Tree of Life sphere Malkuth and travel meditation; numerology and master numbers; dealing with fear; becoming a guardian angel; extraterrestrial connections duing meditation;
October 23, 2008 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Oct 23 12:30:28 2008
Session Ident: #energyworks
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<nahda> hi aina
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<zanthia11> Hi again! How are you guys?
<aina> oh hello
<aina> completely forgot its thursday :o
<zanthia11> : )
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<nahda> Hi
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<Angel638> Hi everone! :D
<zanthia11> Hello!
<Angel638> This is my first time here. I was finally able to catch the workshop.
<electra> Hi there!
<zanthia11> this is my 3rd time
<Angel638> I kept missing it :)
<electra> I'm just being very quiet here this evening but great to see new ppl here
<Angel638> Yeah. It's 6:30am where I'm at, this is the reason I woke up early. gt make an effort I guess..
<aina> hermes isn't present tonight thou?
<zanthia11> I just left & went to the post office. thought I'd miss something.
<zanthia11> maybe Iris forgot?
<Angel638> I don't know ..maybe
<zanthia11> Maybe that's why I was prompted to go to the post office. To send a message that it's time to start the workshop.
<Angel638> quick!!! lets send her a telepathic message!
<zanthia11> I just asked that she be reminded. I'm sure she'll be here in a minute...
<zanthia11> good thinking! that's what I was doing!
<Angel638> I'm Sure she'll be here soon.
<Angel638> I though you were doing that :)
<zanthia11> had to return a DVD, but knew there was a higher reason that my dad would interrupt me to go just then.
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<Angel638> :D
<Angel638> We did good!
<zanthia11> I saw '440' at the P.o. It's a radio frequency I think.
<iris609> Hi everyone sorry I'm late
<Angel638> That's ok.
<iris609> I was stuck in traffic
<zanthia11> Ha ha 440 is a sacred geometry frequency!
<zanthia11> Hi Iris! got my crystals, my theta cd, & I'm ready to go to malkuth : )
<iris609> that's great!
<iris609> I'm glad you are still here!
<zanthia11> I look forward to this every week now!
<iris609> that's so nice
<Angel638> I only just read a bit about Malkuth then, so I don't know what to expect
<zanthia11> every week I am having astounding breakthroughs after chat
<zanthia11> I'm trying to get there myself
<zanthia11> but today will be the day I will succeed!
<zanthia11> the group energy really helps
<Angel638> It really does. have you been to malkuth yet?
<zanthia11> Iris why didn't you just ask the angels to clear a path through the traffic for you?
<iris609> actually, I started in with two accidents holding things up ...
<zanthia11> only in my imagination which Iris pointed out that maybe there is no imagination
<iris609> then I said if you want me there clear a path
<iris609> and so it was!
<zanthia11> yea! That must be when I was called to go to the post office!
<zanthia11> it seems I have an easy time manifesting in the physical
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<zanthia11> I have a lot of help from my universal guidance system
<iris609> I find some times are easier than others
<iris609> I think my universal guidance sometimes has their own ideas!
<Angel638> I have to go for a while, my father needs to use the computer :(
<zanthia11> I don't even try really, it just happens
<Angel638> I'll be back
<zanthia11> bye angel
<iris609> how long? should we wait for you for the meditation
<iris609> well, who wants to meditate today
<zanthia11> me me me!
<iris609> :-)
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<zanthia11> I even set up a portal outside : )
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<iris622> sorry about that
<zanthia11> no problem
<zanthia11> did you get sucked out my energy portal : )
<iris622> anyone else meditating besides the two of us?
<iris622> yeah, something like that!
<zanthia11> he he
<iris622> should we wait a few more minutes?
<zanthia11> I made a big energy portal outside for today
<zanthia11> sue we can wait
<iris622> now, you said you haven't visited Malkuth
<zanthia11> last time, after meditation, I didn't see the guy w/the mailbox bike but something else happened instead
<iris622> oh, what?
