staying focused within the present moment; finding your life's purpose; keeping yourself grounded with stones; benefits of being vegetarian; staying healthy, living longer; air ionizers; listening to music to release stress
November 20, 2008 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Nov 20 09:33:42 2008
Session Ident: #energyworks
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<hermes> hello everyone
<attuned> hello
<hermes> attuned good to see you again
<hermes> hi darlok, zanthia
<hermes> electra
<hermes> and its another Thursday again
<hermes> seems we are always here
<hermes> perhaps we are
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<hermes> i see everyone is quiet here
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<Orph> Hi ( :
<hermes> hi orph
<Orph> is there a chat topic today?
<hermes> nothing specific
<hermes> i think you and i are the only one around
<Orph> oh
<hermes> yea a room full of people and no one around
<hermes> well attuned is here
<hermes> she did say hello
<Darlok> back.. i'm here, just observing for the most part though
<Orph> ( :
<hermes> how you doing Darlok?
<Darlok> pretty good Hermes .. pretty good :)
<Darlok> thanks for asking
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<Orph> Hermes, what do you think is a good way of exploring one's great goal in life?
<Orph> like, how do you find out what the reason is for you to be here
<hermes> yea, that is not easily found
<hermes> but i do know that it does not find you unless you are out looking for it
<hermes> you need to walk some kind of path
<hermes> and then see where it takes you
<hermes> then your purpose finds you
<AsiDubbed> This is an open topic ?
<hermes> sure Asi
<hermes> i think most people feel they have to know what this is before
<hermes> but you really can't know your purpose unless you are interacting and walking some path
<AsiDubbed> Concerning simultaneous time
<hermes> then it slowly reveals itself to you
<hermes> sure asi
<AsiDubbed> I have been able to do it for a long time. But my privacy lack from it.
<AsiDubbed> So I'm looking for an on/off switch or some kind of shield
<hermes> in simultaneous time, can you give me an example
<AsiDubbed> In a conversations someone will say something bad about someone and if I know him he will always hear it.
<AsiDubbed> Or when I get excited it usually winds up the previous day or weeks...
<AsiDubbed> There was a time I was depressed, manic depressed I couldn't watch tv without the people getting affected...
<hermes> how were they affected
<AsiDubbed> They would hear my thoughts, feel pain, smells... me in the bathroom for instance
<AsiDubbed> when I woke up and I needed to brush my teeth they saw my face
<AsiDubbed> face*
<AsiDubbed> Anything that gives me nerves I don't want to send out gets send out.
<hermes> so when you have thoughts about people, whether you tell them or not, they somehow know these thoughts
<AsiDubbed> Uhuh
<AsiDubbed> and depending on what kind of people you know or meet you get situations
<AsiDubbed> meet*
<hermes> curious, do they say they hear these things in their mind or do they think you told them
<AsiDubbed> They tell me most of the times indirectly
<hermes> it sounds like you are a bit telepathic but in the other direction, where you can broadcast your thoughts to others
<hermes> and they are able to pick up on them
<AsiDubbed> TP to present past or future
<hermes> the finding yourself in the day before or later, that seems like something else
<AsiDubbed> even over large periods of time
<hermes> well i suppose
<hermes> you could think about a past event
<hermes> send those thoughts to that person in the past
<hermes> then in the present they remember you saying it to them
<hermes> that would be something like simultaneous time take to an extreme for sure
<AsiDubbed> Well I had a traumatic childhood where stuff happened and I got lots of messages of myself when depressed.
<AsiDubbed> As a child
<AsiDubbed> Seen that 12th chakra a while back after I had OBE's and found out I can manifest or teleport stuff
<AsiDubbed> It's more a control issue I've got. Maybe lots to control
<hermes> have you had any kind of communication or contact with your spirit guides
<hermes> usually they can help you to control some of these things
<AsiDubbed> Yes, and other important ntt's
<AsiDubbed> Not much luck there
<hermes> do you do any kind of meditation
<AsiDubbed> breathing, focal, yoga...
