just wanted to announce
<socintel> thank you tho
<AsiDub> np
<electra42> back
<AsiDub> What did you get?
<electra42> well I got a lot of different feeling which is what I think you'd expect given my experiences today
<electra42> feelings*
<electra42> and a kind of understanding about the difference between very deep feelings and very superficial feelings
<electra42> and how that profoundly affects the quality of what results we get from what we are doing
<iris> hi all
<electra42> hi Iris
<electra42> well that was different
<iris> yes Binah is different from all the rest
<electra42> when i think about it i was completely isolated
<electra42> i didn't feel it but I was
<iris> me too
<socintel> I thought I would have time to chat with everyone, but I have to go, catch everyone later, peace and light
<iris> bye socintel
<iris> thanks for stopping
<socintel> later
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<electra42> very much on my own almost like being on a mountain side but actually engulfed in this quality of darkness
<electra42> oh pleased i was not alone in that
<iris> that's Binah
<electra42> interesting how we have similar experiences
<electra42> I also felt a presence at some point, just very quiet and gentle on my left side and some light
<electra42> i;m sure I got the impression of huge white wings
<electra42> but not really sure
<electra42> is this a very gentle archangel, almost like he approaches you to serve you
<electra42> i know i felt something or someone
<AsiDub> my body always just hums and I stare into the darkness or purple stuff
<iris> Tzaphkiel is very huge - and very quiet
<iris> and wants to help
<electra42> ah - so that was him
<iris> so I would have to say very gentle for someone so big
<electra42> and then I started getting some answers
<iris> good
<electra42> and during my time there I felt something - the kind of thing i feel when I look into crystals sometimes
<electra42> when you see runes and glyphs and ppl say that there are hidden record in them
<electra42> that feeling of timelessness and agelessness
<electra42> time going on forever without end
<iris> that's it - the "hidden"
<electra42> i discovered that quality from some of my rocks
<electra42> the interesting thing I learned was the difference between the self that seeks at a very deep level and relates to everything and everyone
<electra42> and the self that seeks in a much more superficial and far less sensitive way
<electra42> I'm not saying selfish as that would not really be true as all seeking is good
<electra42> just that the superficial one short circuits the deeper one
<electra42> and deludes itself into thinking it is something that it is not
<electra42> don't know if that makes any sense but from my perspective it makes perfect sense
<iris> when we communicate we do so these levels - our superficial selves chit chat and whathaveyou
<iris> and our deeper selves also see one another and communicate
<electra42> it's the kind of seeking that will only permit so much of the truth to emerge because it takes certain values as given and unchangeable
<electra42> yeah - so you have this 2 level thing going on and it cannot persist forever
<iris> yes
<electra42> you have to chose one or the other and this is what I have been working on today
<iris> so we let the chit chat happen but we pay attention to the other
<electra42> this superficial seeking will only yield superficial knowledge so we only get a partial realization - I know of ppl like that
<iris> so people start to think you're a featherbrain but the incidentals don't matter to you
<iris> not if you're it for the deeper journey
<iris> you won't remember what people are doing today but you will understand who and what they are on the inside
<electra42> that is interesting
<electra42> and very true
<iris> and that's what matters
<electra42> that is when you get the real insight
* AsiDub afk brb
<electra42> because you got the priorities right
<iris> and real understanding of others
<electra42> yes - when you go into things very deeply
<iris> what they need and who they are and how you can help
<electra42> when that happens you find that you can see them but generally they cannot see you
<iris> well, I have been to Binah many times and for the first time today I saw a white being there
<electra42> when you feel the presence of an archangel in your meditation does this happen because he is drawn to you or why exactly
<electra42> a white being
<electra42> would that be Tzaphkiel
<iris> no, he was there too - huge
<iris> didn't you say you saw light?
<electra42> well there are supposed to be other beings there
<electra42> yes i did
<electra42> something was definitely happening
<iris> I saw both this "light"being and a pinpoint of white light
<iris> I really have to think on this one
<iris> never had that before
<electra42> well doesn't Binah have many levels
<iris> Binah reached down to take my hands and as I reached up I saw this light being in the background - I'd almost have to say "Christ-like" being
<iris> but it all darkness
<iris> I thought it was really interesting that you saw light also - and white
<electra42> it could be something to do with a realization or energy discharging itself - though energy
<iris> but I've also learned that Binah lessons unfold sometimes days later
<electra42> how interesting
<iris> yes
<iris> and you saw wings?
<electra42> yes and felt the presence of Tzaphkiel
<iris> and this occurred when I sensed his presence also
<nickiop> back
<iris> hi again
<electra42> obviously some kind of synchronous meditation
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<electra42> going on there
<iris> yes, I think so
<electra42> the thing is that when you have a number of ppl doing the same meditation
<electra42> things happen that probably would not if you were doing the meditation alone
<electra42> so the meditation is probably happening at a number of levels
<electra42> the pure meditation of the subject and then the group meditation
<iris> the combined energy adds a lot
<electra42> it has to make a difference
<electra42> it could be the angelic energy being shared by all of us making that light
<iris> and that is a BEAUTIFUL thought!
<iris> and it's that light cutting through the darkness!
<electra42> well this particular archangel may relate to groups in a particular way
<electra42> well that was my thought
<iris> and that may be also
<electra42> I don't think you can expect these meditations to follow any set rules
<electra42> they just have an energy of their own
<iris> and i am thankful for that
<electra42> and you do get different levels
<iris> yes
<electra42> i don't think it's anything to be distracted by
<electra42> i don't think anything was wrong
<electra42> i think the most important thing is to get the feel of that quality of inner meaning and depth
<iris> oh no, on the contrary I like when these things happen
<iris> it's just a matter of figuring out the message
<electra42> i think there is a lot of love on that sephira
<iris> me too
<electra42> but it is very deep and meaningful at a spiritual level
<electra42> not normal everyday love
<electra42> i can understand now why they call Binah the dark mother
<electra42> because that kind of love has a very nurturing quality
<iris> yes, me too
<iris> and you can understand the Empress card
<iris> and Mother Earth
<electra42> and the lovers card
<iris> oh yes
<electra42> because this is all connected to the Great Work
<iris> and that is what it is all about
<electra42> a wonderful place to connect one's humanity both to nature and to practice
<electra42> Thanks so much Iris for a great session and thanks to everyone else for contributing as well
<electra42> it all helps
<iris> ok electra - thanks!
<electra42> Bye***
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Session Close: Fri Dec 05 00:00:00 2008

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