<zanthia11> no not yet, just wait at that tree with the door in the trunk
<zanthia11> well, at the same place I saw the guy the phone co. was installing a new line at this new house that has the same # as my mom's car,
<zanthia11> anyway, the door on the truck read: "Quest, Spirit of service"
<zanthia11> I took it to mean that a new line of communication is open to me, esp. since the guy said hi to me
<iris622> this is really something
<zanthia11> this stuff happens a lot for me
<zanthia11> I get my messages all the time in the physical
<iris622> because you are open to them
<zanthia11> i keep trying to get into the non physical, but seems that my mission is to anchor the light in 3d
<zanthia11> the more you see, the more you get
<iris622> and that's ok
<zanthia11> yes, it's ok
<iris622> we all work a little differently
<zanthia11> it's fun to manifest ridiculous stuff that normally doesn't happen
<iris622> what matters is that we can see the signs - whatever and however they come
<zanthia11> it's a very clear and bold message for sure
<zanthia11> it makes my day fun to go out hunting for 'waldo'
<iris622> the message is great
<zanthia11> it's so much fun!
<iris622> I like it too because it is so much fun!
<zanthia11> it makes me know I am so connected even if I can't see it, I know it's there
<zanthia11> I think that's the point
<iris622> and that makes all the difference
<zanthia11> I think they give me extra power for this because I always get a message with the word power whenever I get an increase
<zanthia11> yesterday I got a big one
<iris622> this is so great
<zanthia11> I think I jumped a few probability lines last time
<iris622> well, Malkuth is just off the physical plane so maybe we can get you to jump there today!
<zanthia11> I found this light bulb next to this pole in the ground, i thought it meant my light was burned out, but now i think it was getting me to notice the pole which wasn't there before
<zanthia11> which wasn't there before
<iris622> and what was the pole?
<zanthia11> like they were saying hey look over here
<zanthia11> it was just some rusted pole in the ground. looked like it had been there forever and it blended into the background
<zanthia11> but the bulb was right next to it, in fact the dog practically dragged me to that exact spot,
<zanthia11> and he even peed on the pole to make sure i noticed ;)
<zanthia11> the pole had an 'eye' on it near the top, like you would clip a chain or something to
<zanthia11> so I put the bulb in the hole
<zanthia11> then today, it was mysteriously gone, but then I looked and saw an old car speaker
<zanthia11> so I stuck it on the hole
<zanthia11> then at the post office I saw '440' a sacred geometry frequency
<iris622> one for sight - one for sound
<zanthia11> exactly
<zanthia11> what's hard is that everyone I know is still 'asleep'
<iris622> one for the energy that goes beyond our 5 senses
<iris622> yes, I agree
<zanthia11> oh it's a 2-way system for sure!
<zanthia11> I love working with spirit, it's a fun game we play
<iris622> and it should be fun
<zanthia11> when I figure something out, it's like I can hear them clapping & cheering
<iris622> I think they do!
<zanthia11> it's frustrating though when you want to share, but no one around you has the time, or is interested
<iris622> that's what's nice about coming here
<zanthia11> spirit really motivates me
<zanthia11> it sure is!
<zanthia11> Especially when last time you told me you could see what I was imagining
<zanthia11> that blew me away
<zanthia11> so you are right, there is no imagination
<iris622> :-)
<zanthia11> when you got bumped off, your # changed from 609 to 622. 22 is a master #
<zanthia11> it was no accident. sandalphon is setting things up for me to see today :)
<iris622> now that's really something!
<zanthia11> numbers particularly resonate with me. I am a master 11, which means 'spiritual messenger'
<iris622> especially since that's the first time I've ever got bumped off
<zanthia11> see!
<zanthia11> ask sandalphon!
<zanthia11> he will be holding my hand today
<iris622> I think I already know the answer!
<zanthia11> I wonder if angel's dad is done yet?
<iris622> I know
<zanthia11> oh yeah, you picked malkuth this week, that was no accident either. that was for me I'm certain
<iris622> now that's interesting too -
<iris622> because Hermes and I talked about it
<zanthia11> I have to learn to get in the tree before I can travel to the other spheres
<zanthia11> what did he say?