<AsiDubbed> Hardly eat anymore though
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<AsiDubbed> Getting my whole body to vibrate is rather easy
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<hermes> it seems like you need to learn how to stay in the now
<AsiDubbed> I'm good at EM to
<hermes> i guess you read that chapter on simultaneous time
<hermes> in that chapter there is a hand position
<hermes> it could be useful to you, to help you center in the now
<AsiDubbed> I read an article of you where you said to turn a chakra CW to close it, would that help?
<AsiDubbed> Yes
<hermes> i think with practice you can bring this under control
<Orph> I have to be off for today, thanks for the answers Hermes, perhaps I can mail you on the topic of that life's purpose sometime this week, but goodnight for now ( :
<hermes> we can adapt that exercise a bit to help you
<AsiDubbed> I might but its got much negative energies involved in it
<hermes> the exercise?
<AsiDubbed> Don't like to be put on anti psychotic med's either
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<hermes> here is what you do
<AsiDubbed> The whole occurrence has
<hermes> find a tree and sit down under it
<hermes> place your back against the tree
<hermes> trees are incredible beings
<hermes> they have a very good sense of the now
<hermes> they live for a long time and this gives them special powers on staying focused in the now
<hermes> so put your back against the tree, the older the tree the better
<hermes> now use that hand position
<hermes> and while you do that, sense your energy becoming part of the tree
<hermes> trees are also well grounded into the earth
<hermes> as you do this stay focused on the present by looking at what is around you
<hermes> make this present come alive and really feel crisp
<hermes> hold this for as long as you can
<hermes> i think 10 to 20 minutes at a time would be good
<hermes> if you can do this several times a week or more
<hermes> it should teach you the control you need
<hermes> in this exercise you will be tapping into the Tree's energy and ability to stay focused in the now
<hermes> this will help you develop this within your own system
<AsiDubbed> I will try it out
<hermes> yes and let me know how you get on with it too
<hermes> the more you practice the better you will get
<hermes> the goal is to learn how to bring this focus all the time or on command
<hermes> which will happen as you get better at it, and as you take on more of the tree energy
<AsiDubbed> My foot chakra are well developed
<AsiDubbed> One of the guides did say something about atmospheric energy vs that of the earth
<AsiDubbed> There was said "he's one of those guys that gets bored every now and then over time"
<hermes> well a good foot chakra will help you here
<AsiDubbed> Didn't like they couldn't help me out.
<hermes> he didn't;t like it or you did not like it?
<AsiDubbed> I didn't like it and he didn't like it as he was still physical and had duty's
<AsiDubbed> he didn't like having to explain what that noise was coming by now and then
<hermes> noise, what noise?
<AsiDubbed> Music, tv, walking or driving around
<hermes> ah
<AsiDubbed> drinking, eating
<hermes> physical reality noise
<AsiDubbed> bathrooms privacy stuff
<AsiDubbed> yup
<AsiDubbed> Being manic and having tantrums its fun when your everywhere at once
<AsiDubbed> In the end you keep thinking which came first
<hermes> yea i bet it can be real confusing
<AsiDubbed> Had awful back pain back then to
<AsiDubbed> How does turning chakras closed help a person?
<hermes> you could also try drinking some ginkgo tea
<hermes> or taking the herb
<AsiDubbed> its against stress hormone and good for memory?
<hermes> well it depends on what you mean by closed
<hermes> normally chakras are said to be open and functioning
<hermes> but in healing circles you can open and close a chakra for healing work
<hermes> this has nothing to do with a chakra being working or not.
<AsiDubbed> pretty much broke. Perhaps i will look up what part of the brain is the memory and try to push more oxygen into it by doing breathing exercises
<AsiDubbed> So if I shut down my brow chakra wouldn't TP be eliminated until I reopen it?
