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November 26, 2008 (workshop log file)

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<hermes> hi orph
<Orph> hi ( :
<Orph> Catrina (aura_cat) says happy thanksgiving
<hermes> ah thanks and same to you 2
<hermes> i guess it is not something Europe celebrates
<Orph> do you celebrate it? It's not a holiday in Holland
<hermes> we do in the USA
<hermes> i do not mind giving thanks for everything we have, but I could do without all the eating
<Orph> I know some people don't celebrate it since they think it's offensive to the native indians
<hermes> and here i thought it was about the Indians sharing their food with the pilgrims
<hermes> why do they find it offensive
<hermes> i guess i will have to research it more
<Orph> well, since the indians never GAVE anything to the invaders it could be seen as a rather insulting gesture ^^
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<hermes> hummm odd, that is how history shows it, I wonder where the real truth is
<Orph> there was a lot of war, and the pilgrims weren't there on invitation
<hermes> well that much is for certain
<hermes> people came over and just settled
<hermes> hi electra
<Orph> and were like, thank! :D
<Orph> hi electra
<Orph> Hermes, do you know The Secret Teachings of All Ages by manly hall?
<hermes> i have not heard of it
<Orph> I've came across a bunch of old books lately
<Orph> it's 80 years old that one
<electra590> hi hermes, hi orph
<Orph> a large compilation of esoteric work
<hermes> is there anyplace on the web that has it
<electra590> yea - i got that book
<hermes> or is it bookstore only kind of thing
<electra590> you can get it from
<Orph> yea, it's still popular
<hermes> you guys got some library there
<electra590> there are loads of different editions
<Orph> I got it from Borders
<hermes> i guess that is it
<Orph> but also, there is the secret doctrine , channeled in 1880 or something like that
<Orph> and dweller on two worlds
<Orph> also an old one
<Orph> it's interesting to see some writing from that time period
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<hermes> so what does it have in it
<Orph> especially when they mention things about science, which at that time was quite different from what we think of it now
<hermes> science was almost considered witchcraft then
<Orph> the secret teachings book is about everything concerning spirituality, philosophy and religion
<Orph> just a big compilation
<Orph> science and magic did come from a similar source ( :
<hermes> yes i do agree there
<hermes> the church did not like it though, at first
<Orph> which is where science really helped the world along
<Orph> since we were stuck with old ideas for centuries
<Orph> and then people like copernicus imagined that the earth perhaps is not at the center of the universe
<Orph> or newton who introduced gravity instead of the belief that some other strange force kept the stars up there
<hermes> yes good thing they had the courage to go against the face of opposition
<Orph> it's very useful and very hard to think of something completely original ( :
<hermes> it is amazing how tightly society holds on to these truths even when they no longer function
<Orph> agreed
<hermes> they do not say much about the book on amazon, but i may order it and give it a read
<Orph> chances are that you will find it all very familiar ( : but it's a nice big book for the collection
<Orph> o, Hermes, a friend wanted me to ask you about something
<Orph> she had a strange experience not long ago
<hermes> sure
<Orph> a man approached her on the street greeted her and kissed her hand
<Orph> and she felt a very very energy around him
<Orph> like the person wanted to do her harm
<Orph> but nothing happened
<Orph> though she got really sick the next weekend
<Orph> stomach aches and stuff
<Orph> she's just getting into spirituality, and was wondering if negative entities could manifest as people
<hermes> not really, but some negative entity could have been attached to this person then transferred to her when he kissed her
<hermes> that kind of thing can happen all the time if you are not careful
<hermes> actually I was talking to electra the other day about taking notice to these things
<hermes> and working on getting rid of this energy when it transfers to you
<electra590> yea - good idea that!