<iris622> we've traveled to Malkuth with the group before but we thought we'd do it again for those who are newer
<iris622> and may have missed it
<zanthia11> see that's me
<zanthia11> it builds my confidence when these things happen
<iris622> usually we would have just gone on to the next Sephira
<iris622> again, it's the first time we backtracked so to speak
<iris622> backtracked
<zanthia11> I think I'm actually working the tree in 3d towards my ascension
<zanthia11> we are all in partnership
<iris622> and that's it too - it exists on multiple levels
<zanthia11> no request goes unheard
<iris622> yes very true
<zanthia11> you even get help if you don't ask for it sometimes
<zanthia11> they know what you need & set it up
<iris622> oh, many times
<zanthia11> That's why I know I will be successful today
<zanthia11> the energy is already flowing
<iris622> well, whenever you want we can start
<zanthia11> ok
<zanthia11> i'm ready
<iris622> don't know what happened to everyone else and don't know when Angel is returning so maybe it is supposed to be this way
<iris622> I'm ready too
<zanthia11> ur right
<zanthia11> i'm off
<iris622> so let's go - I'll meet you in Malkuth!
<iris622> and see you here in about 15 min
<iris622> i'm off to meditate
<zanthia11> I am back. Seems I still need more practice. But making progress.
<zanthia11> what did you see?
<iris622> I'm back
<zanthia11> ok you'll appreciate this. As I'm waiting for you to return, I decide to have a piece of chocolate...
<iris622> and...
<zanthia11> one of those Dove's with the fortune inside. It says: practice patience as a means to an ends.
<zanthia11> 1st time I got that message!
<iris622> oh, patience is key!
<zanthia11> they are always meaningful though
<iris622> LOL
<zanthia11> even the chocolate talks to me :)
<zanthia11> gotta save this one
<zanthia11> so what did you see?
<iris622> what's really funny here is that I used the word "key" because you received a key today in meditation
<zanthia11> i did!
<iris622> so maybe your "key' is patience!
<zanthia11> oooohhh!
<zanthia11> tada!
<zanthia11> yeah i think i need it too
<iris622> well, I met someone at that door in the trunk of the tree
<zanthia11> who was it?
<iris622> Sandalphon was there and let us in
<iris622> I felt it was you
<zanthia11> Winnie the pooh usually waits with me
<zanthia11> was the land barren except for the tree?
<iris622> on the other side I told him I wanted to show you all the wonderful things in Malkuth
<zanthia11> it must have been me
<iris622> on the side before we entered
<zanthia11> yes, and...
<iris622> and he said to me it's your journey not mine
<iris622> he does that to me a lot :-)
<zanthia11> was that it?
<iris622> so, I wanted to shoe you the beautiful field of daisies but I refrained
<iris622> and then we went to the towers of light and dark
<zanthia11> I want to state for the record that I give permission to anyone who wants to take me on a tour of the other side
<iris622> lol
<zanthia11> what happened at the towers?
<Daniel439> I just read along I had a phone call :(
<iris622> we entered the tower of light
<iris622> hi daniel
<zanthia11> of course!
<zanthia11> hi daniel!
<Daniel439> Hi iris :)
<Daniel439> Hi the rest :D
<iris622> and we walked around and you looked at everything
<zanthia11> sounds like me
<iris622> then Sandalphon was there and he gave you a key - a big gold key
<zanthia11> ooohhh!
<iris622> and he pointed to the way to the rest of the Tree
<zanthia11> that must mean I've got permission to enter the rest of the tree now!
<iris622> yes
<zanthia11> we are in sync
<zanthia11> thank you sandalphon!
<iris622> but you didn't want to go just yet
<iris622> you wanted to explore more of Malkuth first
<zanthia11> I bet I wanted to visit santa's village & fairyland 1st
<iris622> you could find one there!
<zanthia11> I love the little people!
<iris622> anyway, next thing i know I'm in a vortex
<zanthia11> what color?
<iris622> or whirlpool of sorts and I see the number 440
<iris622> whirling around
<iris622> I'll have to think about the color
<zanthia11> ha ha! that's the # I saw at the post office while we were waiting for you today
<iris622> then we landed in the field of daisies!
<zanthia11> I love flowers
<iris622> I know!
<zanthia11> I see lots of dailies when I walk the dog everyday
<iris622> because you were
<zanthia11> oops! daisies
<iris622> drinking" them in so to speak
<iris622> becoming "one" with the daisies
<iris622> it was great
<zanthia11> I always walk around and point to things & say 'i'm 1 w/ you, and you..."