<hermes> well if the chakra has a problem
<hermes> like it has a leak in it
<hermes> you want to close the leak up
<hermes> you would not want to shut off the chakra, as that would set you back a bit in evolution
<hermes> you could carry around some hematite or amber with you to help keep the chakra grounded
<hermes> you can also do some MPE's to help balance the chakra out
<AsiDubbed> If that would get me some privacy for dating I kinda would
<AsiDubbed> ty
<hermes> you can buy those hematite pendants usually around places
<hermes> and wear that
<AsiDubbed> Aye tried it once, and I will again
<AsiDubbed> Don't have any crystals besides one triangular piece
<AsiDubbed> had one a bit bigger shaped in a diamond
<hermes> crystals could help you but it also could make it worse
<AsiDubbed> had my inner child running I'm my dreams
<hermes> you have to try to see, it depends on the cause of this condition
<hermes> i go with grounding stones for now
<AsiDubbed> didn't see him smiling often so i will just wait before doing that until I can handle it
<hermes> like amber, black onyx, hematite
<AsiDubbed> I will bury that piece of crystal in the ground overnight
<AsiDubbed> I'm broke so...
<electra> black onyx can be very pacifying and healing
<electra> if you can get a small black onyx egg and they are very cheap#
<electra> i got a lot of help from one once
<AsiDubbed> I did once want to buy a black crystal that supposed to suck up negative energy... but I didn't
<AsiDubbed> Did buy this air purifier that buts negative ions in the air
<AsiDubbed> kill microbes and enhances the mood
<hermes> smoky quartz can be grounding, but again you have to test to see if crystals make it harder on you or now
<AsiDubbed> The one I have now it to small. When I got money i will buy some
<AsiDubbed> Do you eat meat or are you vegi/vegans?
<electra> i'm vegetarian when I can be
<electra> and one time i was really strict with myself and was a vegan
<hermes> i am strict with vegi
<electra> there's no doubt that if you eat a lot of meat it does put more of a strain on the system than is helpful for spirituality#
<hermes> i can't do meat, fish chicken at all
<AsiDubbed> So you eat fish?
<hermes> just plant stuff
<AsiDubbed> ah vegan
<hermes> of course pizza
<AsiDubbed> Why so?
<hermes> it is better on the energy management
<electra> also nuts are a fantastic source of protein - very good brain food
<electra> now they are really good for energy management
<hermes> those heavy foods are like attaching an anchor to my energy
<AsiDubbed> probably it but if I need to bulk is complicated
<hermes> yes i eat lots of nuts, peanut butter
<AsiDubbed> I've noticed it about bear
<AsiDubbed> And now I saw this soul killing article it hasn't gotten better
<hermes> also eating meat you absorb the lower animal energies
<AsiDubbed> I don't like beer and that stuff it bad
<hermes> and you have to then rid yourself of these lower energies
<AsiDubbed> But some chicken with my rice I always liked, or tuna on my sandwiches
<hermes> i suppose it is a life choice in the end
<hermes> what is best for you
<AsiDubbed> Reminds me one this one time I used my urinary track to get toxins out of my body. It hurt to pee that time.
<AsiDubbed> If I had money and the time I wouldn't want it another way but...
<AsiDubbed> Also, ever notice an high squeal out of tv's?
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<hermes> not too much anymore, as the ears tend to lose the high end as you get older
<AsiDubbed> I haven't been round those flat screen ones long enough but those old ones always squeal
<hermes> but as a teenager, it was unbearable
<AsiDubbed> To the point I get headaches
<hermes> the flat screen tech does not have that
<hermes> it uses a much higher frequency
<hermes> so you can't hear the noise
<AsiDubbed> I like listening to loud music but I always removed the high frequencies with an EQ3
<AsiDubbed> After doing that I'm real good at minimizing thunderstorms or plain music with my mind
<AsiDubbed> Noticed the smaller chakras above the ears got active of it
<electra> do you ever think about what the future holds for you
<AsiDubbed> I'm hoping a winning lottery ticket
<hermes> :) yea
<AsiDubbed> Or healing as a job, nice to.
<electra> i know a herbalist who says that the human body is meant to last for 250 years and we are meant to live much longer than we do
<AsiDubbed> Even giving concert to a mass with a laptop and headphones.