<hermes> you can for example, take a salt water bath
<electra590> but that is a really weird scenario there
<hermes> or just take a shower to help remove the negative energy
<hermes> yea it is weird
<hermes> it is like the dark force wanted to disrupt her
<hermes> and used this guy to transfer some dark energy into her
<hermes> which then tied her up all weekend being sick
<hermes> as spiritual elite people you have to be on guard for this sort of thing
<hermes> anything the dark force can do to get at you it will use
<hermes> it does not like that you are changing the world for the better
<hermes> i wonder if your friend had any nightmares after that encounter
<hermes> usually, these things will manifest first in dreams
<hermes> which is a good place also to get rid of them
<Orph> she did had a nightmare of a demon
<Orph> she was awakened by a voice to look in the mirror
<Orph> and she did
<Orph> but there was nothing in the mirror
<Orph> and she felt safe after that
<Orph> before that she was always very afraid of looking in mirrors
<Orph> that was before she got sick
<Orph> or at the same time
<hermes> when that happens i usually go right back in the dream and slay the demon with my nonphysical sword
<hermes> that way you get rid of it before it can do more damage
<hermes> the longer it stays attached the harder it is to get rid of and the more it can do
<hermes> like in your friend's case, making her ill
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<Orph> she do work with dreams, so that should be a good battleground for her ( :
<Orph> does*
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<hermes> yes if you are good with dream work it is the first line of defense
<hermes> and of course using some kind of space clearing energy work is always good to keep the house clear of this stuff as well
<Orph> *nods
<hermes> it does not help when you get demon attachment, but it helps those pesky other dudes
<hermes> i do the LBRP with some incense work
<electra590> who are they
<electra590> the pesky dudes LOL!
<Orph> she did get better after two days, so I think she was just detoxing after the encounter
<hermes> ah
<hermes> those lower astral entities
<hermes> they are like bugs
<hermes> but astral kind
<electra590> nasty
<hermes> they have limited intelligence and like to inhabit places that are dark and dreary
<hermes> the LBRP or some other kind of high energy routine charges the atmosphere and scares them off
<Orph> we have a cat to scare them off in this house ^^
<hermes> it is like hovering the house
<hermes> you need to do this every so often or the mess just piles up
<hermes> a cat
<hermes> good eon
<hermes> one
<Orph> you know, when we got him, he was almost named Hermes
<Orph> to bring in good energy ( :
<Orph> black cat, very peaceful
<Orph> but after some careful numerology, his name got to be Kato
<hermes> animals are very good for helping keep the astral layer clear
<hermes> Kato, good name, though hermes was better :)
<hermes> they do like to chase after these things while they sleep
<hermes> i'd still do the energy clearing as well however
<hermes> you can see the difference it makes by doing the energy clearing for a week or two and then stop
<hermes> you will feel the difference
<hermes> if i had a cat it be a black cat
<hermes> i do prefer dogs
<hermes> electra has cats
<Orph> I had a dog before
<Orph> he was quite amazing
<Orph> his passing over was tough
<hermes> yes it is very very hard when they leave
<Orph> but it's like he timed it on the exact right moment
<Orph> everything was about to change at the time, I was to be home a lot less, the area around the house was going to loose many green places
<hermes> i think animals have a good sense about that sort of thing
<Orph> and when my mom was on holiday for a few weeks I was taking care of him
<Orph> and the day she got back, he passed, just waited long enough for her to be back
<hermes> wow
<hermes> i guess you decided on a cat after that
<Orph> from the moment we got him to the very end he was amazing ^^
<Orph> but, a whole lot of work
<Orph> and cats are a lot easier ( :
<electra590> yes - i can vouch for that
<Orph> anyway, I was wondering about the demon nightmares
<Orph> when I was really young there used to be giants chasing me
<Orph> then when I was older it would be common monsters in the nightmare
<Orph> and nowadays there's a lot of little things
<Orph> like statues
<Orph> or masks
<Orph> or just little animals
<Orph> all very scary and disturbing though
<hermes> a demon will usually take on a form that bothers you
<hermes> they don't actually morph but your mind does the best it can to interpret what is going on
<hermes> and so it uses images from your collection of mind-stuff to convey the message to you -- hay dude you are being attacked
<Orph> makes sense
<hermes> Freud would say you have issues
<hermes> but i say otherwise
<hermes> you have demons attached to you that are feeding off your issues
<Orph> Freud would say something embarrassing for sure ( :
<Orph> Freud*
<hermes> you need to do some active dream work there to remove them
<hermes> Sandalphon in Malkuth often gives newbies a sword to deal with these demons
<hermes> i am sure you already have one
<hermes> if you can get back in the dream and manipulate it, you can use that sword to slay them
<hermes> what you do is break up their energy
<hermes> they then leave or just dissipate
<hermes> but you can use whatever you like to break them up
<hermes> i used a light saber a few times
<hermes> guns other times
<Orph> actually, a few days ago a possessed red monkey/cow appeared in a dream. I was very intimidated by the energy, but then it attacked our cat and I got very angry, picked it up and choked it, which ended the dream.