<iris622> well, then that fits!
<zanthia11> all I can say is I must be following my life's purpose at this point, no doubt
<iris622> and, I forgot, you glowed "gold" when you were in the tower
<zanthia11> it more than fits, it's validation. Thank you so very much Iris :)
<iris622> oh, I am certain you are!
<iris622> no, thank you
<zanthia11> oohh that is so cool!
<iris622> I had a great time with someone who felt like a very close friend
<zanthia11> a gold key for a gold aura
<zanthia11> nice!
<zanthia11> I was sending you peace, love & light
<iris622> and I was filled with it!
<zanthia11> yea!
<zanthia11> anything else?
<iris622> it was a great meditation for me
<zanthia11> for me too
<zanthia11> hermes said I am trying to do too many things at once
<zanthia11> and to do one thing once a week for practice
<zanthia11> so thurs is meditation day from now on
<iris622> now that's interesting because when we were in the tower of light I also got images of being in the Crystal Palace at the same time
<zanthia11> I decided one of the crystals I was holding would represent that
<iris622> and I thought it was strange that I could not distinguish - feeling we were in both simultaneously
<zanthia11> I get that kind of thing when I can OBE
<zanthia11> seeing myself at the same time from different views & stuff
<zanthia11> I can have 2 different trains of thought going at the same time too
<iris622> well, I'm usually a one at a time person so it must have been you
<iris622> perhaps doing both at once
<zanthia11> yes, I'm starting to wonder if it's unusual
<zanthia11> I always have at least 2 things going on at once, though I don't try to
<iris622> I can be in two planes at once but in two places in the same plane at once is very strange for me
<zanthia11> having 2 thought trains at once makes it hard to quiet the mind
<iris622> wow
<iris622> I think it is unusual
<zanthia11> it's like one is in one area of my mind, the other in another
<iris622> but validates that it was you
<zanthia11> i think maybe it's teaching me about multi-dimensionality
<iris622> I remember thinking, we can't be in both places at the same time so which one is it?
<zanthia11> well Phoenix is bugging me to go for his walk now
<iris622> but I really felt we were
<Angel638> yay!!!
<Angel638> it's still going!
<zanthia11> I was trying to focus on the castle as a means to get there
<iris622> hi Angel!
<Angel638> hello :)
<Angel638> did I miss allot?
<zanthia11> hi!
<iris622> that's a good idea
<zanthia11> guess it worked to some extent
<zanthia11> I guess i'm getting there, just can't see it in my mind yet
<iris622> well you got there on some level
<iris622> keep working on it and it will become more apparent
<zanthia11> how can I open my 3rd eye?
<iris622> because you got the go ahead
<zanthia11> sometimes I have visions when I first wake up
<zanthia11> I always write them down
<iris622> good idea
<zanthia11> then I try to focus on them to get back to wherever I was
<iris622> it helps
<zanthia11> I'll get there
<zanthia11> seems I'm already there lol :)\
<iris622> good - these things help your conscious accept and realize what you are experiencing
<zanthia11> absolutely!
<iris622> you are there!
<zanthia11> it's like a wrecking ball smashing through the old belief systems!
<iris622> exactly
<iris622> our minds get "scared" and don't want to let this strange stuff in
<zanthia11> Thank you Iris & everyone, see you in 2 weeks. I'll bring my key ;)
<iris622> I'm looking forward to it!
<zanthia11> my mind isn't scared at all, in fact I beg for them to bring it on!
<Angel638> I have one question for now if that ok..?
<zanthia11> hermes told me I'm with the magician's & witch's order which makes perfect sense so I EXPECT magic now
<zanthia11> bye!
* zanthia11 ( Quit ("Bye bye")
<Angel638> I Am really advancing but I hit a point were I have to come back to reality
<Angel638> I'm pretty sure this upgrade is something i'm meant to be going through to excel later on
<iris622> explain a little
<iris622> about the coming back to reality part
<Angel638> i have university studies, and other reality things in my mind like job car etc
<Angel638> yeah
<Angel638> i haven't been able to talk to Guardian angel Ana lately :(
<Angel638> i've been out of sync. I can really heal ppl, clear energies..and more
<Angel638> CAN'T
<Angel638> (sorry about that)
<Angel638> I'm also affected by my many fears in the spiritual that prevent me from communicating to the divine and other beings.