<electra> so that is a good amount of time to evolve
<AsiDubbed> Funny is that if I don't wanna play that night I can just mix in the crowd and do it the next day ;)
<hermes> yea the human body is capable of great things
<AsiDubbed> Oldest beings I've met that are human where... umh
<electra> well we talked a while back about the group consciousness
<AsiDubbed> 1400-2500y
<electra> and how that can hold back human evolution when it get things wrong
<electra> everyone believes that they have a limited life span
<electra> so that's what they get
<AsiDubbed> Its more a polluted environment and food we suffer from
<hermes> yea our beliefs can govern how we grow, get old and die
<electra> well ppl lived a short life span before pollution and bad food
<hermes> and of course the media loves to remind everyone of it, which does not help
<electra> so i think the herbalist is right and it is more a matter of mind and what your core values are
<hermes> yea the life span has increased
<AsiDubbed> Those people didn't have health care
<electra> the media is full of that
<hermes> true health care does help
<electra> over here in the uk they never stop talking about cancer
<electra> so ppl take that on board and never stop thinking of cancer
<AsiDubbed> Over the years medical world would evolve to healing with ones intent
<electra> and so more and more ppl develop it because that's all they can think about and worry about
<AsiDubbed> Lots chemicals in the air
<electra> real health care originates in ones own mind
<electra> since all illnesses are mind made
<electra> we did that a while back i think
<AsiDubbed> Eat dried prunes, high in anti oxidants and your safe with a decent diet
<electra> are you doing a chapter on that in your new book Hermes
<hermes> herbs, i do not think i have herbs in rc3
<electra> yes - i love dried prunes
<electra> we're going to do that on the website
<electra> me and Iris
<electra> after the Tarot project
<electra> Hermes can you tell us more about the dream walkers
<electra> we never did finish that
<electra> we got to where they were inhabiting the earth and then we left it there
<electra> what happened next
<hermes> the dreamwalkers prepared the physical plane for consciousness, they were very large, they were giants, they were not wholly physical. They lived more in the dream world than the physical world. to them the physical world was a dream
<electra> do they still exist today
<hermes> their bodies were more etheric than physical
<electra> in some form on another plane
<hermes> no long gone
<hermes> i guess with simultaneous time you could go back and see one
<electra> so did they just die out or did they mutate
<hermes> they eventually evolved and moved out of the earth system
<electra> so they would predate any kind of life on earth
<electra> before the first microbes or what exactly
<AsiDubbed> Ever came across being other then humans?
<hermes> well they at lest predate any conscious life
<AsiDubbed> Octopus and lizards ring a bell?
<hermes> lest=least
<electra> I see them as walking the earth when it was very barren and being totally absorbed in their own kind of consciousness
<electra> very thoughtful beings
<electra> and very powerful
<hermes> well after the dream walkers you had Denoid DNA and Reptilian DNA
<electra> what is Denoid?
<AsiDubbed> bought me a ion generator, neg ions are found around forest and waterfalls
<AsiDubbed> got me one on electricity
<AsiDubbed> go on
<AsiDubbed> there are english articles round up among others
<electra> yes - I love that feeling around waterfalls
<electra> it is very good for you and when I was ill recently I dreamed about that kind of water
<AsiDubbed> got 2.5 million ions/sec for 40 euro
<AsiDubbed> Music is still awesome to ease pain imho
<electra> i also think that the sun's reflection on water is very revitalizing and I dreamed about that and I felt really refreshed after that
<AsiDubbed> emotional pain at least
<electra> i like to listen to rock music to get energy and release tension
<electra> have you tried the new album by ACDC
<AsiDubbed> Should I try giving you a waterfall dream electra?
<electra> yes - by all means
<electra> that is a very useful skill if you can do that
<AsiDubbed> House,electro and drum and bass for me
<electra> have you listened to crystal music
<hermes> ok got to go, i will continue the story on the Denoids and the reptilian dna another time
<electra> that is also very nice to meditate to
<electra> ok Hermes - thanks for a great session
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<electra> see you next week Darlok
<electra> and see you too Attuned
<electra> Bye
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<Darlok> cya
<Darlok> cya around attuned
<Darlok> i'm out
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