<Orph> lots of light came out of nowhere at the same time
<hermes> there you go
<hermes> good work there
<Orph> or from within rather
<hermes> you need to adopt that kind of strategy with dreams
<hermes> you need to teach your dream self to act
<hermes> which takes time but can be done
<hermes> you can also slay these things in meditation if you like
<Orph> perhaps by using a mantra?
<Orph> a mantra to train the dream self I mean
<hermes> yes i use mantras all the time to go back into a dream and act
<hermes> yes
<hermes> i would say to myself, when going to sleep that I would be empowered and carry my sword with me
<hermes> you keep doing this enough times your dream self gets the message
<Orph> ok
<hermes> here is what i used
<Orph> sounds good, cause sometimes the dream self is all powerful and sometimes it gets chased around
<hermes> God's power is within me, Gods sword is at my side. God's light is inside me
<Orph> ok, I can tweak that to suit the situation ( :
<hermes> yes
<Orph> thanks for all the tips ( :
<Orph> Hermes, did you get my email yesterday?
<hermes> yes i did
<hermes> thanks i have not had the chance to reply
<hermes> but i will later today most likely or early tomorrow
<Orph> that's ok
<hermes> how is your demon busting coming along electra
<hermes> Sandalphon was a great help in battling demons
<electra590> well
<hermes> so if ever you need help there, you can visit malkuth and talk to him/her
<electra590> it is sporadic
<hermes> Geburah and Hod are helpful as well, but not for actual technique
<electra590> a lot of these demons are in the mind
<electra590> and at the moment i spend a lot of time analyzing my actions and what i say
<electra590> it is very indicative of what might be lurking LOL!
<electra590> you can look at stuff and see that a certain decision was way off key
<electra590> or that one's actions were unbalanced
<electra590> and you have to work out how not to do that again
<electra590> because every time you fracture your energy field by doing something stupid
<electra590> that is another opportunity for negativity to get in some place
<electra590> and before you know where you are - oops you have a demon
<electra590> you remember you were telling me about how to combat demons
<electra590> i find projecting light round oneself can get them out
<electra590> if there is something that has attached itself
<hermes> that sounds like a good method too
<electra590> i try and do this every day now
<hermes> they do not like the bright light
<electra590> but it's the little things i look for
<electra590> also i find that meditation on the breath has a very grounding effect
<electra590> and that will even out all your energy
<electra590> i have some emotional problems at the moment and i find that really helps to get me to a higher level
<electra590> if you have disappointment in something it can really get to you unless you do something
<electra590> i can understand how ppl get depressed
<electra590> that energy just stagnates when something happens and you don't know what to do about it - someone lets you down in a life changing way or things don't go as expected
<electra590> those are the really big challenges - how to keep the good energy going
<Orph> the trick about dealing with past experiences is to take the lessons with us and leave the actual experience behind
<electra590> and yet being able to deal with the problem at the same time
<electra590> easier said than done i think
<Orph> true, but very important
<Orph> to detach from the experience I mean
<electra590> it is very important to me to resolve issues
<electra590> otherwise it is difficult to leave them behind
<electra590> i find that others are not so good at this
<electra590> yet if you don't resolve issues they will keep coming back in various ways
<hermes> you know dreamwork can be very helpful with resolving some of these inner issues
<electra590> so many ppl i know just like to brush stuff under the carpet - they cannot bear to look at it
<electra590> yes - i notice they come up in various way
<electra590> often symbolically
<electra590> or you get some kind of healing in a dream
<electra590> something to work with that can be like an antidote