<iris622> so too many things in physical reality are interfering
<Angel638> yeah
<iris622> but that's normal in the beginning
<Angel638> yes
<iris622> we all fear the unknown
<Angel638> i know that when that's over it will come back even better
<Angel638> but something i can't control are the fears of the unknown!
<Angel638> It drives me crazy
<iris622> no, fears are fears - try to embrace them
<iris622> accept that you have them - let yourself feel them - and let them go
<Angel638> how, or what do you mean by embrace exactly?
<Angel638> I accept the fact that they are just emotions
<Angel638> but they get really out of hand
<iris622> not "just" emotions
<iris622> emotions are very powerful
<Angel638> true!! :)
<iris622> they are what drives us
<Angel638> I have learned to control them so they don't control me anymore
<Angel638> i am happy 24/7
<iris622> too often we try to change them - to "think" them away
<Angel638> even when i'm meant to be sad... I'm not sad
<iris622> they are what they are - we feel what we feel
<Angel638> they are very interesting
<iris622> but they don't have to control us
<Angel638> yes, very true
<Angel638> I have succeeded with this except with fear!
<iris622> we acknowledge them - we can even let ourselves "feel" them - and then we can let them go
<iris622> that's what I mean by embrace
<Angel638> Thought so.. I've tried that though!
<Angel638> the feeling gets intense
<Angel638> I have panic attacks if i stay there too much
<iris622> that's my point - you can experience the feeling but you must let it go
<iris622> for instance:
<Angel638> I feel like I'm about to die lol :)
<iris622> someone does something to make you angry
<iris622> we can think about it and rationalize it but it ties up our energy
<iris622> isn't it better to yell scream or punch a wall to experience the anger and then let it go?
<iris622> then it is not baggage weighing us down
<Angel638> I have achieved that, but in different way sort of
<Angel638> ppl cant really make me angry cause there is no point in anger for me. I am happy towards them anyway and send them love.
<iris622> :-)
<Angel638> Ppl are surprised i'm not angry when i'm (meant to be)
<Angel638> in fact I laugh at this matter and become even happier :)
<Angel638> just like choosing to increase the happiness, and so you do it just like that :D
<Angel638> see> :D
<iris622> but with fear?
<Angel638> EXACTLY!!!
<Angel638> It's INTENSE
<iris622> ah, fear is more personal
<iris622> take small steps
<Angel638> i'll be trying to meditate, and if i go too deep or I hear a noise, i will completely scare myself
<Angel638> to death*
<Angel638> I'm trying
<iris622> and when you ask yourself "why"
<Angel638> I've done that too
<iris622> what makes me so afraid right now
<Angel638> I think it could me past life related..
<Angel638> E.g. I know spirits cant harm me, and that most of them are seeking help. but when night time comes. FEAR surges through
<Angel638> I created a barrier but the barrier and guardians don't seem to take my fear away.
<Angel638> it sux :(
<Angel638> cause i really like the spiritual realm, including all is beings and energies.
<iris622> seems like they want you to work through this
<iris622> especially if it is past life related
<Angel638> :D they sure do....
<Angel638> Could be. possibility
<iris622> but what's your rush?
<iris622> relax about it
<Angel638> That's what
<Angel638> I'm doing atm
<iris622> and that's fine
<iris622> when you're ready - you'll know it
<Angel638> OK :) i will keep taking taking it easy for now
<iris622> concentrate on your studies etc and let the nonphysical unfold in its time
<Angel638> My life purpose is to be spiritual teacher and healer for humans and all other beings, that's problem why i want to learn quickly like I did in the beginning
<Angel638> But i will come back to reality for a bit :)
<Angel638> I'm only young anyway, so i have plenty of time i guess ")
<Angel638> :)
<iris622> we all have to juggle our focus
<Angel638> we sure do
<Angel638> By the way ...Sorry for the out of the blue weird questions
<iris622> and, patience is the greatest lesson when you deal with the nonphysical!
<Angel638> I feel like i have just completely wasted your time.