<hermes> often times the conscious mind just makes a mess out of these things
<hermes> but in the dreamworld it seems to know just what to do and how to sort it out
<hermes> you can use mantras like before to program up some dreams to work these things out
<hermes> just a suggestion
<electra590> that's a very good idea and never thought of that - i will try that tonight
<electra590> the problem i have at the moment some days just seems to take over my life
<electra590> and other days are very good but it just comes back
<electra590> because i cannot resolve this issue clearly
<electra590> so i just persevere with that because i like answers to questions
<hermes> perhaps the dreamer will have better luck at solving it
<electra590> well i can try
<electra590> i've already had 2 dreams which have made my inner environment much more bearable
<electra590> and during the day i can work with that energy
<Orph> perhaps you can change the elements that contribute to the issue one by one, small things like some things you say or some things that are in your house or change the way you look at some things
<Orph> in the end it all adds up to a bigger change in the right direction
<electra590> well i've done a lot of house cleaning and i've found that has made a difference
<electra590> i just made a few stupid decisions that rebounded on me and it's made life a bit difficult
<electra590> though the alternatives might not have been that great either
<electra590> i think it's often a problem knowing why one did something at the time
<electra590> hindsight is a wonderful thing!
<electra590> you see things then that you wish that you had seen at the time
<electra590> you can do things with the best of intentions and still it goes wrong
<electra590> because you did not see the bigger picture
<Orph> hmm
<Orph> I sometimes wonder about that
<electra590> or the other person's point of view
<Orph> like, if your intentions are really all good, then that is the only available energy that goes into he creation
<Orph> and so, only good can come out of it
<electra590> sometimes i find you can do what other ppl want you to do without putting your own need s fully in the picture
<Orph> though perhaps, it may not seem to be all good during the time that you are in the situation? ^^
<electra590> either way it comes out a big screwed up mess LOL!
<electra590> i hate it when ppl put pressure on you to do what they want you to
<electra590> it's almost like a demon getting at you
<hermes> well a demon goes for your weaknesses and uses them against you
<hermes> so for example, if you have a need to feel loved
<electra590> well ppl often do that too
<hermes> it can inspire you to get involved with a situation you would normally not
<hermes> because the need is great there
<hermes> you take the plunge
<hermes> and then well, all havoc gets released
<hermes> yea people can do that too
<electra590> mmm - that is a recipe for a very unpredictable outcome
<electra590> the main thing is to know what you are doing
<hermes> when your need is great, you allow compromises in your reality creating you would not normally do
<electra590> yea - and then you go against yourself
<hermes> yes
<electra590> so no consistency of thought there at all
<hermes> on the positive side, when you do see this in your life
<hermes> it points to where you need to close up that "need" hole in your life
<hermes> because if you do not, it will just be a target for the next time
<electra590> well if you meditate on the breath i am finding that this can close up a lot of those holes that you are talking about
<electra590> and those holes make so many problems for us
<Orph> what are those holes?
<electra590> well need to be loved is one of them for most ppl
<hermes> i call them holes
<hermes> they are the places where we can be compromised
<electra590> some are more positive than others
<electra590> like some have a need to dominate others
<electra590> not such a good one there
<hermes> where we are willing to accept less because we think we can get more out of it
<Orph> but aren't there just a handful of guidelines to avoid "holes" altogether? Just be true to your word, always do your best and don't take anything personally. And there, you are invulnerable.
<electra590> i wish!
<electra590> how can you not take stuff personally!
<hermes> to be true to your world you need to know who you are
<hermes> this takes time
<hermes> and lots of practice
<Orph> you can't take anything personally when you put yourself into someone else's position as if it were you
<electra590> actually he said word not world
<Orph> yes, be true to your word
<hermes> well word, world
<electra590> well why would i want to put myself in their position
<Orph> speak your truth
<hermes> it still works
<electra590> yea - i wondered if it would
<Orph> you'd put yourself in their position because they are you
<Orph> you ask yourself, why do I do these things to me
<electra590> that's a bit abstract for me
<electra590> well yes - that does follow
<Orph> perhaps, but it gets you thinking from a healthy perspective
<Orph> healthy as in constructive
<Orph> if they are you, and you don't want bad things to happen to you, then why do they do bad things to you?
<Orph> or rather, why do you do bad things to you?
<electra590> i don't think it works quite like that
<electra590> that is a very Zen kind of view
<Orph> well, it's just a way of seeing things
<electra590> and dare i say it a little naive
<Orph> to naive I'd say no ( :
<Orph> just constructive
<electra590> well i find it a little simplistic because human interaction is much more multi-layered than that
<Orph> thing is, when we fight, we can only hurt others after dehumanizing them
<Orph> this technique helps you see everyone involved as fellow human beings again
<electra590> now you're bringing a new factor in - the word dehumanizing
<electra590> that changes everything
<electra590> i read something interesting about this
<electra590> how we tend to see everyone else as being less real than ourselves
<Orph> *nods
<electra590> and when you think about it this is really true
<electra590> it accounts for so much that is bad in the world
<Orph> yea, like, when I complain it is for a good reason, when other people complain they are just being annoying :P
<Orph> but of course they think the same
<electra590> yes - that's an interesting point
<Orph> which is why sometimes is handy to put yourself in someone else's position ( :
<Orph> but it's just a technique
<Orph> only for those who like it
<electra590> yes - i'm not disagreeing
<electra590> only that the version you were explaining seemed a little extreme to me
<hermes> i see everyone as a reflection of some part of myself, they are expressing to me a part of me.
<electra590> what do you think Hermes
<hermes> if i do not see something i like, i look inside myself to where that is
<hermes> and get rid of it
<electra590> well there you have it
<hermes> in this way, the people around me are teachers
<hermes> and I do try to afford them respect
<hermes> even when I may not agree with them
<hermes> as they are just expressing my own views in other ways
<hermes> but that is just another kind of technique to help with interfacing with others, like Orph's one from before
<hermes> i have come to realize the great truth about how personal the personal reality really is
<hermes> it is really the center of everything
<hermes> and that which i see
<electra590> therefore worth spending a lot of time on
<hermes> is part of me
<hermes> it helps me in getting along with others
<Orph> o, do you know the book The Nature of Personal Reality by any chance?
<hermes> yes
<hermes> what a good book
<hermes> i have two copies here i believe
<electra590> who is it by
<Orph> my favorite :D
<hermes> jane Roberts
<Orph> Jane Roberts
<electra590> must seek that out
<hermes> yes that be a good book to read electra
<hermes> it is a book that talks about what i was just saying
<hermes> you are the center of your reality
<Orph> I had to read it two or three pages per day, but getting to the end was very rewarding ( :
<hermes> and what you see is a reflection of what is inside you
<Orph> thanks for the workshop Hermes and Electra, I have to be off now, but see you later ( :
<hermes> take care orph
<electra590> ok - thanks for your views
<hermes> i be ending here now too
<electra590> and for sharing
<electra590> well thanks as well hermes
<hermes> glad both of you did make it
<electra590> yea - a great threesome
<Orph> ^^
<hermes> :)
<Orph> *waves
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<electra590> right i'll go to
<electra590> bye everyone
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