<Angel638> That's exactly right\
<iris622> remember, there is no concept of time there!
<Daniel439> :)
<Angel638> true
<iris622> you have NOT wasted my time
<Angel638> i'm taking my knowledge to the afterlife and further
<Angel638> :P
<Angel638> ok
<Angel638> Is it possible to become a guardian Angel for someone else after life on earth?
<iris622> I only wish I can help you enjoy your journey a little more
<iris622> of course - many go on to be teachers and guides
<Angel638> Don't worry... I'm sure will meet at a point
<Angel638> cool
<Angel638> That's how i've felt lately
<iris622> probably why we struggle with many lessons ourselves
<iris622> so we can better help others with them
<Angel638> I just wanna leave this place and proceed to give love and kindness to every1 as an angel or other being
<Angel638> yes
<Angel638> i must finish my work here first :)
<iris622> yes, this is your preparation
<Angel638> yay
<Angel638> how long have you been working in teaching?
<iris622> oh, about 15 years
<Daniel439> nice :D
<Daniel439> Are you giving also teachings in real life?
<iris622> yes i am
<Daniel439> Cool
<Daniel439> It is to bad that I live in the Netherlands otherwise I am very interested
<iris622> I love teaching and sharing this stuff especially
<Daniel439> I am asked to begin teaching
<iris622> I am thankful that we have this technology so we can meet
<Angel638> It's lovely being able to speak to uplifted souls such as yourselves :)
<Angel638> Thank you
<iris622> and it is as wonderful for us to know there are people like you there
<Angel638> I'm sure Your teachings would have extended through many life times
<Angel638> thanks!!!
<iris622> too many people we meet everyday don't even give their spirituality a thought
<Angel638> Well...
<iris622> so being here with you is uplifting
<Angel638> I know!!! I feel like my spirit has been taken and given a fresh clean just by talking to you
<Angel638> my state of my will be higher thanks to you
<Daniel439> I experienced it the same way the last time I spoke with you iris
<iris622> thank you both
<Angel638> :D
<Angel638> Ever since i ran into the spiritual and teaching
<iris622> this is what is all about - helping one another on our journeys
<Angel638> i've met so many new ppl with the potential to become like us
<Angel638> I feel like I'm already receiving many students to do my work
<Angel638> I'm teaching many!
<Angel638> it feels great :)
<iris622> yes, you will draw them to you
<iris622> and it is the best feeling!
<Angel638> I have bout 4 to 5 students atm... not much but..
<Angel638> it will increase
<Daniel439> Iris I have a question
<Angel638> sorry Daniel... I talk too much
<Daniel439> doesn't matter :) I like to read what others do etc
<Angel638> Your too kind :)
<Daniel439> :)
<iris622> ok -
<Daniel439> Do you remember our conversation about the beings I saw for a week?
<Angel638> OH!!!!! My friend sees them too
<iris622> the "aliens"?
<Daniel439> Yes
<iris622> and doesn't your sister see them too?
<Daniel439> I meditated and my guide brought me to different places
<Daniel439> yes
<Daniel439> But they are gone now
<Daniel439> But in meditation my guide took me to different places.... one was there place I think
<iris622> so you, your friend, and your sister were seeing them at the same time?
<Angel638> how did you make them go away... Cause they have harmed my friend and she doesn't like them.
<Angel638> YEAH!!!
<Daniel439> No only me and my sister
<Angel638> I referenced her Daniel's log file so she can understand what was going on
<iris622> oh, yeas, sorry, that's Angel's friend
<Angel638> exact description too.
<Daniel439> Ow okay
<Daniel439> hehehe
<iris622> ok let's back up - why did you think it was their place?
<Daniel439> I saw them and the feeling was the same, I didn't saw much but more feel and intuitive I felt that in that world they didn't talk and its much darker than earth
<Daniel439> it was very silent
<Daniel439> but peacefully
<Daniel439> and I saw in their world a sort of shining bleu light very clear
<Daniel439> that shines through their world don't know how to explain
<Daniel439> but it was darker than here on earth
<iris622> and you haven't seen them since then?
<Daniel439> no this meditation was yesterday it was very nice
<Daniel439> I saw much things
<Daniel439> Like a realm were there was only orange light
<Daniel439> like a sort of cave
<Daniel439> and you could see through the orange light at the same time and at the same time it had shapes
<Daniel439> so I thought it was a cave
<Daniel439> with a big orange ball in the center of the cave
<Daniel439> you could see through the ball
<Daniel439> I don't know were I went
<Daniel439> but I voice spoke and said I came from that place
<Daniel439> came =come
<iris622> Could it also be Hod? That sephira is orange
<Daniel439> I don't know ?
<Daniel439> That's why I brought it up
<Daniel439> maybe you have an idea
<iris622> ah, then probably not Hod
<Daniel439> the voice said, it was a realm of creation and manifestation
<Daniel439> I don't know were hod stance for
<iris622> many of us has ties and or origins to other beings
<iris622> Hod is a sephira in the Tree of Life - like Malkuth
<Daniel439> okay
<iris622> but it sounds like they were telling you that you have some connection to these particular aliens
<iris622> and that is not unusual
<Daniel439> Yes I think so
<Daniel439> But I don't know about the orange world
<iris622> that is the one they said you came from?
<Daniel439> yes
<Daniel439> And that I have to realize that there is allot of my power
<Daniel439> but the funny thing is for years I see a orange ball everyday (night) and it connects with me
<Daniel439> never knew what it was
<iris622> let it unfold - you will continue to learn more about this world
<Daniel439> okay
<iris622> and your connection to it
<Daniel439> And in the end of meditation I saw a pyramid with sand on it, that slowly blew away... the pyramid became clearer
<iris622> it is wonderful that the connection has been there for years!
<Daniel439> and a voice spoke that I symbolizes me
<Daniel439> I = it
<Daniel439> And suddenly I felt nothing anymore
<Daniel439> but a second later there was a big energy that connected with me and I shake very hard
<Daniel439> hehe
<Daniel439> after that the meditation was over but I felt the pulse and shaking after the meditation for 15, min
<Daniel439> and I began to cry when it happened with the pyramid and the powerful energy that connected to me
<iris622> this is a wonderful experience
<Angel638> Good Work Daniel! :)
<Daniel439> yes It felt great :)
<Daniel439> never experienced it before
<Daniel439> But I also want to start working with the tree of life but don't no were to start alone
<Angel638> me too
<iris622> continue to work with this - you will learn much about yourself
<Daniel439> Okay thank you
<iris622> as far as the Tree of Life, you can meditate on going there...
<iris622> start with Malkuth
<Angel638> I question..When i meditate should i think about anything
<iris622> when you get into meditation ask to see sandalphon, the Guardian of malkuth
<Daniel439> But the orange world and the words about the power of manifestation and creation that I have to remember it .... is also linked (i think to my numerology my life path number is 22
<Angel638> or should i let my mind drift off on its own?
<Angel638> ok
<iris622> then empty your mind and let it unfold
<Angel638> ok thanks
<iris622> many times at first, I would not get anything in meditation when I did it alone
<Angel638> i get scared sometimes doing alone... :~
<Angel638> :)
<Daniel439> me 2 sometimes
<Angel638> never know what will happen
<Daniel439> Once I saw a sort of demon i was scared
<Angel638> but when I'm with powerful ppl like my friend/teacher... I feel Impenetrable and powerful...
<iris622> it can be scary - before you meditate, ask your spirit guide to protect you
<Angel638> He's the best
<Angel638> thanks Greg! :D
<Angel638> I do that now
<iris622> and if you are not comfortable, wait until we are together
<Daniel439> okay but it is fun to do together
<Daniel439> because we can share experiences
<Angel638> ok :) that sounds good...
<Angel638> i'm gonna have to read up on the tree of life though
<iris622> yes, and it should be fun
<Daniel439> I did it 2 times I think here on wisdomsdoor very fun and interesting
<iris622> it is an adventure to learn about yourself
<iris622> that should always be exciting and fun!
<Angel638> yes. that is the funniest part
<Angel638> to connect with your higher self and learn of the better
<iris622> yes!
<Daniel439> But do you have to go through all sephira's to come to the last one?
<Daniel439> or is there no counting (or how do you say it)
<iris622> you do have to go through all of them at some point
<iris622> you may do that at all once
<iris622> or over a long period of time
<iris622> each one has lessons to learn
<Daniel439> Okay and what you learn is different from person to person
<iris622> so each is important
<Daniel439> :)
<iris622> yes, it is very personal
<iris622> but the nature of the lessons are the same
<iris622> for example, Hod is truthfulness
<Daniel439> I have to dive in the reality creator two to read about the tree of life, i am not yet at the chapter... It is a wonderful book!
<Daniel439> Okay
<iris622> but how that helps you and how that helps me is different
<iris622> yes, the book is wonderful
<iris622> and so is the Tree!
<iris622> take your time with both
<Daniel439> Okay you can choose to go to hod, for example If you have problems with truthfulness
<iris622> yes
<Daniel439> okay :D
<iris622> the help is always there for us
<Daniel439> I have to go to bed now , it is 2 clock at night :)
<iris622> I have to go too
<Angel638> Random: I always had a vision of just me in an open temple far away from material surrounded by rich green grass, where I could just meditate constantly for a period of time, and learn about life and the divine
<Daniel439> It was nice talking to you and be here
<Angel638> I just thought i'd put that there b4 we leave :D
<Angel638> random*
<iris622> glad you were here too daniel
<Angel638> Thank you iris 4 everything!
<Daniel439> I try to make it at many times I can
<iris622> Angel, that sounds like Malkuth!
<Angel638> and thank you danie 4 sharing
<Angel638> really?
<Angel638> cool
<Angel638> (daniel)
<iris622> yes, there is plenty of green grass
<iris622> peace
<Daniel439> Yes thank you angel for being here and your part :)
<Angel638> no problem :)
<Angel638> The grass is sooo good
<iris622> bye daniel, and thanks!
<Daniel439> Till the next time bye !
<Angel638> I am dressed in white robe at the time
<Angel638> Bye daniel
* Daniel439 ( Quit ("Bye bye")
<Angel638> iris, you should go to bed
<iris622> yes this sounds like it
<Angel638> i could go all day
<iris622> and yes, I will have to go too
<Angel638> :D
<iris622> but keep going there
<Angel638> oh.. ok
<iris622> try to remember any experiences you have there
<Angel638> well i just want to elevate my self for the better of myself and everyone else
<Angel638> i want to help everyone to reach enlighten
<iris622> :-)
<iris622> me too!
<Angel638> and that place sounds great to be
<Angel638> There is no material
<Angel638> All i need there is water.. maybe
<iris622> yes, and there is water there
<iris622> south of the green grass
<iris622> and a running brook
<Angel638> I'm too non material, which is why i love that place and wanna go the in there some time
<Angel638> ohh
<Angel638> sounds really nice :)
<iris622> it is just above the physical plane so it does not feel material
<iris622> but is familiar
<Angel638> And neither should it
<iris622> agreed
<Angel638> that's why its so wonderful
<iris622> oh yes!
<Angel638> ppl are too caught up here in the physical
<Angel638> and that is where a lot of the pain and suffering comes from
<iris622> I know, it is sad
<Angel638> needs, worries etc
<Angel638> yes
<Angel638> i wanna go back to ppl talking overseas through telepathy
<iris622> once you visit places like malkuth, worries go away
<iris622> away
<Angel638> It's surely is great
<Angel638> i am very worry free person
<Angel638> too worry free
<Angel638> it scares my friends and family..
<iris622> that's a good way to be
<Angel638> I know..
<iris622> worry ties up your energy
<Angel638> yeah
<iris622> well, I have to go
<Angel638> ok
<Angel638> May you dream of lucid angels!
<iris622> thank you for sharing so much with me
<Angel638> or malkuth..:)
<iris622> you too!
<Angel638> NO... Thank you
<Angel638> good to release
<iris622> good to share
<Angel638> :D
<Angel638> I'll send ana to say hi in your dreams if that's ok..
<iris622> that would be very nice!
<Angel638> she's really nice..
<Angel638> ok
<Angel638> go, go now :)
<iris622> ok - thank you, Angel, and good nite
* iris622 ( Quit ("Bye bye")
<Angel638> good night!
* Angel638 ( Quit ("Bye bye")
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